and Wicked jīng blood moisture

November 06 [Wed], 2013, 12:55
"You're a pervert, ah, so prettily beauty, surprisingly Lashoucuihua really be sacrilegious, ah, if gave me much good." Kitten beside Debating said. "You do not like small butterflies do." Long Chen teased. "Go, then what did not grow into the little things, I want to take away the cat God's heart, not the door ah." Kitten face despise said. "Saying the little butterflies, in the end CANADA GOOSE LADIES SNOW is what." Long Chen brilliant territory toward the second tier of the successful promotion of the process, incidentally asked about the kitten. "Nine prison is an ancient magic butterfly Well the animals, almost my age that it can be passed to now only be described as a miracle, magic butterfly There are nine nine prison capacity, converting just one, there is no fixed grade, strong or weak, such animals can sometimes be very frightening, if the training worked well. "turned out to be something of that era kitten, then far away, may not know so much spiritual Xi it, so the next time we met, Long Chen then look carefully at those nine magic butterfly prison before, together, his attention may be all in the spirit of Xi's body yet. In a lot of God crystal and Wicked jīng blood moisture, Long Chen's strength successfully transformed into brilliant success throughout the second tier, the body of Neuron it is almost tenfold increase in just kill Zhao Long Chen Serena have no pressure, So then, he should be regarded as brilliant territory under the fifth re invincible. Elders and recruited, basically not Long Chen opponent. In the house of the evil dragon Long Chen stronger than people estimated to Dianzhu and vice Dianzhu level, there is an evil dragon temple represents the legend of the disciples did not know what was the name, as the evil dragon has another two Dianzhu bit disciple, the strength should be spent Canada Goose Mountaineer Sale Jiuxiao Ray robbery, specific combat, or win a fight and Long Chen, but that they have to know that after the battle. For this promotion, Long Chen savings can say half a year's time, the next break, to go to Heaven brilliant throughout the third tier environment, control of Timor Reiki, while forming their own field, fields if used judiciously, but also a powerful force, necessarily just said Zhao Serena, there is a field of snow and ice ingredients in it, which in this area, Long Chen combat greatly reduced, while the other duck. Of course, this is something. As Zhao Serena's death, even if people know is that he killed, and then how, really, is the door to the strong regulation just decoration, really Emperor Palace rule, a military character, that is, force first, true Emperor Palace no lack of talent, the lack of one can kill opponents genius, was killed, and that is to be eliminated, no need to punish her away really strong. Sometimes, the kind of strong peak, one can hold true palace of Emperor. Long Chen is preparing to secure the strength of this just arrived when, suddenly woke up, he felt that someone in close proximity to the Trial chamber, suddenly opened his eyes, and that can not be opened Trials room, then turned the iron gate In slowly opened. Jiang Qing came. Long Chen inhaled air, Qin once said that as long as someone in the Trial chamber, other people can not go in, but apparently now the emergence of Jiang Qing is not within the common sense, You Qilong Chen think a lot of things, the whole person taut, become very cautious. "Seen the Master." Long Chen stood up. Jiang Qing smiled and look around around, and then looked at the Long Chen, a little do not see there is something wrong, when he said: "You are not very strange, I actually can come." Long Chen nodded. Jiang Qing continued with a smile, said: "This seat has been able to come in, that's because it's my turn this month supervision Trial tower, the whole tower Trials are in my arrangement, including the number of calls you in the end five puppet, and who play against you just had, I know, the only thing I just can not see the details of it. "Long Chen suffered a scare, turned out to be so, Jiang Qing to know everything, you know Long Chen Just kill his disciple, or even to know more about Long Chen secret. Long Chen had a feeling of suffocation, if Jiang Qing to kill him at this time, then, with his strength, Long Chen only blood sacrifice in order to live, after all, but here Trial chamber, to escape the blood will not work, but here is the True Emperor Palace, Emperor Palace in Dili true star on top, is not easy to go out. However, there is a trace Long Chen rely on that Jiang Qing's performance now, if he really intended to kill the dragon Chen has it, he could have come in on the hands, no need right now hypocritically Long Chen laugh, think of it Long Chen mood eased a bit, but he did not speak, this time to say much on their own will not be good. "I did not expect that you should put Serena are killed." Jiang Qing Long Chen looked at some mixed feelings, long black beard sè danced, see Long Chen That nervous look, he smiled again and said, : "You do not nervous, I have not thought about how you get it is to survive the rules Serena she lost to you, it is his own life, I can not manage." From these words were, Long Chen has generally know each other mean, it really is the strength of the sole criterion being favored in the strength and potential in front of Jiang Qing Zhao Serena put directly before the high regard as five things, it is because he had a more important disciples, That is Long Chen. Jiang Qing's eyes were full of satisfaction and the dragon Chen praise. Long Chen hearts still suck down air, he suddenly felt sorry for Serena Zhao, Jiang Qing is no doubt this man is actually very cold, Long Chen expected to get, when Jiang Qing disciples which appeared a figure beyond the Lung Chen , he'd probably be today Zhao Serena, even fell, and no one to see on one. But Long Chen did not put their own ideas manifested. He and Jiang Qing, a long grudges, it is the wind Yoko hatred, the hatred, and now Long Chen can only squeeze in my heart. Here, Jiang Qing Long Chen patted on the shoulder and said: "The reason to come at this time, there are things to say to you, do you have to worry about what will happen to kill Zhao Serena, what are the consequences of the seat to help you deal with, but Zhao Serena is dead, there is a good thing, have to fall on your head come. "Long Jiang Qing Chen has largely clear idea, from Jiang Qing's performance now, it seems that only know the Dragon Serena UGG ULTRA SHORT Outlet killed Zhao Chen, Long Chen deepest show here a secret, that is true Emperor soul, if there is a pair of invisible eyes are watching Long Chen has been two months, I would really Emperor soul can certainly see, However, Jiang Qing did not seem to find the true Emperor showed soul look, Long Chen eventually relieved. True Emperor soul, he knew even Jiang Qing know, will be jealous, and this is no ordinary treasure, and true Emperor Palace and inextricably linked. "Master please say." Set aside the other emotional, Long Chen turned his attention to Jiang Qing mouth that a good thing. "Three thousand hall, there is competition, and competition is intense, and I these days, there Dianzhu these days are busy three thousand five decennial hall 'Trials of war', which is a newcomer , it is unclear which Trials of the war, I will speak to you in detail. "Jiang Qing paused, watching Long Chen in listening, he was very satisfied with the disciples, then do not say much, but doing the actual hands-on ability, so they went on. "Three thousand hall, once every five years ranked, ranking is based, it is that among the disciples of the war Trials performance, we evil dragon temple strength is not strong not weak, ranking in the last World War, came in a one thousand except, of course, no one wants to enter before 1000, or even want to enter the top one hundred, into the top ten, ranking higher, get higher reward Valkyrie palace, there are countless benefits, it can be said , Trials of the war, very critical. "Trial of the war comes, apparently Jiang Qing somewhat excited. "Trials of the war it is that I really Emperor Gong disciples a very interesting experience, to be issued when the Valkyrie Temple three thousand task, we randomly selected the same level of almost all of these tasks, and then sent followed Fukatsu Palace waiter, in accordance with our mission to complete the degree, the disciple performance, outstanding individuals, etc. are given a score, and ultimately decide the nouns, I had disciples, only Zhao Serena able to participate in, the name has also been reported that up, since you beat her, then it is up to you to participate in it, rest assured, able to participate in Trial of the war, the Basilica of every three thousand disciples of glory, if you behave well, there is the opportunity to reward, and even probably because of outstanding performance Palace absorbed by Valkyrie the past is not without such examples. "" What specifically can reward. "Long Chen is indeed heart, especially the last one benefit, but also have the opportunity to enter Valkyrie Palace, this is three thousand one hundred million disciples hall dream of things ah. "Specific incentives only ten days after the extraction task Dianzhu back from Valkyrie Palace to know that this time Trials of the war, we evil dragon temple roughly fifteen places almost every vice Dianzhu have a quota, and the house There are five main places, ten days after receiving the task, estimated to begin assembly of departure, to tell you a good news, that is the mission of the guides, I should be. "Jiang Qing somewhat proud laughed. "The guides." Jiang Qing Long Chen first came to know the real Emperor Palace on the rules here are not familiar with, they patiently explained: "Every team has a led by a supervisor coming Valkyrie Palace But we both can not be shot, especially the supervisor, not to sell, who appeared in the war completely destroyed the team supervisor no shot thing, and I, as the guides can not be shot, but when you encounter Some additional factors that can not resist when I can for you to remove these additional factors, to guide you, and this is led by the duties, Trials of the war, and the other three thousand is a contest hall, and one of us is also a contest , who's performance is more prominent, who have the chance to be rewarded, while those who led the disciples, you have a natural advantage. "Long Chen suddenly realized nodded.
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