his friend is certainly not what

June 07 [Fri], 2013, 17:34
Because it is Sunday, and led the team to play go, Zhou Wei was the old man go, say to him to learn how to manage their business, left, and Zhao Rui dormitory two. Luo on the net, that nest in the dorm do indoorsman, is really no meaning, so that said: "the boss, anyway, stay in the dormitory is nothing, not out of it, and see two films, is said to have it released a few films are also good. Were it not for Fei Yun suddenly out of that thing, we are estimated to have a circle of Enron back out *." Zhao Rui smiled, also feel from the night of the full moon, to the open day early, and their practice, the "fairy tactic" entered the capture the spirit of late, to enter the living realm, it across a great ditch, need quite a long period of hard training, nor was it a. So, he nodded, agreed readily. Zhao Rui originally wanted to go to the tower, but he felt too lazy to go too far, the clock tower, consumption, and relatively expensive, to play on the line, and the two the destination set in xiaozhaizigou. Xiaozhaizigou is not a stockade, but a bustling commercial district. Many colleges and universities nearby, provides everfount customers to the area. In the Xiaozhai trade circle, leisure venues are basically complete, idle away in seeking pleasure can be satisfied, but also as the main consumer groups in the nearby college students, consumption price is not very expensive, ordinary people can afford, therefore, where the business is booming,Outlet Coach, a rest day, is surging crowds,Oakley M FRAME Sunglasses, soon shoulder. Zhao Rui two people take a taxi to the village, and then go to the shopping, go tired, went to street snack break, the way to eat something, to fill the stomach. The fat man not interested in shopping, but to see the absolute mm with infinite * *, a pair of small eyes naked like, ferocious. See a beautiful MM, not to hate their eyes are glued people who, attracted a lot of MM's eyes. Even Zhao Ruiye suffered an accident, they look at with angry eyes by mm n. Mm are consistent with the view that like attracts like., birds of a feather flock together. This fat, wretched and matchless, his friend is certainly not what the good stuff. Zhao Rui was only with a wry smile, this is not the first time encounter, with fat, already has a psychological preparation. Although some shame, but he did not complain, no man is perfect, since it is a friend, you must put a little. Two people out on the street for several hours, and went to the cinema to see a series of movies, out of time, have ten p.m.. The fat man spirits are high today, from afternoon to night, still feel something more to say, and then encourage Zhao Ruijin near one of the biggest disco. Even though it was already ten pm, but disco still surging crowds, a very warm atmosphere. Deafen the ear with its roar music, filled with every corner of disco, let the words have become extremely difficult, must all the yelling,Air Jordan 4 UK, to let each other know what I mean. Great dance disco center, people with music crazy twisting their bodies, perspiration came down like raindrops. Drain the excess energy. Zhao Rui and Luo found a table to sit down, to two bottles of Budweiser, while drinking, side everywhere >
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