guarding the northern girl at his side

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() Six hundred and thirteenth chapter pathetic Zhao Heng duel not return to the hospital to visit the capital, such as Yi, the result of his body relaxed faint chuckle in which more than ten hours overdraft him too much physical jīng force, and now the crisis is over revenge will be achieved, Zhao Heng this steely person will no longer barely. He fell very pleased very reassuring. Zhao Heng did not want the shadow of the sword fell instantly and saffron them too much, my mind just north such as Yi for his strike blocked shadows marshes roots become brow, time can Shazhu Dao changed a lot of things, but you can not let Zhao Heng forget lying in his arms sad Qiaolian. .. Even if in a dream, "Are you awake?" Do not know how long to sleep, Zhao Heng opened his eyes, when they saw the white ceiling, when an abnormal sound Teana sounded softly, detailed, warm, and Zhao constant blurred vision gradually clear, see a face sè elegant pale face, such as the North Plaza. The injury has not been restored yet seen guarding the northern girl at his side, Zhao Heng acknowledged that moment, he really had a kind of idea that you want to cry impulse, filled with tenderness no words, he did not know the girl with simple What would go only knew that he really want to take pity on her. I did not experience a common destiny bloody the sky, it is difficult to imagine Zhao Heng heart of that excitement, even scattered Huan pupil in both vivid bursts from a trace, when the memory still remnants of the North, such as Yi's sad for his gear stick, but the girl living reality placed in front of their own. Who can understand .. share regained trembling? "You feel how kind?" North Plaza Even after surgery, such as discharge of the congestion, but the entire people still appeared to be very weak, Zhao Heng do not know how she went to his ward, but to see her look of concern, his warm smile, a If the window of the sun, in the absence of wind rì yard, warm, very comfortable: "I am, and, well," Zhao Heng coughing extrusion words, then looked up only to find out the window is a sunset and saw the familiar smile, such as Plaza North Tianshan snow lotus bloom also like bright, she woke up all the fear, all anxiety, all fear, all in Zhao Heng smile in the wind and scattered. "Good enough, good enough" North, such as Zhao Heng Yi did not know how to comfort, only to repeat his words, Zhao Heng smiled and seize the hand you want to escape, but the North such as Yi slightly startled No further removed her while feeling the warmth of the palm, threw herself into his arms while suppressing ideas with a trace of shyness opening: "The doctor said you nearly nine hours sleep, do you want a drink of water? '" not a "Zhao Heng Yi did not let go the hand of the North, such as, do not give her the opportunity to break away himself, he looked pale but still goes Qiaolian warm enough, the opening look of love and affection:" You dealt very monk Buddhist monk's staff North Face Outerwear Sale in mind, it should take a break in the ward, how come running to me? "Zhao Heng Yi's eyes looked slightly north as complex, then the key moments, so dangerous scenes, this is my sister have their own misguided preconceptions little girl , even with such abnormal firm stance on his behalf Dangxia that time lore, also declared out of her trust. "I'm fine" North, such as Zhao Heng Yi avoiding the eyes, gentle voice replied: "I woke ten in the morning, although the injury is a little heavy, but I xìng life either, but I rest five or six hours, I heard you lived next door to me, I'll come see you, I'm sorry "" I'm sorry? "Zhao Heng originally should not talk so much, should rest with eyes closed, just stay with the North, such as Yi feels really fresh, so he could not stop biting north girl topics, such as the Plaza North passing touch lips slightly biting pain: "I should not have shot hurt you, I should believe you," Zhao Heng faint smile: "Do you now believe me? "North, such as Yi gently nodded:" Trust "Zhao Heng face gushing warm soothing touch of smile, such as the North Plaza This simple word is his best comfort today, although Zhao Heng never afraid of being misunderstood , but my heart still does not want the North, such as Yi questioned himself, he can cross Men's North Face Windstopper Sale to everyone cursing, but can not afford her sad. "Do you still hate me?" Zhao Heng deep breath: "I am the devil in your heart or you?" "Yes" North, such as Yi very honest nodded, Zhao Heng sparkling eyes fell on his face: "You still my heart demons I will not forget Mong to the village two pits, but I will not hate you then kill you, I will fully probation you, I want you to become this demon ordinary mortals. "Zhao Heng smile more brilliant, meaningful said: "you have to do to save my angel devil? Yes, this is a very significant thing, but you are not afraid of you this is my lovely angel devil deceived? when you not only can not save me, will be I dragged into hell. "" You're probably hopeless, do not you worry about it? "North ineffectively as Yi shook his head:" not afraid, there you have in place, I am not afraid, "she lips delicately emerge a few let Zhao Heng intimate words: "But how many people you kill much blood stained hands, I believe you will not hurt me, so I go to heaven are not afraid of going to hell." is not love, then love, then it is worth Zhao Heng suddenly become sharp: "Do you I believe you smoke? "North, such as Yi apparently already thought about this issue, and therefore did not issue into a tangle because Zhao Heng, white girl deep breath, then calmly greet Zhao Heng on the eyes:" I do not know, she is my favorite sister, she never fool me, never did, "North girl's face across a trace of melancholy, biting red lips added:" And she has always been close to me, I'm indifferent to the whole North's right, Grandpa which takes me as broom star, only desperate to take care of my sister, I am happy to accompany me to speak to accompany accompany me cry. "Zhao Heng did not say these gently nodded, and he believed himself on the North such as the Plaza has been very satisfied, no necessary smoke forced her to face the problem of the North, all too far, let the things North Ruyan time to prove it, so Zhao Heng holding her hand smile: "In the future I accompany you," "Well," the North as Yi cheeks redden, concentrate all spoke up: "Do you want to drink?" Zhao Heng face full of ambiguous words, unable to cope with the natural northern girl, she stood up to leave a little bit Zhao Heng, have popped one just asked the question, Zhao Heng nodded this time, had little anesthetic efficacy in the past, that broke our hearts torment let Zhao Heng pain. "Me, I go get you some water." Stepping on the North, such as holding a cup Yat slippers, wearing a white dress to pour sè disease, bang bang Dangdang some later, she again sat beside Zhao Heng, carefully put Zhao Heng cup on his lips, though Zhao Heng find it is frozen cold, but my heart is still filled with a strange feeling. While water while chatting, the two exceptionally harmonious. Women Tremblant Full Zip Hoody "How this water a little cool ah?" North, such as Yi's finger accidentally hit the cup, and feel a touch of coolness through the heart, she put the cup away from Zhao Heng lips, hands a grip while also poured out a little, and instantly found This is the cold water, patting her head Oh bang, a look of apology: "I guess I did not open to the fountain." original pale face sè gush trace cháo red: "But the lights on ah" Zhao Heng looked up , drinking fountains lights indeed lit, but the heating becomes a cooling, is obviously too tight by his careless careless mistake, looking apologetic look of mild tongue PU Yi, Zhao Heng hold back a smile: "Nothing , cold water can give me cool down "North Plaza embarrassing as the cup on the table, gently coughed up the opening:" Then I went to the end of the dinner you come, just take the cup to pour when it comes to the way You get something to eat, you first on the food, I would look for health care until you buy delicious "," dinner? "Zhao Heng sweating forehead:" What things? "even a cup of warm water can become cold water, Zhao Heng guard against North girl's dinner, just north of Yi did not answer immediately as him, but happily go again Kitchenette, not long before his face out of embarrassment, she bowed his head to no longer low, pathetic opening: "how could this be? was soaked for half an hour,,,," instant noodles soak ball paste,,, PS: the fifth hit on seeking to spend more, thank you for support Thank you kayee2010 a reward works 100 credits , a brighter future 78 a reward 588 coins.
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