August 04 [Mon], 2014, 0:00
Originally founded in current China, but today ramen (ラーメン) or chuka-soba (中華そば) may known as one of favorite Japanese foods--surely I love it too. Basically Japanese ramen is categorized by the types of soop--shoyu (醤油; soysauce), shio (塩; salt), miso (味噌; soybean paste), and tonkotsu (豚骨; pork bone), and the tastes are much different by places. Some cities and areas have special features in their ramen--they are called Gotouchi-ramen (ご当地ラーメン).


July 28 [Mon], 2014, 0:00
How Japanese people celebrate the New Year’s Day (Oshogatsu; お正月)? Unlike most of Christian countries, we think both Christmas and New Year seasons are important―not for religious tradition but for holidays! Childrens enjy their holidays from day before Christmas, but most offices are closed from December 29 (Sigoto-Osame (仕事納め): the last day of a year’s work) to January 3. January 1 to 3 are Sanganichi (三が日); we celebrate the coming of the new year and restore our energy to work after holidays.


July 21 [Mon], 2014, 0:00
At the first time come to Japan, you may be surprised at the number of convini (コンビニ)―a contraction of “convenience stores.” The original “convini” was started in the United States, but the style and marketing strategy have been developed in Japan. Most of convinies are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we can easily find not only glossaries and foods but also hot meals prepared in the store like fried chickens or brewed coffee.


July 14 [Mon], 2014, 0:00
Most of coming to Japan from overseas may land first to Narita or Haneda airports then move to Tokyo (東京), the capital of our country. The city of Tokyo (former name Edo(江戸)) was developed from 1603 when Tokugawa shogunate put the administrative power there. In 1868, Edo was renamed to Tokyo, and established the modern government system. Still today, Tokyo is the center of Japanese politics.

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