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May 18 [Sat], 2013, 12:43
"Von boss, Xu Mengyun the woman to run away." To kill Cyclops, night vision, Yang Wei put on a Cyclops, constantly around in search of a trace of Xu Mengyun, he still can't forget the graceful body, clean your face, but suddenly he saw Xu Mengyun has come to the door, suddenly cried. The tour immediately great anger, picked up a porcelain pieces from the ground, to see his one eye, then suddenly threw in the past, "you his Niang of die for me." Feng Qianggang wanted to stop them, but you see around the Yang Wei with a scream, lowers the head, heart suddenly rises a coolness, Yang Wei in the face, a film about a half a palm-size piece was stabbed in, Yang Wei screamed, and fell on the ground, not the noise. See this scene, Feng Qiang had the courage to go after, "stop, hurriedly take things, they can't run, Mr. Li, I advise you to put aside all the things, otherwise, we don't mind if you even a kill." The tour wearing night vision goggles,Air Jordan 4 Sale, the lens position is open, until the eye contact lenses, in his view, the night vision device, not his to escape Shu to be able to see clearly, all organs in his escape Shu, have no place to hide. A four way fled to the wall, the rope is not quietly, the tour with escape of look up, but found a man leaning against the channel soil cave, nodding off, look behind the Xu Mengyun three people, he helpless smile, if it is your own words, have to bother, direct escape out on the line, now, also have to pyramid. The mountains stand in the bottom, small six sons had to go up, it is the tour was pulled back, with this guy on the edge of shovel. The body must have a pistol. This guy do things recklessly, almost to death, said. The tour let mountain will be raised high, and then dig up the hole wall, quietly climbed up. A punch that guy knocked out after. The tour will be the rope down,Jordan 13 Sale, until Xu Mengyun three people up, will the rope, and four continuing to walk, arrived at the entrance, he suddenly rushed out, outside the two men three five in addition to two down, preparing and Xu Mengyun three people block down the hill and go. Suddenly, the tour stopped. Said with a smile: "you go first, I went to them to search the car keys, and I'll soon catch up with you. Don 't worry. Even if those people. I never." See Xu and on the surface of the worry, the tour did not care about his fist. Small six son suddenly eyeful take light. "Small elder sister Yun, dragon Colin bullet can catch, those people will be their rivals do, we first in the car waiting for him." "You know, we go." Xu Mengyun in his head, he beat several times, and then deeply see the tour one eye, turned and walked away, "dragon brother, you must come, otherwise, I will come back for you." When they were gone, the tour smiled, from two people to search a key, and then the two people into the cave,Crossbodys Coach Online, he started to escape Shu, the hole next to the big stone was covered in the tomb, but also to Tulila >
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