The Spanish striker fernando torres easily tally in others took a life dream

July 03 [Tue], 2012, 17:01
European golden boot striker who is for all the highest honor, New Era caps some people can't touch the struggle for a lifetime, and some are easy. Such as the Spanish striker fernando torres, put on golden shoe is only 15 minutes.

Torres in the euro journey is like a roller coaster. Because of beriah through injury, he is considered to be the chief center, of course, Spain, but from a game but del bosque with no edge formation, ronaldo is a bench in fernando torres. Time in the group of the weak war opponents Ireland, del bosque let torres NiuDao test, the result Chelsea striker scored two goals to the brocade, hero of the golden boot contenders. And since then, fernando torres and disappear, as people thought that he will be on the bench when the most famous euro audience, in the final del bosque last 15 minutes of the conscience found that starts again the brocade fernando torres, unexpectedly so being helped became a euro top scorer.

Can accomplish so glory, there are many objective factors. For example a little at this time of warfare and the trailing Italy already from random condition, such as a scalpel Harvey ginobli also created the best for torres of chances to score, but the success of the torres in the, in the most appropriate time he appears in the right positions, miraculously made themselves euro history of playing time at least top flat bill hats

Earlier, people have talked about the ballot, as once the golden child, long time at Chelsea goal drought, that most people think torres on the golden has gradually retreat. Compared with atletico Madrid, torres power certainly has to sell at a discount greatly, the European cup golden boot, there are many take water, but who could guarantee the cup, won't let torres regain the goal of pleasant sensation.

After an international level A 98 event, fernando torres has scored 31 goals, the third striker in Spanish history. More important, jin only 28.59fifty hats