Exploration shop Tsunemi, a late exploration shop stickers for my jersey

May 29 [Tue], 2012, 17:38
Try on styles: shoulder Qi

The Qi, particularly white gauze, GG and other friends I try to go back and call a good one.

The decoration of the front like a peacock, very beautiful, simple and elegant Diamond set off, so they become more extraordinary the ordinary pieces of white silk, wearing on the body simple, but not monotonous, very nice to say.

Shoulder strap, which is consistent with the needs of my Bra, and relatively safe, but this strap decorated with the pattern of the previous echo each other, adds to the beauty of this dress.

Personally feel that Richie, the morning to go out well, Oh!

Try style two: feathers paragraph Qi

This dress feathered decoration was not to try, but because of my own to bring, Nancy MM's help I tried an original feeling of feathers paragraph will be demon feeling.

Qi to keep up with the models is not the same, though Bra, but less strap decorative, less complicated, positive good feathers cover the deficiencies of my fat belly, so wearing this I can be very comfortable.

This with the above paragraph are Princess Fan behind Pompon yarn style, so it is not to pick the body, their body view of the MM can try.
Try on styles of three: the word shoulder European version of the long-care
Before the dress and Qi have chosen Bra paragraph, so, at my request, I would like to try it "safer" section, with a shoulder strap or tied to the neck section test.Ever have the European version of the long care
This section to wear long care or quite the range of just the word shoulder Maybe I do not have habits, the totalWant, that straps up tease tease, I do not mind the MM can give it a try!Chest How much of flower design, increase embellishment is not complicated, increases thes

Paragraph long care characteristics constitute a good, sequins and other embroidery just echoes.
Puff was designed with lace material, and will not appear heavy and there will be a sweet feeling.

Favorite is that the atmosphere put up above the decorative flowers are the kind of chest, one a complet

Oh, dotted the entire length prop was very beautiful then.Personally feel that this long care, or it was noble atmosphere, if you do not mind the word shoulder MM can be considered to se

Tsunemi honor wedding in a big palace, long hair, long hair center is located in a large palace, the location is very superior, the traffic is very convenient. We can take the Metro Line to the palace, you can also select the appropriate bus, to a large palace station, the site is in the downstairs.

2, the business environment

Tsunemi honor wedding so the decoration is still very good. Space is very large, the entire second floor of all his house outside, surrounded by Qi display and dress the fitting range, the carpet is very comfortable, there are even a small dressing stool, standing above no need to wear high heels, very convenient and very comfortable.
3, business services

Chubby always felt Tsunemi home service is very good! Also often go to his house, not only to explore his wedding shop, but also to explore his wedding shop, every time, the staff are very warm reception I.

4, cost-effective

Tsunemi home sets, prices from 2000 yuan less than to more than 4000 yuan price is mainly determined according to the long prop style we choose, can be said that the choice of space is quite large.

[Write in the final]

Tried several pieces of his family, I have not decide, I hope you can give an opinion, I will go back to tangle, next time look at his family's long care. Long care is also my problem, tried but not selected.
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