Army, Navy subjects of reality TV sports program

August 03 [Wed], 2011, 17:35
Reality TV is a staple in TV sports. And now it has spread to service academy football. CBS and its Showtime cable channel Wednesday will formally announce A Game of Honor, a so-called docudrama on Army and Navy football airing Dec. 21 on Showtime.

The schools had initial sensitivity, says Peter Radovich, a show co-producer. "But they were surprisingly open to the idea and to, frankly, using it as a recruiting tool. It was smart on their part, because they have nothing to hide. There are no warts there."

Filming began in June, including seeing U.S. Naval Academy freshman Maika Polamalu, cousin of Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu, show up for his buzz cut.

The show films at Annapolis and West Point all season, says Radovich, before showing up at CBS' Dec. 10 Army-Navy game with "a zillion cameras."

"Without question, this could be an annual thing. … What's good about this ― compared to other annual reality shows out there ― is there's a lot more to this than sports," he says.

Spice rack:Ron Jaworski, who helped create ESPN's new Total Quarterback Rating, figures it's time for a tool to grade signal-callers besides the NFL's passer rating: "That system came into the league the same time I did: 1973." ESPN's new grading, which will no doubt be much discussed on the network all season, factors in quarterbacks' running and scrambling, team records and the game situations when they rack up yards. Says Jaworski: "What's always bothered me is insignificant yards" that come when games have largely been decided. … ESPN's Erin Andrews has about 645,000 Twitter followers. And for anybody with so many online hanger-ons, she has this advice about follower feedback: "You just have to have thick skin. …You can maybe cry about it privately with your family, talk about (it) by yourself. But you just can't respond." … Just as NBA players use the All-Star Game as a fashion runway to unveil sneakers as part of their endorsement deals, Tiger Woods will use his PGA Tour comeback this week to model new Nike shoes which, Nike says in a statement, have an "outsole directly taken" from a Nike field boot "designed for first-responders." … Poynter Review Project, ESPN's ombudsman, says ESPN's NFL lockout coverage "stumbled and fumbled trying to connect a disinterested audience with a complicated story." So did other news media outlets. So with the NBA lockout, remember: Less will be more.

Lincoln United secure new shirt deal

August 03 [Wed], 2011, 17:24
LINCOLN UNITED have secured new shirt sponsors in the form of a one-year deal with APSS.

The Whites will wear the company's logo on the front of their shirts for the Evo-Stik League Division One (South) season.

PSS are providers of commercial space planning solutions, across the East Midlands and the UK and have showrooms in Lincoln, Nottingham and Sheffield.

The shirts will also have a special twist on the back with the sentence, 'Fred Green Legend of the Whites' on the neck, in reference to the former United player and manager.

"Securing the sponsorship of our first team shirts is a major element of our commercial programme and we thank Darren and APSS for supporting us in this way," said United's commercial director, Allen Crombie.

"Our commercial team has worked hard to secure funding but we are still looking for other partnerships with local businesses and individuals as we gear up for the new season and, in the longer term, for the rest of our KICKOFF programme."

Commenting on the back of the Whites' shirt, Crombie added: "Fred was the driving force behind the club in his time and helped to make it what it is today."

United complete their pre-season programme on August 8 with a home game against Worksop Town.

Chance: All I need is a little football, bigger jeans

July 29 [Fri], 2011, 12:43
Football season is back on. The strike is over. Or whatever that was.

I hadn't really been keeping up on the whole story; passing it off as something that didn't really matter to me. In fact, a good friend of mine asked if I would be playing fantasy football again this year, and I was sort of non-committal on the idea. Who cares, I thought.

Then today I found out football season is back on. And I find myself getting all googly-moogly inside. I've got a little bit of that Bronco Fever.

The first thing I did when I discovered I'd be watching football in less than a month was look online for a new pair of jeans. Weird, right?

The thing is, to me, just like hot wings and beer, blue jeans and football go together. Sure, sure, it's 137 degrees outside, and I can brown a rump roast on my front porch, but when I think of football -- even if it starts in August -- I think about crisp, cool air, sweatshirts with team logos and blue jeans.

The problem I have with all of this, or should I say, the problem I'm creating with all of this, is that I want a particular pair of blue jeans. I want Levi's Silver Tab for Women jeans. They don't make them anymore; that's why I'm searching online. To me, these jeans are just like any sentimental item that reminds you of a wonderful time in your life, and you always want to recapture that moment. I've had many, many wonderful times in my life, but I'll never forget, way back in the '90s, when we won two Super Bowls back-to-back. And when I was actually thin enough to wear Levi's Silver Tab for Women jeans. Because of those wins, and my jeans, I consider this particular brand of denim to be a lucky charm, and I must wear them during football season.

Of course, I know time has moved on. I'm not completely living in the past. Back in the late '90s, a gallon of gas was just over a buck, a postage stamp was a measly 32 cents, Google was founded and Viagra was approved by the Federal Drug Administration. I bought the Three Tenors on CD and "The Wedding Singer" on VHS. And my Levi's Silver Tab for Women jeans still fit.

That's the issue here, you see. I want the jeans, however, I already own the jeans. But back in 1997-98-99, I was a different person. A slightly smaller person. I also wasn't a grandma. I was a super-cool mom of three teenagers. I wore super-cool jeans, watched football and had super-cool football parties.

These days, we only attend half of the football parties other people throw, and if there is no place to sit, we leave early. It could be that a lot of the sitting I do these days has determined whether my original Levi's Silver Tab for Women jeans will fit or not. They don't.

So, I'm online, searching for the right jeans, so the Broncos can have a good year. I'm only doing my duty, behaving the way a great fan should. If I can find the perfect good-luck jeans, then I can attend someone else's football party, where I will sit, and watch the Broncos win.


July 27 [Wed], 2011, 15:23
Yes broomball is a sport and, yes, it’s a lot like ice hockey.

But even to people who know what it is, broomball likely is associated with curmudgeonly old men who take more time to work their way down the ice than a Zamboni in low gear.

Not exactly a fast-paced event, but the Warriors are on a mission to change that.

Founded by Fargo resident Justus Foss, 24, and comprised of men mostly in their 20s and 30s, the Fargo broomball team has made a name for itself in its relatively short period of time. Last year, in just their fourth year as a team, the Warriors finished ranked 21st in the American standings and were 62nd in the world.

Oh, and they won the Minnesota Sports Federation C State Championship, too.

“We started out only five years ago,” Foss said. “It’s crazy how fast it’s grown.”

After last season’s success, the Warriors were moved into the B league of the Minnesota Sports Federation. But there’s still room to grow, and Foss – a passionate person who can talk for hours about the sport he thrives on – has high hopes when looking at the future of broomball in North Dakota.

“Our goal is to get better … and move up in the national ranks,” Foss said. “But my big dream is to keep expanding.”

Open to anyone

To Mike Gillund, 29, of Fargo, the best thing about broomball is its inclusiveness, and the quickness at which most participants pick up its idiosyncrasies.

“The cool thing about it is it’s a sport that you can get better at,” he said. “If you watch, learn and listen, you can get better; you can go from zero to something and see a marked improvement.”

And he ought to know. It wasn’t that long ago when Foss, an old soccer buddy, finally talked Gillund into giving broomball a whirl. At first it was tough, Gillund admitted, but he soon got the hang of things and quickly worked up the ranks to earn a seat on the Warriors roster alongside other top players.

To people like Foss and Gillund, the draw of broomball is simple.

“The camaraderie we have can make it an all-night event,” Foss said. “We watch the games, and just hang out before and after.”

The rules of broomball also are fairly easy to figure out.

“Think of it as a soccer-hockey mix with a bit of lacrosse,” Gillund said.

As in hockey, there are goals (albeit larger than a standard ice hockey goal) on either end guarded by a net minder. Games are split into two 18-minute halves, although Foss said the Fargo league plays 22-minute halves. Teams typically are comprised of about a dozen players, five of which square off at a time from each side. Off sides is similar to hockey, but it begins at the player’s defensive line, not at center ice.

Unlike hockey, however, the use of hands to play the ball is acceptable.

“We even encourage it,” Foss said.

To score, a player must simply shoot the ball – a small, rubber dodge-ball-esque projectile filled with air – past the goalie. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. Ties result in extra periods that first drop a player from each side, and eventually a goalie, if need be.

And for a sport that, by all accounts, is hockey without skates, broomball offers an alternative to people who haven’t made that leap from sneakers to blades.

“It’s perfect for anyone who has played street hockey but didn’t know how to skate. Or who played pond hockey in the winter but had no ambition to play on an actual team,” Foss said.

Good Boot: Put photos, documents in one place with Libraries

July 25 [Mon], 2011, 12:59
In this part 18 of my Windows 7 tutorial I'll continue with part 6 of a tour of Windows Explorer.

Last week I discussed using a Windows Explorer Library to organize data on internal and external flash and hard drives. But know that Libraries can be just as efficient organizing data on just a lone internal hard drive.

For example, in addition to my default My Pictures folder I have three additional Windows Explorer My Pictures subfolders.

1. My Pictures - For Droid (my smart phone)

2. My Pictures - For Photo Picture Frame

3. My Pictures - For Specific Sorting Projects

Prior to Windows Explorer Libraries when sorting pictures from my default My Pictures folder to my project subfolders I would have to access each project subfolder individually or open all the project subfolders and Tile or Cascade them to be able to move expeditiously from one to another.

With Libraries I can organize all My Pictures subfolders under my Pictures Library by:

1. Clicking on Start and Pictures (the default Library folder that points to my C Drive "My Pictures" folder where I locate all my unsorted downloaded, scanned, and emailed pictures).

2. Clicking on the (0 locations) of "Pictures Library includes: 0 locations" located in the upper left of the Pictures Library pane.

3. Clicking on "Add" and then scrolling down and clicking on "My Pictures-Droid" subfolder and on the Pictures Libraries Location panel, clicking on "Include folder".

4. Repeating steps 2 and 3 to add my other two My Pictures sub folders.

Now when I click Start and Pictures, my Pictures Library includes all my Drive C: My Pictures sub folders.

There's no end to the ways you can organize your data using the default Windows Explorer Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos Libraries.

But there is also no end to the ways you can organize your data using Libraries you create.

Example: I have three Good Boot My Documents subfolders - "My Good Boots - Completed", "My Good Boots - Pending Final Editing", and "My Good Boots - Published".

By clicking on "New Library" on my Organize bar and typing in "My Good Boots" I created a "My Good Boots" Library.

I then clicked on the "My Good Boots" Library and then clicked on "Include a folder". I scrolled to my My Documents, "My Good Boots" subfolder and clicked on "Include folder".

I completed my "My Good Boots" Library by adding my other two "My Good Boots" subfolders by following steps 2 and 3 above for each.

Here's wishing you a Good Boot.
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