2007年07月25日(水) 12時15分


2007年07月25日(水) 0時03分
I don`t know what`s wrong with me at the moment..
I never thought, I really would change my oppinion about kissing just girls..just for a japanese guy I knew 2 hours..
I was talking all the time..
I think I was really annoying.. Although my Japanese is..more than...bad..
i don`t know..what to think at the moment..because..
I mean.. maybe it`s just "japanese", but.. no guy in Germany would like to go to a place like... Kiddyland(XD) with a girl he just wants to ****
I know that it wouldn`t be okay to fall really in love.
1. We don`t speak the same language.. Maybe I weren`t able to say all the things I wanted to say..
2. In a few days.. I`m back to Germany..
3. He just..looks totally kakoii and without makeup he`s really kawaii <3 ... so why the hell hasn`t he got a girlfriend?!
I really do like him.. like a friend maybe.. even if.. well he knows.. but somehow I`m afraid, that.. I`ll maybe just fall in love with him..
aaaah!! >___<
I never falled to a...guy..
Then..today he posted something on his blog... I don`t know if he means me...
And well.. I haven`t figured out what he exactly ment by his entry...
But somehow I have a strange feeling.. ._."
let`s see..
just 3 days left..
ashita: Kiddyland
asate: disneyland
kinyoubi: karaoke/ kare no uchi...


2007年07月05日(木) 11時46分
konnichi wa~~
watashi wa he nihon desuyo~~~
aaw nihon wa sugoi desu!!
kino watashi wa ushikawa ga aimashita. aaaw kare wa totemo kawaii desu!!!
ushi-san (uschi XDD neeeein) wa kare no asa no tameni watashi to kare ga akimashita <3333

ushi-san wa dir en grey ga totemo suki desu XD kakoiiii~
to watashitashi wa shopping ga ikimashita *___*
waku waku XDDD

( gomen ne... watashi wa nihongo ga amai ja arimasen ;__; ( kyou wa san-hi de nihongo benkyou shimasu >__< )


2007年06月28日(木) 21時20分

23,5h TILL TOKYO ;O;

I feel really bad today ._.

I ate:

1little piece of Giabatte: ca. 50kcal
0,5l Cola light: 1kcal
1 croissant: 200kcal (>___>)
1 piece of cake: 150kcal
Lunch: ca. 300kcal

=> 701kcal >-< I'll eat nothing else today >o<

Good news~

Now I'm a 13th grade student~ *yay*
I needed 70points in my main subjects and I got.............
70points XDD

14points in sports
11 in maths ^o^
04 in biology ~.~
rest is 08 and 09 points ^^

I think that's okay for me~


2007年06月28日(木) 4時28分

!!!!!!2 DAYS LEFT!!!!!

I packed most of my things today.
I have to buy hairspray, put my gloomy into the lagguage and some more clothes.. Maybe my lagguage won't weight over 20kg XDDD
I hope so, because overweight is veeeeery expensive >-<

What I ate today:

1 roll : ca. 200kcal (T__T)
3 pices watermelon: ca. 40kcal
1 choclate roll: 150kcal (T__T)
30g smacks: ca. 120kcal
1 little pice of dietpizza: 80kcal
several cups of coffee XD

<- baaad

=> ca. 590kcal...
Although I feel more stuffed than yesterday u__U
Tomorrow I'll reach 400kcal or something like that.
Stomache say hello to water! XD
I hate this unhealthy food.. >-<


2007年06月27日(水) 2時57分

So.. report for today~
I ate:

80g fresh fruits (~50kcal)
1 Poky (~10kcal)
40g Coconut (140kcal T__T I have to stop eating it XD )
200g Watermelon(76kcal)
2cup of coffee
0,5l water

~ all together ca. 290kcal

Well.. lunch will come as an addition to that so.. +300-400kcal.. that will be together: around 600-700kcal ^^
Better than yesterday *yay*!!


I was at my haircutter today ^o^
No my hair isn't just boring black but a little bit red~~

Future plans 

2007年06月26日(火) 1時20分
Only 4 days left until I fly to Tokyo for 4 weeks.
I'm really nervous >-<
I have to reach Saitama by myself and it'll took me about 2hours from Narita Airport, but maybe ( I hope ._. ) my host-mom can fetch me at Soka-station.
At July 2nd I'll have to find this language school in Tokyo.
It's near TokyoDome X3

Anou~... Today..well actually yesterday I decided to loose weight.
..Much weight..
This one week in Berlin - it was our school-trip - opend my eyes somehow..
Not that I noticed, that I'm really fat or something like that.. but..
We ate almost nothing else than fastfood and my stomach hurt like hell.
Then on Saturday, when we dorve home again I ate nothing else than some fresh fruit and water and even if I was really hungry I was happy somehow..
Happy, that I defeted this evil spirit inside of me that says "Yeah, choclate is tasty!! Eat it!!"
So for now I've got a weight around 62kg.
Shinya had(has?) 42..


20kg to loose.
Maybe the food in Japan will help me with that.. (much nori and stuff)
And maybe not.. >_> (daifuku ;___; )
I'll see...
But the 4 days that are left, I'll keep an eye close to what comes into my mouth.

Today I ate:
1 roll with mortadella ( BAD!!!! )
1 litlle flat of fresh fruits
20g musli ( 80kcal )

My mom will cook like every evening.. I'm happy that it won't have more than 300 (maybe 400 ) kcal.

All together like 800kcal..
Less than before but still too much I think >-<

Tomorrow I'll buy a lot of fresh fruits in the supermarket
I've 2 free lessons... maybe I can do a little bit of jogging around the school XDD


2007年04月24日(火) 20時54分

Today I've recived my copy of the new D'espairsRay-Album
It's the limited edition and I've got the Karyu-card ^o^
I'm in love with Despa again ^.^
..and i want to go to their concert again ;___;
(even if i saw them 4 times live now XD)

私は再びDespaをもっている恋人です。 ^.^


2007年04月21日(土) 22時34分

そうしたいと思いません… ._. さて。



I wanted to go to Bonn today, but my mother told me to tidy up my room!
I don't want to... ._.
Well.. I stayed home.{家}
I thought of going to Bonn later, but now it is too late. {時計}{涙}

Yesterday I orderd a Gloomy-Bear {ぱんだ} .
It's colour is blue and it is 30cm high.


2007年04月20日(金) 22時55分


さて。 私は、オンライン翻訳者にすべてを入れるので、これが非常に悪い日本語になると思います。

そして、日本語で答えるために自由であると感じてください! 私はshure Iがそれの大部分を理解することがで

私は、私の名前が Katharina であり、19歳とドイツ人の少女です。

多くの場所を訪問して、多くの人々に会いたいと思います! コンサートに行って、クールな衣服を買いたいと思います。