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April 02 [Tue], 2013, 10:24

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Marriage for women can not hold any ceremony without both parents' consent, but must apply for marriage registration, must receive a marriage certificate, which is an important regulations to protect marriage autonomous. However, Lu Xun and Juan did not fulfill the formalities required in the "Marriage Law", they have not been to any registration marriage registration office, did not obtain a marriage license, in accordance with modern Marriage Law, they did not "establish the relationship between husband and wife." that this marriage was not recognized in law; and they did not actually live together, and also not become a de facto marriage.

Since the law is not capable of this ancient use here is still absurd modern law to measure Lu Xun marriage, this is just even to say the least, to spear attack sub-sub-Shield, the so-called fight fire with fire, can be dismissed "bigamy" On the argument, and prove that: Lu Xun marital problems must go back to the old days, back to China's modern social environment to explore, this is the right path, real serious academic attitude. jordan after game ii cheap
Should see Lu Xun in the era of a feudal ritual system can be arbitrarily concubinage without committing bigamy law bars society, but he is opposed to concubinage, he and Ms. Zhu, long-term separation, not husband and wife life, no children, Nevertheless, he did not follow the old marriage customs early "legitimate" to marry one or several concubines, in order to give birth to children. He "We do precisely opposite to the father," the article said: "Because of the society, monogamy is most reasonable, and polygamy doctrine, implemented to make the crowd Fallen fallen nearly in degradation, and continue life's purpose "So the truth of biology, by no means polygamy doctrine talisman." himself tortured personal experiences with of this dehumanizing old marriage to restrain himself, but to the new concept of the family of the humane, contradictory life two decades.

Real partner Xu Guangping Lu Xun later is the result of a new generation of young people in the New Culture Movement after baptism, her the consider and Lu Xun relationship that her behavior is not contrary to the Republic of party discipline and (the then Department of KMT members), she wrote The Lu Xun letter is to say: "As for the person to make a new life, according to a new approach to the line, in party party health problem - that is not the party responsible for" (1927.11.22 caused by Lu Xun Xu Guangping letter) This shows that she and Lu Xun was not without considering the problem of "party discipline and state law,". The Lu Xun identity Xu Guangping, he said, "I can love, air jordan spizike sale
understand that he still has the right to marry. Published two books, "announced the combination of their love, and also rejected the feudal arranged marriages. Deal with the aftermath of the old marriage, they are only willing to bear the economic burden of responsibility, and never admit liable.
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