Six Tricks for Losing Weight in Winter 

April 12 [Mon], 2010, 10:03

Is weight loss in Winter the same as usual? The answer is in negative. There are also some knacks to lose weight, would you like to hear about experts` advice on weight loss? Do you want to know notes about losing weight? Come and see the ropes on weight loss.Accompaniments on Sale! Get tiffany jewellery for 50s!

Some experts suggest that due to the cold weather the extensibility of human muscles, and the joint is relatively rigid, it is very important to warm up, the time should be 15 to 20 minutes in order to avoid muscle strains and joint sprains.

The optimal temperature of the gymnasium was 20 degrees Celsius in winter, sufficient warm up was vital to us before we took whole exercises, especially when we were doing equipment training, we should warm up which target to all parts lest muscle strains. Micheal, the supervisor of Private Education department of New York Nirvana Fitness & Spa Center, said that in general, in winter fitness center temperature is kept around 20 degrees Celsius which is a suitable state for the human body to exercise.

You should prepare two sets of fitness clothes. In winter, prepare tow sets of clothing, after sweating instantly replace the dry clothes to prevent colds. James, the couch of New York fitness center, says when building body indoor, start with a jacket and along with the increase of the amount of exercise and body heat, reduce clothing gradually. He also pointed out that winter was a good chance for us to increase muscle. Therefore, we could improve the strength and power of power exercise. We should increase the group counter and frequency of the movement and the content of aerobic exercise so that it could prevent too much adipose accumulation.

Under cold weather adjust the exercise time. Li Jun, the manager of coaching department in Csi-Bally Total fitness club, says in winter the basal metabolism of young people is quick, after exercise in the morning or noon the recovery of bodily function is soon which will not affect the daily life. We suggest this kind of people to set their exercise time from 7am to 9am in the morning and from 12am to 14pm in the afternoon. As for middle-aged people, due to their poor ability to adapt, they are recommended to do trainings based on improvement of cardiovascular function; the preferable time is from 18:00 to 20: 00. " In addition, choosing fitness shoes is very important in Winter's exercise. the joints are stiff in cold temperatures, in order to reduce the impact on the lower extremities when exercising, it is better to choose soft shoes.

Before and after exercising, carbohydrates should be supplied in time: coaches of 3 fitness clubs, said before and after exercising, the dietary carbohydrate and protein should be supplied timely. For example, wheaten food, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, potatoes, chicken, eggs, muscle, fish, bean products and so on. We also should eat moderate fruits and vegetables.

Doctor said to journalists that vntilation in the Gym is important in winter. the number of action can be arranged accoding to your personal purpose. If we reduce fat-based aerobic exercise should be an appropriate extension of time, if it is increasing muscle strength training is to increase the intensity. " He reminds that ventilation is imprtant in winter, If the ventilation is poor, indoor oxygen concentration will decrease, then it will lead the oxygen which is used to exchang in human body decrease, the reduction can influence the Decomposition of metabolites. The exercice will be useless.

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