love you a bit more than you have to find Giuseppe Zanotti Femmes London Leather Studded Sneakers Dore him a bit of happiness might no longer

August 17 [Wed], 2016, 18:51
Must have a special bond before they can along the way he became a man love you a bit more than you have to find him a bit of happiness might no longer be a person to read are everywhere always think we pay you a little love a little Qin Kaixuan successful cloth considering retirement after the news broke issues, Qin Kai was asked, "What time to marry any position?" Qin Kai did not escape, but a direct answer: "do not get to see her marry marry ah! "this of course she refers to any position. Yesterday accept a proposal after what position frankly everything happened so suddenly, totally unaware in advance, "totally did not expect, but also never thought so is driving himself married." But in fact, as early as the Qin Kai these arrangements were determined only hiding her a man.

And what position has been revealed, "I belong to the sensitive type of person I want to be around to have a mature little boy, when I encounter a problem or can not figure out, like a tree, like me protection, tree I'm looking for a tree. "now it seems,
Giuseppe Zanotti Men London Leather And Suede Studded Sneakers Black Qin Kai is the big tree found in any position. After the success of yesterday's unexpected suitor, through the spread of television, networks, Qin Kai marry quickly become hot words, people have to bless this young couple.

It is worth mentioning that, although Qin Kai, what position
Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals I20262 001 did not dwell on the value of the ring, but the ring of history, but a great background. It is understood, to help Qin Kai brother "great propose" the ring of success, in fact, is a mysterious person from the domestic large gamma carried to Rio, and in front of the three-meter women's singles final day quietly handed Qin Kai hands. The large gamma none other than the generation of diving prince Tian Liang. During the Rio Olympics, Tian Liang was invited as a guest to go to Rio to attend an event, while Qin Kai Baituo Tian Liang to marry with its carrying ring, it is to this most critical moment. Marry outside, this a crucial assists quietly show, the original, two generations
Women's Giuseppe Zanotti High Top Buckle Sneakers In Brown of Shaanxi diving prince actually has such a good personal relationship.Su Bing Tim Relay hope the finals
Beijing time on August 16, just one hundred meters on the Rio Olympics ended contention Chinese athletics star Tim Subing interviewed Sina Sports.

Despite the end of his 100-meter individual competition, but in fact there is a task Subing Tim, in his view, this task is actually more important. "In fact, for us to pay more attention to 4X100 relay, this relay, we also impact the finals, did not completely grasp into the final, but eventually ran out of this result is still possible. After all, the first did not run well, the first there are two aspects of the
Giuseppe Zanotti Femmes London Leather Studded Sneakers Dore ideological baggage is not very satisfactory. in such a short period (interval) time will run out of this result.

Speaking of his personal items, Su Bing Tim somewhat satisfied, he thinks his rhythm in the poor, "mainly in the rhythm I did not handle it very well, because I remember when I went out in the preliminaries, ran out very heavy , felt in the first position when I was hard, the force, the force is too hard, causing the body back a little, do not forward the results to the next pass through a body when I feel stiff. a stiff body, it will be too tight.

But asked about the reasons for this situation what is the time, he denied that the objective factors on the surrounding environment correspondent proposed, "is not the weather, my own reasons for some more personal not sure on the field rhythm. "before the Olympics, Su Bing Tim in the United states conducted a special training period, which for his status adjusted played some positive factors, he also believes that his status before the Olympic Games has entered into a good degree," state adjustment I was still no
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Plated Heel Ankle Boots In Black problem, adjusted to very well. but in the preliminaries personal feelings and not adjusted to the best, fully operational, positive state, but by the first shot, I have felt, not fully committed to the emotional competition, so a second shot as much as possible to make their own positive attitude, mobilized so many good case of the second gun.