October 12 [Tue], 2010, 8:54
大好きな歌!!オナラと言う歌です。 今大チャングムを見ているから 

오나라 오나라 아주 오나
가다라 가다라 아주 가나
나나니 다려도 못 노나니
아니리 아니리 아니 노네
헤이야 디이야 헤이야나 라니노
오지도 못하나 다려가마
헤이야 디이야 헤이야나 라니노
오지도 못하나 다려가마


early night

October 12 [Tue], 2010, 6:13
Let's see, I don't have anything to do tonight either. Looks like I will go to bed early. It's only 5pm, but I am tired and disappointed. In myself, but really in expecting anything at all from other people.

I did well on my Japanese drama paper thank god. I'm worried about the Chinese one that is due in two weeks though.. I don't really know what's going on in these plays as well. I don't understand the social aspects as much.

New Day #1

October 11 [Mon], 2010, 2:29
Started reading my new book. I already feel better.
I wonder what caused so much change in me before. But all one needs is oneself. There's no need to tell things to others. Or pay so much attention to what they are doing, since it has nothing to do with me.
I think facebook is the worst invention in the whole world and I would delete mine if people would talk elsewhere..
Try to figure out how to go home for break... I can't very well drive myself because I'm afraid of another flat tire!

I can't stop looking at clothes online hehe
But I need to save my money. For my own trips of course!!
I want to go to Okinawa next year for sure.

what a day..

October 10 [Sun], 2010, 6:45
So I escaped today. And I was presented with many challenges..but I'm alive so I'm happy.

I really don't like to drive... I got a completely flat tire and was lost in the ghetto of cincinnati- i didnt realize it was completely flat and went on the freeway anyway...i was in bad areas for about an hour like this, completely lost.
I get to the mall and the food doesnt take credit card. I also bought a new coat for fall cause it's green
Then I go out and thankfully there's an auto repair inthe same lot. That took over an hour and I was so worried.
Borders didn't have the book I wanted, but maybe it had the book i needed. i bought a book and tried to go home..but pull out the entrance instead of exit and almost die there too.

Oh it is green but picture lies! I'm gonna go read the book Jun lent me some more and watch dae jang geum now.
I need to make plan for senior year spring break! If i have any money left after japan :3 heehee
I've never gone anywhere with friend but maybe there somewhere safe for me to go alone...maybe not =.=


October 09 [Sat], 2010, 11:26
Ah, so hurt I've been left out and fooled completely! 信じられないの, really. People fucking suck.
So that's why you can only rely on yourself I guess

So I'm sitting here doing nothing this weekend but watching dae jang geum.
I'm so pissed, I'm going to go out shopping tomorrow all day and I hope i get lost!
I wanna buy lots of books to drown myself in... i mean, cheer up with!!
When I come home next week, I'm going to see opa and go out with my mom and hopefully mail my Japan application?
And then take a nice long bath.. i miss my bird sooo much so i cant wait to play with him. .and then.. come back here Think there will be chinese paper to write..gah

Today was great, I solved a big problem instead of holding it in, and then i got my pumpkin spice latte!
Did laundry and for some reason the dryer ran for free!! Then I changed sheets, vacuumed, disinfect surfaces, water my plants, yoga, take a shower..and watch 5 episode of daejanggeum

So i really hope my boyfriend can come see me. he said he couldnt before. but he went somewhere else that's way more expensive and far away. so he wasn't telling the truth at all...
Then he says "oh i didn't want to tell you cause you'd get mad" well think about why i'm getting mad! you lie to me after you go on and on about trust ha ha ha. So i'm hurt but forget that. i know he wont come see me because he conveniently just got a job too? all this time he couldn't come, now he says oh just give me a date, but he will be working? wtf, why are boys so stupid? dont they have brains?

I'm not boring! I wanted to go to Cincinnati.. and corn maze..and to park..and find japanese restaurant. But i guess not.
Too bad I wont get to see him until december. and then im leaving for months. but he doesnt care. I will be so busy then because there's lot of preparing to do and stuff. "I dont care i dont care ill just do stuff by myself like before.

Decide after examples in class today I will take N3 in december next year. its so fun excuse for a trip, でしょう?love travel with my mom. I think i can pass, especially deciding to study for whole year right?

will be better ;) OH I felt so great today I really did! So i have to write thatstuff down so it's off of my heart. He wont read this anymore anyway. when i write stuff down i can let go..but if i mull over it i just get more and more angry like some kind of venom because i never talk out loud.. kind of strange being totally alone. i dont want to bother my few friends. so i dont.. he doesnt like when i talk to him anymore either, so i dont
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