they are really willing to throw in the towel

January 04 [Fri], 2013, 15:07
Fang Qing book to kill Ice Lich does not completely destroy it. To know, Ice Lich is dead, but they were better at Ice magic, the magic of his body is only 30% of death magic, others are ice Department magic. Fang Qing Immortal King divine book is very strange, to be able to fully simulate the energy of any attribute, his control is amazing. Just, square green book in just simulated the divine light of the Ice Lich vivo the death magic, all awareness destroyed, with the exception of leaving him an ice magic. Off the Ice Lich, square green book immediately began to simulate ice magic, and took the opportunity to the Ice Lich ice magic together, form a magic ball. Immediately, he would forward to explore further, waving a magic ball to pound the back of the demon lord. This is tantamount to play in the magic of the Ice Lich demon lord. In this case, the demon lord knew behind inappropriate, it is also powerless. Because his hands were Zhao Flying catches hold fundamental Teng not shot to. Even the two wings are hard to resist Zuo Ci's two Feijian. So only him can be utilized, and also the rest of his tail. However, a tail, how can resist Fang Qing book this guy? Fang Qing book is almost like playing a target, very easy to hit the back of the demon lord. Oh, great, Ice Lich's magic is Ice the demon lord magic is fire, collision with two properties fully grams. Cause reactions that is really extraordinary ah! With waves of alternating hot and cold thorn friends sound, poor devil lords directly Kasei a pool of Rouni, and tragic death on the spot. In fact, to say, normal, 70% of the Ice Lich magic, plus the top of the green book Shenlong bifida days fresh fuel to the flames, there are three other sibling master beat his demon lord to live will be strange! Saw Fang Qing book series of spike the two eighteen master, Zuo Ci and Zhao look of shocked. Zhao good point, just dumbfounding complained: "your kid before practicing for several years. The strength already more than me, this is what troubled?" Rely "Zuo Ci directly scolded:" this kid too sick, is simply not ah! beast! "Hey, you are jealous, naked envy ah!" the side Green Book proud authentic. "Enough talk!" Zuo Ci side to put away the big sword demon lord fall, while impatience said: "The time is not early, and quickly go! I would like to drink their wine!" Oh, no problem ! "square green book, smiled and said:" Let's win the game! "Then they will immediately lead the way in the head before. Almost immediately after Fang Qing books get two masters at the same time. Been concerned about the situation of the war Qais and Rey learned of the matter, the two of them face suddenly became a livid Timberland Mens Classic Cheap. Rey, kind of indescribable grief feelings, recognize who watched will give birth can not bear the color. "This in the end is how it was!" Rey suddenly broke out, cursed: "Necro Legion Legions offal not playing us? I see they sent nothing but rubbish." "Oh, do not is rubbish! "Qais depressed and said:" That's two people we have seen, the absolute master is eighteen, which can do no wrong! "" But two eighteen master how likely such short period of time had been killed? but also square green book to kill ground? my day! square green book so perverted? "Rey angrily. "You do not know? Square green book does best is trick!" Qais "Damn sneered:" I'll bet those two guys certainly is in a square green book of conspiracy, so will be killed so fast! " really the fool! "Rey annoyed scolded:" Both of them died does not matter, but how we do? Fang Qing book them away from power furnace, but getting closer friends! "By now, we have no good way "Qais said:" Why did we master hand quantity less than they? better hurry start last step! "But, it really want to discard Battlestar?" the Rey extreme dismay authentic : "can not they leave it?" left gave the square green book? then he drove Battlestar hit us? "Qais sneered:" Do not be naive, OK? "" You are not also The two master it? can call them the top go? "Rey hastily. "Do you think their strength is stronger than men, just dead? Even if I send them up, certainly!" Qais angrily: "Once they killed, who transferred us to detonate Battlestar ? "" What do you say now how to do? "Rey helpless. "Immediately the implementation of the final plan, and then wait. The square green book is necessary occupation power furnace!" Qais urged Rey heavy stamp: "At that point, you just want to blew. Too late!!" "Oh!" his foot, then tearfully said: "Then start!" Then he should lie on his knees, broke down and cried. To know. This Battlestar Titan Protoss several thousand years land history, is one of the first batch of the construction of the two Battlestar, a symbol of the entire Titan Protoss. Only just opened the First World War. Would be forced to detonate, As this operation field commanders, Rey undoubtedly want to take full responsibility. It can be said that, since then, Rey necessary to become the greatest sinner on Titan Protoss history. He can not hurt strange. Qais seeing this, I do not know how to persuade him, and only reluctantly shook his head, then left behind two master ordered the execution of the final plan. A master immediately come up with a God-class teleport scrolls, and immediately began mantra cast another master went ahead to start from here to the power furnace instill magic. He used his magical powers to force break open layers hinder direct power furnace at the stellar core, and deliberately stir stable tremendous energy within the stellar core, so unstable signs began to appear, and gradually to boiling. Disordered energy intensified when after boiling this energy reaches a certain level, the stellar core is detonated. Engage after the destruction of the master also tired spot to get on the ground. Happens to the other a master of the level of God the effectiveness of the send magic, suddenly, the entire Battlestar birds and Titan also missing. Dragon, the Atlantis and Orcs gurus have suddenly found their opponents missing. They suddenly startled, hurried to ask others, soon each other get the same answer. "Haha, they certainly are afraid we so urgently retreat!" A rainstorm immediately excited and said: "We took the opportunity Charge soon, the first to the furnace power but win wine!" Then he shoved the ground rushed forward, even behind Lara cries are not listened to. Lara originally felt strange, because she does not believe that the birds and the Titans will give up so easily Battlestar, so wanted to see the situation outside, but unexpectedly disrupted the plans of her reckless father. In desperation, Lara also only followed his father to chase down. Equally puzzled Dragon and Atlantis, but they are the kind of indomitable temper, naturally did not choose retreat, so followed. Fang Qing book that do not ask, he ran faster than anyone else. Square green book first solve the opponent, but because of other people's road than his recent, but opponents disappear, so the four corps almost is at the same time to reach the power furnace, square green book rely on the ability to teleport, before leading the first two Maronite body position, which made the first, the second is the Maronite, the third is the Orcs, Atlantis, they are really willing to throw in the towel, then naturally not re-grab . State seems to come in later, heavy rain immediately big a smile, "Ha ha, Atlantis lost, you remember to prepare wine ah!" "Do not mention the wine you!" Lara suddenly shouted: "Star nuclear very unstable, damn sure they do mischief cheap timberland boots uk! "Yes!" Templar alarmed Road: "It looks like Star nuclear soon blew, we must evacuate immediately, and then later it was too late! ! "" Flying Timberland Mens Classic Boots, immediately send them away! "Fang Qing book immediately roar loudly, and then he was shoved toward the star nuclear. Flying has pulled a square green book, anxious said: "What do you want to go?" "I think of a way to stabilize the stellar core, to evacuate you create time!" Fang Qing book finished, severely throw off flying, and then directly Teleport next to the stellar core, the right hand of the immortal king divine shipped to the extreme, and then pat in the stellar core. Immortal King divine role, the number of star nuclear energy internal derangement with a trace of a stable trend, but this was not enough to completely block the boiling the Star of nuclear energy, just slow down a little. "No!" Flying anxious cry: "I do not go, I want to be with you!" "Do not nonsense, Star of the power of a nuclear explosion can destroy at least half of the planet, you must immediately take them out, then three Legions all installed on warships carried away! "the square green book anxious said:" Flying sister, I beg you, help if the piano, Helena them! "
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