Thanksgiving afternoon, James Tan party photos. Judging from the photo,

November 29 [Fri], 2013, 16:38
Zhan Huang praised his wife, custom cakes being scanned. Review: at the end after a game with the former Cavaliers, LeBron James returned to his Akron home in the County. Spent Thanksgiving at home, and invited Miami Heat team shared Thanksgiving dinner. November 29 morning news, local time is the Western tradition of Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, the 1st NBA no games are free run 3 uk But for being in the heat of battle away from home, only in different places and festivals. Finish after the Cavs game, LeBron James, invited the team to his mansion in Akron. Today, James, personal social networks get Thanksgiving Day party photos, the scene is hilarious.
Heat 8 in a row just made so strong holiday atmosphere within the team.

Thanksgiving afternoon, James Tan party photos. Judging from the photo, James the mansion into a cafeteria, 1 large round table covered with various kinds of food. And beside it with a couple of small tables, guests sat around eating. Because the family is not there, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Qian Mosi, who sit together. James wrote on a person's social network, "I wish passion each Member of the family a happy Thanksgiving! ”

Wife Savannah James can do a good cook, as early as 3 years ago on Thanksgiving, it was James switched to heat the 1th year, Savannah Cook cooking myself dinner. Today, as one of the masters of Savannah will perform. James on the person's social network, "said Savannah doing this! Oh, my God, this is today the most delicious things. "What is it? Unfortunately, photos of James Tan, did not see a traditional food-Thanksgiving-turkeys. According to the Miami Herald before reports, Shane battier (micro-blog) will be responsible for making the Turkey. Before the Titans defense said ate Turkey on 1 fully ripe, it was produced 1 1th turkeys, but got the turkeys are soaked in boiling oil. Shane said: "it is likely to be the worst of 1 times, I learned, I learned how to make a Turkey, so I will be in charge of making the Turkey. ”