Some Things of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Need To Be Improved

November 10 [Thu], 2016, 14:21
5 pieces of Victoria's secret fashion show need to be improved
October 24, VS officially announced this year's show will be held in Paris. On October 26, they unveiled the 2016 fantasy bra, dressed by Jasmine Tookes, and covered more than 9,000 precious gems. October 28, they released the full lineup of the show. Recently, the appearance of the runway sneak peek, from the skirt by Josephine Skriver wearing Swarovski's ensemble to Bela Hadid wearing feathers and crystalline mesh looks. Victoria's secret PR machine runs at full speed with dozens of articles - including this one - to discuss the program.

However, the biggest problem, at least for me, is if VS will be able to overcome their staggering ratings from 2015. At its peak, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show can claim more than 12 million viewers. Now they are only 6.5 million, in 2014 and 2015 exhibition, the number of visitors in a year fell by more than 30%.

Although CBS once again hosted the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, I can not help but wonder if the delayed part was due to a reluctance on the part of the network. Such special events are all about pushing the audience, and if Victoria's secret figures do not even get into the top 50 TV rankings, what is dedicated to all of this broadcast time to them? Of course, announcement delays can also be attributed to politics. Victoria's secret can be understood as not want to compete with the US presidential election.
I've already discussed why VS may see a decline in this view rate. To sum up, this program is an obsolete question. This format is predictable, leading to the re-use of the show's headlines, and the exhibition itself is a highly stylized beauty standards for transactions, these standards are rapidly disappearing. Worse still, one thing that might keep people interested, equipped, in the weeks before the show show the real air, completely eliminating any remaining curiosity. Then the Victoria's secret can make people interested in what is the most expensive advertising on television?
Stop releasing the weather for all the runway programs that appeared before. Attention is a rare and short-lived thing, and people are soon bored. The VS should continue to provide unofficial stealth, as Bella Hadid and Josephine Skriver have done, but nobody needs to see each individual runway to see the show a few weeks before.
Update the format. Victoria's Secret in 1999 and 2000 with their live web streaming shows as headlines. Today's live performances will be unique and contribute to making Victoria's Secret Fashion Show a more special event. Part of the attraction of SuperBowl, which has been one of the most popular TV shows of the year, is that it only happens once a year. It happens in real time, and nobody knows what will happen next. There is also a degree of anticipation that plays in the field perform essentially stimulate the viewer's interest. Victoria's secrets can take advantage of it.
Add a large model to the runway squad, or better name a plus angel. No, I do not encourage VS to parrots Aerie fake body positive position. Instead, I want to know why the brand continues to ignore an openly self-evident marketing opportunity. Victoria's Secret missed a golden window, worked with Ashley Graham, before she exploded in popularity (and started her own underwear line). This year, the VS may have been and remain in the headlines announcing their first addition to the Little Angels. Tara Lynn, Philomena Kwao, Inga Eiriksdottir, Jennie Runk, Myla Dalbesio, Candice Huffine and Anita Marshall will all look stunning on the Victoria's secret track and help increase the brand's relevance as it begins to look increasingly obsolete.
Drew attention to Victoria's secret heritage and longevity, inviting former angels to attend the show. This year is the 15th anniversary of Victoria's Secret Radio debut, which is a perfect opportunity to line up several special guests. I like to see angels in the past like Tara Bank, Giselle Buncan, Laetitia Casta, Helena Christensen, Chanel Iman, Miranda Ducker, Heidi Klum, Duchen Kroes and Stephen Nicole Seymour in VS Pink Carpet for the last time. In addition, their presence will increase legitimacy, emphasizing one of the key ambitions of VSFS - we take fashion shows seriously.
Create more connections between the content displayed on the runway and what the store sells. As mentioned earlier, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is a very long and very expensive business (the $ 20 million budget for the 2014 trade show). One way to help ensure return on investment is to do a special holiday collection - the best things are gorgeous, lace and gem enchantment - the day after the show. Typically, the most beautiful part of the runway is made by independent craftsmen, can not buy. It seems a waste of good marketing, getting people excited, then only plain weave t-shirts, and selling them off the runway.
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