int yogurt fragrance coming from the mouth of Li, the tongue is kept to pry open

September 18 [Tue], 2012, 10:07

int yogurt fragrance coming from the mouth of Li, the tongue is kept to pry open closed teeth Li, this will soon be able to do whatever they calmly let me enjoy greater pleasure ... Li was originally closed teeth, and finally to the top open, tongue across that white teeth come into contact with the softer tongue, I mouth greedy attract the faint aroma of her mouth, hands restless in Teacher Li who moving ......
to stop sucking my eyes, I let out forward, the tongue also Elite Brian Orakpo Jersey continue Elite Ryan Kerrigan Jersey turning in Li's mouth, suddenly, Li exhaled the hint of breath, scared I jumped up from the bed, quickly back. Damn it! ! She did not die! Saw Fang slowly broke away eyes looked puzzled me a few seconds before suddenly realized, while the desire to get up, the side both scared and angry shouting: I suddenly rushed up, picked up the pillow in one hand and grabbed her by the hair with one hand pillow cover in her face.
then grabbed her face with his left hand, with his right hand to Elite Redskins Jersey pinch her neck, but did not expect, Li struggling forces actually so big, her writhing body, literally almost from her thrown down , my left hand slipped, pillow shape. Exposed to more than half of her head, Li uttered a cry: back.

Now I had to put both hands are used to pressing her face the entire upper body almost pressure on her face.
By now, the teacher Elite Chris Cooley Jersey should already know my true thoughts, so she struggles very intense, through heavy pillow, I can hear that she has given a very loud hands in my arms, back, chest ... anyway, as long "05mengjing" as her enough to get the local flap forcibly grabbed my arm sometimes hard, trying to, I pulled her down. But because I started almost she broke free over time, already know the strength of her dying is not small, I has even made every effort to spend, so Li moment she is not able to get my hands The moving open to. pillow over his Li

face, she could only desperately shaking his head, hands me poking around, her body writhing, confused I had originally leaning forward body back to sit, to escape his hands scrabbling to pressing her body so that she should not tamper with. My legs like horseback riding tightly sandwiched Li fat waist, her body could not be twisted, and she began to struggling with his legs. Li legs waving in the air, the knee hit my back, her heels hit the bed, issued a muffled Minister Li effort is not a small thing! , and her legs are no longer waving in the air, more often just in bed about what Dengzhe the. I think she was probably dying.

, but 2,3 minutes later, Li still beneath the leisurely struggling, her arms have been unable to paralysis on both sides, occasionally waving a few and she legs but still look at what Dengzhe, although the effort is very small. She was still alive, although her body Elite Robert Griffin III Jersey is no longer the same as the loach to roll. So I carefully sat up on your knees pressure again all the strength in the face of Li. Unfortunately, her missed this opportunity. just a dozen seconds

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