these provisions reflects the lawmakers hope to achieve reasonable labor

December 15 [Sat], 2012, 13:05
Recently, the question of lawyer next year holiday arrangement alleged violations of the news of the labor law, much attention has been paid to the end of the year has

been busy with work, an office worker
cheap nike air max tn uk can YinZhan big shout: "initially didn't pay attention to the next year the holiday arrangement, now will see understand, a

thought of the New Year's day to even after eight day class I want to vomit."

A lawyer says

Reasonable also suspected of illegal

Media reports, a lawyer says 2013 holiday arrangements for workers to work for seven days, and laws and regulations conflict, has the general office of the state

council submits suggestion modification. "Labor law of the provisions of article 38, the employing unit shall guarantee that its staff and workers have at least one day

off in a week." the state council about worker working hours of the provisions of article 3, the worker is eight hours a day and work forty hours a week."

"Although the holiday arrangement can't make everyone satisfied, but first can't illegal." HanFuZheng the lawyer pointed out that, in accordance with the relevant laws

and regulations, usually only work five days a week laborer, specific circumstances unit of choose and employ persons and laborer must ensure that at least once a week

24 hour uninterrupted rest. And cheap nike air max 2010 mens uk according to the general office of the state council about 2013 part of the holiday arrangement notice arrangement, in 2013, many

workers will face an eight day, 3 continuous work 7 days of the special situation. He thinks, 7 days a week for work, it is clearly set to unit of choose and employ

persons suspected of violating the law position, laborer is thus deprived have at least one day off in a week the legal right to rest. From the standpoint of respect

for public opinion, for holiday arrangements, the relevant departments in fact can take the form of similar hearing, asked for a wide range of opinions.

Related response

This practice against legislative spirit

According to HanFuZheng lawyer said, yunnan lingyun law firm SunWenJie lawyer says support: "although the general office of the state council in the" notice ", define

"usual", namely the statutory holidays and weekend rest together, to leave, but after the adjustment, consecutive work 7 days, eight days, this practice against

legislative spirit, also not fully considering the physical and mental health of protecting workers' labor rights."

SunWenJie introduction, "labor law" regulation labourers shall have at least a week to rest a day, New Year's day, Spring Festival and statutory holidays enjoy

vacation, these provisions reflects the lawmakers hope to achieve reasonable labor, scientific labor, guarantee the laborers' rights and interests, and highlights the

social system superiority of original
cheap nike air max ltd uk meaning. Therefore, the general office of the state council should make modification, the protection of their own legitimate

rights and interests of the legal holiday and at the same time and safeguard their weekly rest for a day of rest rights.
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