The fifth game of the second half Liang wenbo-first 8 minutes

November 09 [Sat], 2013, 13:17
@Barcahobbit: the so-called spirit of the rule of law, should be equal, not because of different punishments in different actors between wealth and social status. Sun Yang indeed illegal, but there is no bad plot, mistaken attitude is also very good, why because it is the celebrity, it must be from the ceiling below the punishment? If that is the case below the punishment, if the wrong attitude, then how can we distinguish between?Traffic law experts, Deputy Director of the Zhejiang Provincial public security nike free run 3 on sale traffic management Bureau Song Xiaochun told the legal daily said in an interview with a reporter, control in Hangzhou, the first three-year average penalties for driving without a license violation, Hangzhou police administrative penalties the stars for the Olympic Sun is consistent with the penalties for similar offences, are fair, impartial, and reflects the equality of all persons before the law.

A traffic police told journalists, if it is obtained a driver's license, but no, the traffic police will detain any motor vehicle, then according to their violation of the law and not to carry a driver's license be punished, and promptly returned to nike free run 2 cheap motor vehicles. But if drivers are unable to provide true and valid motor vehicle driver's license, traffic Police Department, through the public security website license has no authenticity and to identify information and be sentenced to detention.It is learned that driving without a license will be 200 Yuan to 2000 Yuan shall be, and 15th days of detention.Previously, Sun had the endorsements of a car brand press release referred to himself as "fly free".Up to now, Hangzhou Sun Yang was arrested for driving without a license has not yet been released by the police investigation. Sport Bureau of Zhejiang Province and Zhejiang sports College where the Sun has not yet been any response on this matter.

The fifth game of the second half, Liang wenbo-first 8 minutes, then a 38 minutes to get started. After a few defense, find opportunities o ' Sullivan, Rod 46 points. Liang wenbo is only 5 minutes to get started, it tube of one red ball blunder. O ' Sullivan rose Qing color powder ball, with 67-51 winning cent leading.Liang wenbo marked the sixth ball bag in gone in continuous offensive around the black ball, 24 points on defense. After several rounds of stalemate, Liang wenbo started again, Cosco set offensive basketball a shot after 31 minutes errors. Have failed to call o ' Sullivan scored a red ball ornaments, Liang wenbo and Super 7 points to 62-1 points, there are four red balls on the table. O ' Sullivan had 8 points to attack the red ball blunder. O ' Sullivan after you hit the red ball into the green ball, Liang wenbo started winning again, hard recovery.
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