Steady low-key minimalist men's winter essential

July 07 [Mon], 2014, 15:44
Elegant, refined appearance, decent manners are the three themes Santoni Men season series. Santoni2014 Winter Men interpret a journey through time of baptism. No clear direction of travel time is just as exploring how to evolve into a person's every day. This history, tradition and wisdom contained temper made ??style craftsmanship and innovative technology. From the past to the future, such as the 1970s no one can surpass Robert Redford and then to the handsome Johnny Depp sexy, modern fashion Adrien Brody, and establish a flock of countless people Santoni gentleman image.

Santoni 2014-2015 Men's Winter Series combines the power of interpretation of the real and the virtual male. The use of tangible material perfect season Santoni Men reveal design.

ARISTO SEVENTIES 70 years aristocratic family

Santoni unique artisan team has technically sophisticated design process to create a square design, as well as from the tapered design to the heel design, look elegant and have a sense of design contours roundabout. Such modeling requires three models: a classic strap, a pair of shoes and a pair of fringed boots with lace with. All shoes are hand-sewn and painted - including black, brown, leather, brown, green and dark purple. From the beginning of the darkest places faded, resulting in a gradient effect. Makes the person wearing looks very elegant and experienced men, like Robert Redford and Helmut Berger, like, very aristocratic atmosphere, rich cultural heritage, learn how to interpret classic.

Contemporary Dandy modern dandy series

Playboy's image is affected, gave the new design a new interpretation of a contrived feeling abandoned, leaving both sophisticated design, reflected in the color and material. The classic model of belted and slippers make design more full, rose gold double buckle design, from the upper to the boots are well-designed, using Rubelli textiles to create precious soles, with the bronze and blue smooth metal surface. Leather surface is smooth, and the material is precious ostrich and alligator. This is the most obvious feature, reflects its refined, timeless and elegant, along with fashion and stylish, can be a good mix of modern fashion style men like Mr. Adrien Brody as a man successfully demonstrated his charm.