diagrams and things tell the wind engine

November 06 [Wed], 2013, 11:09
Long bloody bloody dragon god god 799_ _ From this point, the wind engine paused, and said: "We came here today Fengshen a vein, is to take away the wind snatched my family treasures kid, hope Baixiong and Look at Lei Lei Xiong magic a clock pulse and Aeolus a friendship, do not stop us catch this Long Chen, my gratitude two wind up on this engine. "wind engine after the finish, nor solicit Bai Lan and Ray pole meaning, was about to hands grasping Long Chen, Wu throughout his day but the Warrior, warrant Long Chen course easy. Wind engine completely set aside the Long Chen and Ray magic relationship before the two communities, but also puts Long Chen said to be taking his Aeolus a pulse of things. If so, then Bai Lan and Ray pole really have no right to manage this thing. After all, for an insignificant little people, but let two forces cause conflicts, and even Si Pin, this is very uneconomical. Hear the wind engine, then, everyone looked at each other, silent. Long Chen just came here, I heard the wind engine that case, the wind engine does not hands, he immediately burst out laughing, laughing directly over the waist, a little face did not give the wind engine, the wind CANADA GOOSE YORKVILLE BOMBER family of the people looked at each other, is this Long Chen not afraid of death? Wind Lynn back, put the Valkyrie Qiyao Xing Jun heritage monument diagrams and things tell the wind engine, wind engine almost angry vomiting blood, which the wind Lynn is his most trusted granddaughter, usually superior adult talent, Long Chen not out what funnel in the possession of two excellent opportunity, in front of two huge treasures, but she missed again, but still lost to a less than full strength of the wind Lynn nobodies. Heard the news, never criticize Lin wind wind engine, will also severely scolded one of the big chance to rise, put in the wind in front of the family, but the wind's Lynn idiot puts in vain gave other people, which makes the wind engine will not mind how resentment, no vomiting blood? He started the whole wind tribe's men, in the Ryukyu Golden Mile and other places to search with, eventually learned that Long Chen turned to Aoki Amagi, Aoki Amagi but thunder magic a pulse stronghold, the wind engine That combined with the Protoss together, the immediate concern come here. On the way, but also spend a lot of time. "Boy, what are you laughing?" The wind engine stopped his hand, he carefully looked forward to this cute little guy, Hanmang flashes. Wind engine had to admit that this factor is not masked nobody, his life is the most crazy and disgusting people. Just as land border seventh heavy weapons, such strength in the wind in front of the engine is equal Timberland 6 Inch Boots to no. He can always kill Long Chen, but this kid Why are you laughing? Long Chen rested breath, under the eyes of the crowd, he looked calm wind engines, said: "Heaven wealth to treasure, virtuous person of this map and Qiyao Xing Jun Valkyrie monument heritage, belonged to heaven , I wind of Lynn girl fight, she lost to me, so I'm lost, I got two treasures, these two treasures belong to me, but the wind but clan patriarch patriarch, indomitable character, but also my Long Chen the object of worship, did not think to say is so shameless, that the two treasures will say you are the wind family thing, really opened my eyes, laugh, shame ah this as you say, the entire Pacific cemetery Wind your family treasures are, who got wind of your family are robbed of something? "Long said Chen Yue laughed the more powerful. Wind engine face sè, more and more ugly, yes, then wind the engine just really shameless, but even so who would dare do, do not order it not? However, Long Chen but why is this freak, he is dare, wind engines can censure him what? Hear the case, and everyone talking softly up the face of the wind engine sè has some black, and he stroked a bit long beard and said: "Boy, off to the wrong understand what I mean, that Valkyrie monument Figure and Qiyao Xing Jun heritage, but my family first got wind, Long Chen again robbed you, you're just a nobody, but also rob my family stuff wind, which pass out if I may on the face of the wind family disgrace what? If you still want to kill you, now put the Valkyrie monument heritage map and Qiyao Xing Jun surrender Come on, I see in the two clan's face, but also give you a way out, if you stubborn, Xiuguai I'm here to xìng your life "wind engine apparently bullied Long Chen has no background in order to say such a thing. He threatened Long Chen, it has quietly spent his days Wu territory 'domain' field force, toward Long Chen hit, Long Chen will soon be surrounded by them, an enormous force acting on their own body, Long Chen faint feeling, if they do not agree, then it will use this wind engine 'domain' power, directly to their xìng life Long Chen has been able to feel the power of this domain, absolute very large, though not among those Qiyao star tomb, that one can not move to suppress was Long Chen's powerful, but for now he is, has been very horrible. Quietly, in the finished speaking, the wind engine can control 'field' on the cover Long Chen, mind a move, suddenly a great impetus toward Long Chen came, as if countless mountain pressure in their own body general, Long Chen suddenly there was a feeling of suffocation, but fortunately, that Qiyao Xing Jun practicing their heritage, otherwise, I am afraid this time his bones and muscles, have been overwhelmed by the other party. Long Chen's face sè, suddenly become very ugly. Although each 'domain' pressure from all directions, intentions crushed Long Chen's body, but Long Chen has not the slightest flinch. Wind power engine using domain, in fact, is to represent him in the face in the crowd had openly on Long Chen hands. Bai Lan and Ray's eyes were blinking too extreme a hint of anger, seeing is unable to agree, and they are ready to sell it, but I did not expect at this time Long Chen waved his hand to them, and said: "Wait." Obviously, Long Chen want to try this wind engine 'domain' power, wind engines and thunder very same, only days throughout the first heavy military strength, their domain is a domain weakest, though the engine ran out of the wind best, Long Chen also felt the pressure of being monstrous squeezed from either direction of his body, of his intention to delay the action, even destroy his body, but this is not able to defeat Long Chen saw the engine in the wind domain under the Long Chen just to have their body strength to be able to firmly stood still, his eyes showed the horror of everyone God sè, especially the wind engine, he may know in the end how much effort it down, At this point Jianlong Chen still adhere to teeth, and even with some disdain looking at himself. "Young man, that is easy to flaunt it, in that case, I'll put your leg pressure off it." Wind engine heart sneer, since Bai Lan and Ray pole did not mind, he can do anything more, and this time he added Big his own strength, to familiarize yourself with the 'field' is open to the maximum power boom surrounding trees have been squeezed down a piece, although North Face Discount not everyone experiences the power of this domain, but has felt the power of that suffocating They look to the Long Chen, but aghast to find that the wind engine completely repression domain Long Chen, but still insist on standing there, though red with rage, who has cropped up a sweat, he still persisted, even the knees are not bent a little "how could? give me on my knees," wind engine was taken aback, inspire their ultimate strength, 'field' of power and Wuhun have a great relationship, then wind the engine is make their Wuhun reached the maximum output state, would like to take to Long Chen knees, otherwise, he dignified day throughout the strong arms, are not able to make Long Chen knees, it would be too ashamed. Long Chen snapped Aoki Amagi under foot in the old trees, the trees that are at this time into a depression, but Long Chen is still not the slightest effect. Although the whole body muscles have tightened, even difficult to move anything, Long Chen is still a very proud eyes looked at each other, not to mention the knees, this degree of 'field', Long Chen was not even able to talk to the wind engine 'field' is not much, but the stars Long Chen Qiyao body, but Huang moderate level of refining the body combat skills, even mythical two family patriarch, refining the body combat skills in this area do not know can not be compared on too Guo Long Chen does, the powerful body Qiyao stars unthinkable, so the wind engines use domain overwhelm Long Chen, is simply playing his own face "wind patriarch, whether in the plus point of strength, you even tickle this effort is simply not enough yet. dignified wind clan, how little effort it so, that will not be spent on other areas of the effort, right? I see you age is not small, sè things that wine, or indulging in some of the ah good , so that finally died in the woman's belly, ha ha "Long Chen endured the huge pressure, and then said a long string of words, immediately before laughing. Present, only one person he laughed, Aeolus a pulse which everyone sè a black face, and mine a vein in which magic, wait for them to listen to Ming Bai Longchen mean, to see the wind engine that Heizi sè sè face after a burst of laughter suddenly broke out. That overwhelming jeers, let the wind engine heart burns like anger as family patriarch, he was so ironic, he uses day weapons throughout most proud of 'field', not even Long Chen can not do nothing, wind engines face today regarded disgrace. "Long Chen, You give me death" At this moment, the wind engine can only use the bloody way, save some face for yourself, and give him a blow Long Chen, is too much. The reason you want to go to Long Chen withstand wind engine of 'field', in fact there is a purpose, he vaguely feels that shares suppress the power of weapons will be his breakthrough to the key environmental eighth weight. He decided to wait for them to go, be sure to let Bai Lan or thunder pole, with their fields, a good exercise yourself. However, this time the wind toward the engine to kill himself, Bai Lan they can also be shot. Long Chen completely worry-free. Sure enough, the wind engine shot, Bai Lan and Ray very gently flash, Chen has been standing in front of the dragon. _
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