who stubbornly insist things will be unsure of the so-called

September 25 [Wed], 2013, 16:23
wind was underway, snowflakes fall, Wife everywhere lonely heart, such as the old, people are not yesterday, long night, reveries constantly disorderly chaos. night is young, people sleep, little star Halfmoon strings, recalling the past, fog hid their eyes, marks wet Luoshan, Qingsi dim, scattered scattered scattered. because of love, so leave, like this sentence. Some feelings so directly and cruel, can not tolerate any twists and turns warm. Leave with warm feelings, truth is better than the pale, pure things is not easy to survive. Only love one person finds himself in an instant, but gradually become selfish. Why love is always a challenge in the form of feelings inside? Things are actually coming in its proper time, but we did not meet the proper mood to it only. In the unpredictable reunion, we thought we always meet again, always destined again will always think that there will be an opportunity to say I love you, but I never thought of waving goodbye every time, is likely to be goodbye, every sigh, are may be the last sigh. feelings of mbt schuhe damen being understood is a happy, waiting to be understood is a lonely! Love to write text to write text Aileen sister, said:; man's life where there will be two roses, no matter that one has a rose, will have regrets. In fact, is it not a woman, I think every woman dreams of life can be two men, one can not touch, is a down to earth, one willing to be hurt you, for you to suffer another make you sad, let Your tears do not regret; a lover, a fated;

one is a fire, burning life; one is water, nourish life; one you love, a love you. Then there is no one you love is love you yet? The answer is: Yes. But not always the right time. So only the phrase; thy sight. Wholeheartedly love a person is humble, humble to the dust can. You can put aside his dignity, personality put down, put down stubborn, but does not fit that person, enter this love like blood in your body, and your life presence. sleepless nights, a person sitting in the wicker chair, staring at the screen, let your mind wander in the darkness. Tomorrow, the winter solstice, no wind, no moon tonight, a cold wave brewing for a long time, the night is getting stronger. Far or near the mbt kisumu sandalen little lights, shining earthly complex trivial. Darkness enveloped me, I could not tear this night, a man huddled in the house, not yesterday, not tomorrow, the past stay in the wind, stay in the rain. Not to think about it long or short life, in the end we left something. There is always one day, once loved who is no longer important, who stubbornly insist things will be unsure of the so-called. At this time, after dark before dawn, allow sorrow and my companion, solitude and me go hand in hand. Cold at night, listen to the wind in the window, faint sigh! sometimes think a woman's loneliness Perhaps this vulnerable. If a man out of hand, if his finger is hot. Who is he has not important. Perhaps the so-called love is just as lonely, need to find someone to love, even without any outcome. all sorts of thoughts only when the sleepless masochistic thinking. I still insist patient, love me love, do not regret this life.
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