Shen team did not give up the attack

October 08 [Tue], 2013, 10:51
On 77 minutes, Shen North team left attack, a foot ball players and hit a high beam, shenbei offense means not much right now, only through the long shots and big feet long passes. On 78 minutes, Sunray team to continue attacking, AW right quick burst on to the road, Victoria, Dolly hits the ball into the harvest "big four" Sunray Road 5-0 leading shenbei teams. On 84 minutes, Sunray cave stream adjustment, on the 17th near the field change this game, Chan Siu Ki scored a ball, 87 minutes, Shen team did not give up the attack in the North, left one foot long shots were seized by the Luo Zuqing. 88 minutes, Sunray teams last game of the stream, with Zhang Yong replace Liu Tao. Finally a full match finish, Sunray Road North a thoroughly deserved victory victory team beat Shen 5-0. 013 season League 27th round continued. 3:30 P.M., a key battle of Guanzhong relegation at the Chongqing Olympic Sports Centre, go from Chongqing Chengdu Jaffe FC vs. Because of yesterday's game, zhicheng, Yanbian, Hunan, Guizhou Xiang Tao are winning, today's game on both sides, to place in the relegation battle, you must win. Eventually, both sides within three minutes in the first half, by Claudine and Brice into a ball, labeled as 1:1.

When the opening whistle, both air jordan 12 for sale sides launched a competition inspired. 1 minute, Xie Feilian, Chengdu took the lead in attacking 40th Brice relies on speed to form the right-hand side to break through, back to knock the ball in front of the closed area, Gao Xiang, follow up on the 7th, which then hung in front of the ball, laid an ambush in front of Xue, 33rd in preparation undercut when shooting the ball was first damaged by Chongqing FC defender.After dropping the ball on Jaffe Road in Chengdu, and havn't lost my will to fight, but soon continued to put on battle. The 13 minute, Xie Feilian midfield ball in Chengdu, passed the ball to 40th, Brice, Brice top chesting the restricted area arc, followed by one foot shoots, the ball direct to goal. Although Chongqing FC goalkeeper Paul struggling to put out his hand touched the ball, but the ball was too big, the ball flew into the goal. Chengdu Xie Feilian soon leveled the score.

On 19 minutes, Chongqing FC consecutive last place kick opportunity. Physical contact happened to players in the penalty area, air jordan 13 cheap then FC3 Hu Xiaoyu in Chongqing and Chengdu Jaffe Los 2nd skin plus, each referee Ai on duty was shown a yellow card. After 22 minutes, Chongqing FC last played a series of meet the cross from the right-hand side bottom, while Chongqing FC team grab the point and hit the ball. But the linesman had raised his point when crossing the ball, players were in offside position.A long war, to dwell on both players and coaches feeling impatient. On 23 minutes, when Xie Feilian front right breakthrough in Chengdu, balls are destroyed out of line, but the linesman signaled the ball for Chongqing's line drive. In a scene from Jaffe Road in Chengdu before the bench led to dissatisfaction on the bench, assistant coach to find the linesman theory, followed by the referee on the stand. On 24 minutes, Xue Lu Chenghe play defense at the Chengdu team at Chongqing FC16, to put each other down, was shown a yellow card.
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