he heart has unwilling

June 02 [Sat], 2012, 18:07

Make public the left quiet&calm, although he coming to the chu charitable, but also understand that make public have work to do, and had to take care of his grandfather, has been sent him to the gate of military institute, just in the make public HongQuan back down. Make public is not like leaves the scene, both inside ChangTing want to send, or send jun li, to end all avoid a respectively, will let the people of respectively sadness can let a person sad, but now this time than the big sui dynasty when much better, as long as miss, even if it is miles away, and a day to love between to side. Make public longjiang hotel took back the baggage, near the gas station fill up the car to go after the dongjiang river, according to his estimate, at seven tonight before could arrive at the dongjiang river should be there is still time for dinner, pulled out of jing an outer ring, the first to GuJiaTong a call, and told her that he has been on the vibram five fingers sale way back. GuJiaTong heard that make public to come tonight. The mood is very happy nature, from her voice to out, she has had two days came out of the shadows. Make public about good and her evening eat together, conveniently let GuJiaTong give he booked the ticket back to Beijing tomorrow. Make public side is dozen telephone, catch a car and came up from behind, get the Mercedes truck ahead, suddenly a guy, make public a foot on the brake, the Mercedes four wheels on the road out harsh braking sound, the road leave a few word and the track of the black distortion, the air has a pungent flavor of rubber, make public hung up the phone, and now, a black and one blue two santana surrounded up from behind, and he's surrounded by Mercedes in the middle. Just ahead to his parking the car B his nissan out four people, for a SunXiaoWei is. SunXiaoWei last night a false alarm, he put the trouble all attributed to make public of body, because of the chu charitable thing, to make public his hate to the extreme, know that it has been resolved and the make public also retreats, he heart has unwilling, called several brothers, from today make public leave longjiang hotel has been staring at him. With remote suburbs, and to make public of handlebar Benz B stop, SunXiaoWei intend to make public a lesson.

Make public SunXiaoWei immediately understand this see fellow want to do, on the face still keeps the amiable smile: "oh! That's decree by destiny ah, thought to meet you here, too?" SunXiaoWei nodded his head, eyes full of hate: "make public, you he thought in jing an outright, clap p shares provoked to leave?" The back of the two santana and down in the ten people, is SunXiaoWei the four are fourteen people, SunXiaoWei though not what underworld. But in some friends or well-being, call a few friends to deal with the outside for guy or very easy thing. This is called to much less wrong, this is called cheat stranger, who let you is not a native, JiangLong also pressure but items? You make public again the strong and strong where to go? At the SunXiaoWei not make public the second-rate YaNa as their opponent, when beginning, he thought SunXiaoWei just jealous, last night the this fellow performance in branch to mens christian louboutin contempt, even your own things can't admit, will only blindly to others shirk responsibility, make public didn't recruit he is lucky he settled accounts with, and now the this fellow incredibly still leather sugar with themselves. The purpose of the SunXiaoWei is also a lesson make public meal, and crying out suppress in mind, last night he also seen make public can play, so this is fully prepared to, in his view. A dozen a that is certain things, but he was still not fully realized big officer person tough fighting capacity. Make public out of the two feet, and take the lead in the two rushed up strong man has been he played fly out, SunXiaoWei guys all leng, he called to this group of people most is all some cadres' children, riotous behaviour, bluff know, can arrive the fight'd, not a nerve, make public two feet tread down two has put the gang that bit of courage smitten shaky, them one by one the cowardly falls back, SunXiaoWei natural be dry in front. B nearly him make public step by step, SunXiaoWei fear expression on his face, he is really no estimate to the strength of the make public, voice trembled way: "you... you want to do?"

Make public of looking at him with contempt, grabbed him by the collar, gently in his face patted, although dozen not heavy, but insult the meaning expression is very full, make public sigh a way: "you don't be afraid, I do not hit you, I FanBuZhao cadre of a country with you this rogue general knowledge." SunXiaoWei want to rebel. But in the eyes of the B depending on the make public relentless under the action of unexpectedly dare not do anything. Release the make public his collar, gently in his chest patted: "today my mood is good, next time don't let I met!" He turned and want to go back to the bus, can pay attention to SunXiaoWei nissan also plugging in front, and some helpless shook his head, then slowly walked past, this fellow came to the front lowered himself, and hold hands of car chassis, suddenly hard, unexpectedly will that a nissan car the whole off my feet, double bang force forward a send, nissan car turned over a bottom up. Around the make public that crowd around a dumbfounded, paralysis, and this is not wrong? The scene in the film only seen. Make public took clap your hands, and ghd then to SunXiaoWei smiled, opened the door go up, the car slow passing SunXiaoWei nearby of time, not taunt way: "thank you came all this way over to send me!" SunXiaoWei looked at make public open JueChenErQu Mercedes, until completely disappear, the whole people this just like a collapse in the squat there. Side a tractor drag drag dragged past, of the old farmer drive grinning looking at that big a site up nissan car, loudly way: "to a trailer?" .. com GuJiaTong drop out of this auction decided to WangXueHai speaking is a bolt from the blue clear sky, just heard the news he also thought that GuJiaTong was spilled blood events scared, so a careful thinking, this thing and some wrong, GuJiaTong and if it is real, and fear, and can be pushed the scenes, also not like this, and made it clear that no longer attend textile department stores of land auctions, this means that she didn't want to continue with their cooperation go down, and WangXueHai very depressed, want to know GuJiaTong is he in this auction to the important farmar, only with GuJiaTong cooperation, that he beat LiangChengLong affluent group's grasp.

GuJiaTong exit let him auctions situation suddenly seem adverse, WangXueHai soon thought of, GuJiaTong is to have their own divisions, is she see themselves as the mastermind of the spilled blood events? WangXueHai more think more likely. He tried to look for the opportunity to explain GuJiaTong misunderstanding, but GuJiaTong is not willing to give him the opportunity to explain. No a businessman will give up profit pursuing, GuJiaTong is not the real meaning of exit, she now WangXueHai and not a good partner, so decisive interrupted cooperation, rather than WangXueHai, FangWenNa obviously more pragmatic, and he gives more favourable conditions, on business field, partner of choice is also important, GuJiaTong through the comprehensive consideration finally decided to choose and FangWenNa cooperation, but her this time not to the front desk. LiangChengLong but because GuJiaTong exit and rejoiced in textile department store on the land auctions, a real strength and he competition of only GuJiaTong, frankly speaking, GuJiaTong strength comes from her father, flat, secretary of provincial party committee of the sea GuYun to ghd straightener know. His uncle LiangTian is although is dongjiang party secretary, also have to consider GuGuRen feel. LiangTian is to know a GuYun since by, the mood was in depressed in, he didn't think of textile department store plot would cause so much trouble in LiangTian are opinion, because economic interests and sacrificed political interests is obviously not worth it, and from the quiet road 9 left, he was moved to LiangChengLong drop out of this auction idea, but LiangChengLong insist, he thinks gu insult, arm too long, flat sea is so great, why GuJiaTong to look at a mu in the dongjiang river three points the ground, he thought GuYun is to use it to know uncle demonstrations, GuYun know before he retired in the sea to make YiYanTang flat, he wants to YiShouZheTian, imagine that deal with others deal with xu changde. LiangTian is the mouth although not to say, but also the inner nest plenty to fire, he raised a nephew is quite trust, he believes that GuJiaTong was spilled events behind the attack people absolutely not LiangChengLong, the whole thing in the process they are innocent huibi, in things after birth, he has also taken the initiative and good sincere attitude, let nephew to visit GuJiaTong, results in the hospital were make public pain beat.

The wife keeps bringing your own initiative to GuYun know and good, results in his home and was coldly. Murder but head point, GuYun know on this thing do indeed some, the big level 1 killed people, can not seen such a bully. "Uncle, GuJiaTong made clear to exit the land auctions, it seems that she is really afraid of......." LiangChengLong speak of it is very happy. LiangTian are picked up the table of cigarettes, LiangChengLong flurried took out the lighter to his point, concerns a way: "uncle, your body is bad, do get less." LiangTian are supinely begin on the couch, smoking mouth smoke, a mass of smoke into the air out, until those smoke have dispersed, have a way: "you must win that one?" LiangChengLong heavy point nod, seem to think it enough to show his determination, low voice way: "uncle, in order to the land I did a lot of research work, study, I bid before put serious money to carry on the design, I understand, I understand the situation http://www.ghdsstraightenercheap.net of the dongjiang capital mode of operation, I spent so much energy, see will have the result, I how can give up?" He paused again way: "I the abundance of group has been engaged in building industry, real estate has a wealth of experience, open and GuJiaTong is do cultural goods business before, she had no experience, her open to auction this field, it is just a joke, she with what argue with me? It is depend on her a do provincial party committee secretary's." LiangTian is hum a track: "you ah, young people don't of propriety, although, I won't do business, but also understand the truth of the smiling face must not open a shop, doing business cannot everywhere, the more the enemy, making enemies in the future the harder it is to go." LiangTian is mouth say business, the in the mind think of officialdom is, on the officialdom he easily not make enemies, even if be a rolling pin pierced the may break your sole, his wise official most is also pursuing such criteria. The past GuYun know is also a corporate governance, light hidden and low-key, but the two years the flat sea of two temper and temperament seems to have changed a lot, is because he was about to face retires the, the political road has come to an end, so don't care, just can just go for it, enjoy the power to bring his final quick re-edit feeling?

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