We took many years allowance method

June 15 [Sat], 2013, 10:51
" www.23us.com text reading with " the 176th chapter transfer ranging from Lu Wenlong to this scout said, Zhao Lianjun's face darkened: "before the war, you talk about the inappropriate? We do not welcome "reporter also laughed:" I also is by the way, $one hundred thousand annual income is very easy, this is my business card......" Leave a bit of fragrant white card and ran away, afraid of Zhao Lianjun looked to beatings! Win Q money if it is another project, the coach had snapped more than, Zhao Lianjun could be really a little spoiled Lu Wenlong, just win dragon's build, Zhao Lianjun was the first to the boy talk, not immediately evil the shape of the evil like curse, tomorrow will continue to race, his career might have in the above, it also really a little eat people t mean Lu Wenlong didn't utter a word, smiling the card away, there is no less seen in Lu Chengfan, a pile of a pile of various business card folder, is almost essential office supplies like them. The paper company then they're slowly after the match, the team returned to Asian Sports Village to have a look, Zhang Liuming and Tang Canqing two people are not on, also do not care, they are adults, shouldn't he have a look the young to worry about Zhao Lianjun not others, feel good opportunity, drew a chair sitting in the Lu Wenlong bedroom: "that afternoon what do you think" Lu Wenlong's answer: "one hundred thousand dollars? Nearly eight hundred thousand Chinese currency? We took many years allowance method?" Zhao even big nasty: "how can you have such a thought." just a game, Qin section chief has given him the bottom, the whole team is really going to struggle for the Olympic Games, how could such a shake the morale of the troops? Lu Wenlong looked up and smiled: "you don't worry, we still have to play a good game......" Zhao Lianjun intended to frighten the child: "as long as you dare to go to Japan to play against, you is treason" scared! This is really Lu Wenlong frightened: "counter-revolutionary?" The fight he wouldn't break the law, suddenly rose so high a level of crime, but put him to scare Zhao Lianjun a look that play, rushed down the analysis of this line: "first, he was heard the Yomiuri giants, $one hundred thousand a year, that is the occupation baseball players, there are provisions of China the International Olympic Committee, as long as the occupation player, will not be allowed to participate in the Olympic Games, the country now let you into the Asian Games, you have a reputation of being lost, can't play games,Oakley Mars, is it right? Treason?" Small hun hun touch chin nodded: "well...... This thing, is not the battle righteousness "get along with nearly a month, Zhao Lianjun is also a bit about this boy seems to be a bit long habits:" not only not generous, too not battle righteousness yourself, your family, your coach, your teacher, must be stab in the back? I also want to be involved, because I did not give you do ideological work "Lu Wenlong fierce look up:" it can't be around "to self-interest hurt to the good person,Oakley Sunglasses Scalpel, he no matter how do not breathe a sigh of relief:" Zhao Lianjun out of our country, to go abroad to play the game is not without, but must be countries allow,Oakley Sunglasses Hijinx Cheap, or at least the late career "Lu Wenlong pie mouth:" this you don't fool >
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