Thought that the car license plates

September 13 [Fri], 2013, 12:50
Caohai county party secretary Gao Zhen-Shan sat cross-country vehicle , feeling this road Britain Bo , the mood is not very good , deputy head tube jade think your reporting , the heart on the inside bored enough, Spring Township in the end it is anything, just come up with a car people dead things , and now almost happened dozens of students were crushed to death hostel thing was really out of this thing, will own this county party secretary when coming to an end ! Magistrate go outside the county meeting , he could only go to Spring Township look . Rub a little temple, think county thing, Spring Township 's team was indeed a charm adjust it. In the end who is going to pick the secretary Tiaozi it ? Look and see ! Ministers of the Organization Pong car is a high Zhen-Shan people , sitting high Zhen-Shan 's side, secretly watching high Zhenshan expression, the team was aware that the Spring Township should be adjusted . When the car is about to enter the village , looking at Canada Goose Victoria Parka the distant high Zhenshan suddenly sat up , eyes look to their car just over a sport utility vehicle. In this county there is also one dares seagrass super secretary 's car ? Saw the high Zhenshan expression, people all look the same car a condensate . High Zhenshan to overtake things are not much idea , the key is that he saw that car 's license. Often run provinces and cities, high Zhenshan for the license plate is also very sensitive . Drove very fast, has entered into a village inside the hearts of high Zhenshan somewhat uneasy , the provincial government license plate ah ! To high Zhenshan people on this position for everything with a very high sensitivity , although this is likely to pass the car , but who can understand say this car is not going to own the county to do something thing. Thought that the car license plates, license plate for the provincial government has a certain understanding of the high Zhenshan it up full of doubts , the provincial government went to the car how Spring Township , this spring has been the provincial government do Takego attention ? See the car has turned a corner in the past , high- Zhenshan again leaning against a chair. Go toward the township government to open the car , the kind of high Zhenshan uneasy feeling more intense. Spring Township should not be any kind of national highway , the car is to enter the Spring Township inevitable , and in the end do what is it ? This time, Ye Zetao have received when you last cleaned wild grave middle-aged man surnamed Zheng , accompanied by the arrival of the telephone brawny thirties , he had welcome out . Ye Zetao is also a good friend who , as promised to help him repair surnamed Zheng grave , the other came, their nature have good reception . Went to the roadside in front of the township government , to see that bike last open to off-road car parked at the roadside. Brawny already stood car side, see Ye Zetao over, a rare smile on his face and said: " Zheng boss go in a hurry , forgot to show you the money , as well as the monument inscribed content , the boss told me to specifically sent , you bring ! 'and she handed a packet Ye Zetao foreskin . Hearing is to give money to , and Ye Zetao smile: " spend some money , find a few villagers to help on the line ! " While saying this, or took over. " There are ten thousand yuan of money, Zheng boss also specifically wrote a monument on the content, but also some of your heart , please , let me on behalf of his old pole thanked ! " That seems like that command , listening also somewhat unhappy, Ye Zetao still face smile and nodded. The double-teamed in the armpit , Ye Zetao smiled and said : "Please be assured Zheng boss , I will try to do a good job , and this money hemp , when I remember clearly accounts Duotuishaobu ! " "I'm rather military , which has My contact number ! "This man towards Ye Zetao smiled, quickly boarded the car is gone . Looking at each other did not stay on the fast leave, Ye Zetao tucked that little bag and shook his head . They are not aware of is that the high Zhenshan car has opened up , well, sitting in the car to see it rather high Zhen-Shan army handed a black packet Ye Zetao , followed , high Zhenshan eyes is to see towards Ye Zetao . The arrival of high Zhenshan did not notify the township inside , so he 's coming inside this township leaders do not know. The car is getting closer, Ning Jun has started the car. The Ye Zetao look in mind , the high Zhenshan TV drama Ning Jun 's eyes send the car to leave. Off-road vehicles inside the Ministers of the Organization Pong saw this same packet delivery Ning Jun Ye Zetao situation can be considered rather see a military off-road vehicle situation , saw the license equally shocked his heart , even with Spring Township the car out of the provincial government , this is not a trivial matter of ! Saw a sport utility vehicle has been watched leaving high Zhen-Shan, Pong feel this thing must be good to know is. Pang Hui Ye Zetao also look to put down . Ye Zetao then also looked up to see the county 's car more cars, just out of school Ye Zetao simply could not tell the provincial government or provincial license plates inside the case , but just got the news that the deputy secretary Chang ran Mingwei welcome out . A look at Cheong Ying Ming Wei was running out, Ye Zetao also shocked, hurriedly sandwiched also ran past the black bag . Do not sue the county party secretary to the party, this is the leaders of the Spring Township scared not light , and soon cropped up everywhere from the village leaders , large and small . " Secretary, you have come ! " Chang Ming Wei Gao Zhen-Shan hands gripped the hand . His face was very serious, high Zhen-Shan said: " how about the situation in schools ? " "I'm tissue reconstruction work ! " Although things did not go to school , Chang Ming Wei still confidently said. Nor into the township government , high Zhenshan nodded and said: "We go directly to the school to see ! " Everyone under the car, just in Chang Qing , led a large retinue of pedestrians walked toward the school . Traveled Ye Zetao around, looked at Ye Zetao a high Zhen-Shan , also saw that Pang Hui Ye Zetao Canada Goose Yorkville Bomber Parka one . Has been secretly watching high Zhen-Shan Chang expression Mingwei blurted : "This is the village of the students arrived , called Ye Zetao ! " Surprised a moment , the high hand on the grip to the Zhen-Shan Ye Zetao : "The one who sensed the danger dormitory after notification Ye Zetao school the students move out ? " Chang Mingwei busy with a smile: " That's him , but for him, this may be a major event ! " Upon hearing this , the original single- hand with high Zhen-Shan Ye Zetao has is to hold another hand in the past , his hands suddenly grasped Ye Zetao hand , forced a shake when Ye Zetao sandwiched black bag on that fall to the ground. Looking black bag , and then looked grasped own high Zhen-Shan, Ye Zetao a time really is not knowing or continue to pick up the black bag holding . At this time, a bit surprised everyone to happen , I saw Ministers of the Organization Pong is bowed picked up Ye Zetao black bag , smiled handed over. Gao Zhen-Shan Ye Zetao shook his hand , patted Ye Zetao more gently on the shoulder and said: " I ​​thank you, on behalf of the county ah ! " These things do happen inside the village people look complicated , watching Ye Zetao eyes in full of a variety of expressions. "It's the dog days of Ye Zetao turned into the county party secretary of discernment ! " See Ye Zetao took that black bag carry in their hands , the high Zhenshan smile: " lobular , one to go to school to see it ! " Pang Hui took the initiative to come , Ye Zetao gently patted the shoulder and said: " lobular good ! " in the middle surrounded by leaders , Ye Zetao heart smile , he knows these things will certainly lead to the idea of ​​the leaders of the village . Really did not think ah , wanted one with the teachers to see a yellow film , the result has turned out this way ! Ye Zetao have a dream -like feel. This time, the county organization department Pong was muttering in their hearts , just picked up the black bag , he was secretly touched the black bag inside, feel to even feel the black bag inside a pile of money , the feeling is ten thousand up and down . Installed inside the black bag on a million of money ! Really strange ! Pong believe they feel, should be mounted on the inside is really money . Eyes looked at Ye Zetao body burst , Pang Hui thought, specifically drove the car to the provincial government give money to this kid , what is this kid in the family who fear him short of money , specially sent ? If it is really special give money back , this matter may not generally a ! Really did not think ah, this county there is also hidden a great God ! Then think of the other things very secret way , Pang Hui also dare to ask . Ye Zetao know where these things, this time he was carrying a black bag hand accompany these leaders walked toward the school . " Home is where the leaflets ? " High Zhenshan while walking , looking aside to the Ye Zetao asked. Then the director of bovine victorious party do feel for direct dialogue with the county party secretary chance came , and hurried to the side , said: "High secretary, Comrade Ye Zetao people inside our county , college students, members, his home is ...... " yet Not to mention , cattle victorious against Ye Zetao family is very familiar with all aspects of quickly put Ye Zetao briefing again. "Oh , yes, yes , no wonder the first time, rushed to the front line , the angle is different party members , lobular good ah ! " After listening to the introduction of cattle victorious , would have had doubts on Ye Zetao high Zhen-Shan and Pang Hui hearts even more doubts the . How else could ever be the case ! Either high or Pang Zhen-Shan -hui did not expect such a situation . Looked calm has been restored , with a smile on his face , looks like Ye Zetao fine, clear , high- Zhenshan could not help but shook his head , thinking to myself , never so simple. Pang Hui Ye Zetao even more do not believe that just such a background only , if only just this background , Ye Canada Goose Montebello Parka Zetao how could be linked up with that of the provincial government . This kid can not be discounted ah ! Officials have said that the biggest feature is like to put a lot of things complicated . Gao Zhen-Shan want to get even more, if Ye Zetao really has a strong background in the province , then through him might also be able to give yourself to pull a relationship line , prefer to believe them ! To ferry gold ? Or secretly to ferry gold ! Gao Zhen-Shan already have this conclusion. When looked at Pong , already has a high Zhenshan expression studies Pong slight nod . A pedestrian soon came to school there . Saw the collapse of the dormitory , high Zhen-Shan 's face showed a heavy , sullen glance , then walked into the classroom to visit the classroom for students who moved his hand touched a student's head and said : "Children who is our hope , we must do everything possible to recover the collapse of school buildings , the county will allocate a sum of money forced the school's reconstruction , comrades ah , we must attach importance to education , must take children's lives improve ...... "High Zhen-Shan is spoken very emotional . Talk for a while, looked a high Zhen-Shan Ye Zetao crowd , loudly: "The face of danger lobular comrades to come forward to save the lives of dozens of children whose emotional people, ah, publicity departments should conduct in this matter propaganda , our party is the need for such a large number of outstanding party members , we must vigorously develop such a good comrade ! " Ye Zetao some in a daze looking at high Zhen-Shan, he really did not expect high Zhenshan for their evaluation are so high. Do not say that Ye Zetao did not think that the village leaders who would have thought this thing, all the complex eyes look to the Ye Zetao . · · · · · · · · · · · book period , we do not forget to recommend votes cast and collectible ! Need your care ! !
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