Fall, pick yourself a comfortable pair of heels tory burch heels

November 16 [Fri], 2012, 18:58
Fall, pick yourself a comfortable pair of heels tory burch heels
The wider world, tory burch heels which women do not have a few pairs of beautiful stylish heels? But tory burch heel heels, although the United States, often wear but can cause foot pain. Well, let us keep in mind the following tips carefully choose their own pair of satisfying fit high heels.

Choose the right time to buy tory burch heels shoes, is to ensure that the shoes fit the key.
A pair of shoes, is to buy tory burch heels high-heeled shoes, choose the right time is critical. Morning a pair of shoes is inappropriate, because the morning is the day when body water at least, the best selection of shoes, from 3pm to 6pm foot swell slightly, when the size of the selected do not think small day time wearing no problem.
Choose breathable material of shoes, is to ensure that the foot comfortable key.
The shoes are comfortable, feet know. Think of high heels to wear comfortable shoes of the material is the key. A pair of shoes can not only diagram style, color, in the range of economic conditions permit, should be preferred breathable, absorb sweat function and flexibility, the surface, where, at the end of all skin shoes. Shoes to wear with the shape of their feet more consistent, and do not cover their feet, and will not be rattled.
Choose soft flexible soles, to ensure that the key to easy walking.
Wear high heels, soft, flexible soles foot easily and the key to foot health. Hard soles or metal heel high heels, not only to make the soles of the feet pain, but also stretch the tendons of the lower leg, a little attention, easily hurt leg. The soft, flexible soles evenly dispersed impact, but also play the role "to help take the" long walk is more relaxed and comfortable.
Tory Burch Amy Pump Oyster White
Select the ideal size of the shoes, is the key to ensure the health of the foot.
Some people in order to make their feet look more delicate and petite, often prefer to buy a small one yards shoes Do you not know that wearing a momentary foot scenery may cause corns, blisters, foot pain, leg pain symptoms. The ideal size of the shoes should be as follows: ten toes in the shoe free activities, comfortable liner and moderate internal space; the soles face and foot depression radians very fit, ankle and toe touch less than shoes; front foot to have a certain leeway best toe to withstand toe heels and shoes after help but also into his finger distance between the most suitable size.
Tory Burch Suede Peeptoe Black Wedge High Heel
Beauty fashion female friends, in the autumn of this colorful master these four tips, carefully choose their own comfortable pair of seductive high heels, happy easily through this charming autumn charm. weilcome home: http://brand-shoesmall.com
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