October 10 [Sat], 2009, 13:15
Gosh im stupid!!!! soo stupid ¬¬
i was writting but i press some button and... all make PUFF! xD

what i wass saying??? dunno x.x
MIYAVI!! yeah that xDD
imm... soo exited!! i wanna see them now!! i want go to santiago.. and hug friends!!
and maybe... search the love of my life XD impossible!!! only a dream!!!
but but... i wanna know persons!! and asdasdsda cry! and laugh!! and faint! all!!!
i only want to be really happy! i want to be the happy that i cant be all my life!!!!!
i want explote of happines!! yep all i want is HAPPINES!!

I Need that moment in my life really ;O;

amm that! for now..
Aoi and takeru wait for Yuuto!! ... *W* hahah xDDD
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Name: Shizu (Suu)

Age: 18 T^T

Birth date: 03月 15日

I like: Drawing, sing, write and read fanfics *o*, and i love stupid and weird things! xD

Languajes: Spanish and English ^^

Favorite musicians:
miyavi Pictures, Images and Photos
Heechul gif Pictures, Images and Photos

and more xD
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