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January 29 [Tue], 2013, 9:48
Perhaps in personal data statistical level, C Ronaldo Messi is so god-class performance, the national team did not get very brilliant results, but he helped Real

Madrid to rewrite the history of the past few seasons in La Liga champion Madrid has become one of the heroes! As the absolute core of the team, he is in a few key

game of last season's stunning play to help Real Madrid to lock the championship. In Cheap MBT Shoes UK On Sale the European Cup, Evergrande had introduction Muric, with little obvious self-

evident, the Brazilians played an immediate positive effect, so the team raised a notch; followed by the introduction of the Clio, his efficient impressive goals with

powerful force adjustment, but also the absolute hero of the team success; subsequent spend heavily invited Pakistan A MVP holes to card, creating super move to the

most expensive record I Argentines a the Kee Kee fantastic assists proved their worth. Barrios success joining three foreign aid, than a big one than an effective,

does this mean that the larger brand will definitely continue this tradition? Perhaps

the answer is in the negative. We must admit that the signings there has always

been a risk, the greater the card players do not necessarily play the greater efficacy. Here is not a simple show linear trends, everything must look at both sides can

be compatible with each other, the ability to generate positive interaction, decided that there are many factors. 2012 MBT Shoes Sale As the fans, we certainly hope that the money in the

introduction Barrios with the team as soon as possible to produce a chemical reaction with concrete actions to show their worth, but at the same time we should also

give enough time and space difficulties run into a wall, or even encounter bottlenecks are likely to occur, which is the universal law of the development of football.

We should respect the law, not only linear thinking mind, take it for granted finds big is bound to play a huge skill in a short period of time, will be able to save

the team, everything has a process, we must not be too hasty, not to quick success!

Apart from , rise to the level of the whole Super League, but in reality or the truth. Super ushered Kanoute, Anelka, Barrios, Drogba, ... The reality is that our

league attracts world superstar to join, and a more than a big! Does this mean that, according to the immediate trend continues, the Super League will also usher in a

greater license superstar; Does this mean that, like Kaka, C Ronaldo, Messi one day will join the Super League it? Again, the answer is in the negative. The immediate

super compared with the ever indeed ushered in the the superstar era "own, but the same, and this evolution is not linear, more does not always maintain progressive MBT Men's M. Walk Walking Shoe relationship, I think it should be presented wavy trends! Wave-development, the crests and troughs, highs and valleys, the regularity conversion between. "The

superstar era" of Super League, I think it is obviously in peak periods, the height of the development go on to appear in the doldrums, the possibility of significant

decline of heat.

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