extended to the col and over the

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extended to the col and over the hill. We trot, over the hill, on walking propaganda chief told me: "Stop, do not run again!" "Just come back, the volunteers will not punish you!"Continuously over one hour mountain forced march. In chief found my breath, look back nike free run 3 sale
nd say: "break length pine, do not gasp in his mouth!" I did. Although it is winter, was broken in the mouth or pine exudes a unique aroma. I do not know is that it has the role of drugs, or mouth, nasal breathing only with the title material adjustment, really breathe much steadier. This is an ironic reality: Qin Xiao is a system in which he grew up under criticism, and he too had a "burning passion" for years.Qin was born in a senior Communist Party cadres and families. His father, Qin Lisheng land Revolution from Shanxi older generation of revolutionaries went to Yan'an, but mainly in Liu Chih-tan, Gao, Xi, Ma Wenrui other northern cadres circles. In the early years, his mother went to Yan'an, Sanjiu Yan Kyu if the Whampoa Military Academy in a raw, founding Lieutenant.In 1947, the 359 Brigade in Shanxi Qin Xiao brigade hospital births, the wife of General Wang Zhen Wang Jiqing sent one hundred eggs. Many years later, the son of Wang Zhen Qin Xiao Wang

Juncheng a career leading the way.Qin Lisheng later fought as a south southwest cadres as Xikang secretary and then as Beijing, as the Chinese Academy of Sciences Office of the Director, the Deputy Secretary-General, and Zhang Jinfu, Sheng Du became colleagues.Red was born in this family, Qin childhood to accept that communist education. He attended the first session of the National Games gymnastics performances, but also years of Daqing rushed Tiananmen flowers. He still remembers, after the Sino-Soviet split, the whole family gathered to listen to the radio before the "Nine Commentaries" scenario: "nike free run 3 womens
announcer and Qi Yue Xia Qing, articulated so forcefully say: you tear up a contract not a few, dozens, is poured hundreds you wash the Volga River water is also not the right down debt owed to the Chinese people! that tone, that every word, people listening are particularly excited, Special to arouse indignation, really feeling out of the hearts of the atmosphere. "From sixty-one kindergarten, until Beijing Yucai School Fourth, Qin children of cadres gathered in the school grew up. Family education and school experience to the Qin and peers to lay the deepest imprint was "not a sense of superiority, can not have children of cadres shelves, to more hardship, you have to take responsibility, to succession."He also endured hardship during the great famine, and believes he is like

the Soviet novel "cement" the description of the hero, as the ability to learn the construction of the motherland. His ideal is to read Engineering, Tsinghua University, and firmly believe that politics is not a science out.After graduating from junior high school Yucai School, he received the Gold Medal was awarded in Beijing walked into the Beijing Fourth. This is one among the children and civilians gathered in the famous men's elite high school, focused on the numerous Central Committee, Marshal, Minister's sons.Qin was the class of the nike free run 2 womens
league secretary, after 1949, the earliest students members. Join the party a few months earlier than he has friends Dan (in tune son of former Minister Kong). When the "Cultural Revolution" arrives, the normal school leadership has been washed away. He and Dan, Bo Xilai Wing (Bo Yibo's son) formed the Revolutionary Committee of the Fourth, and served as deputy director. Their brothers, counselors Ma Kai is the current Secretary-General of the State Council. They tried to control an increasingly restless mood.When the "Cultural Revolution" when the storm swept through China, Qin and his classmates as the campaign to achieve the ideal of Mao's revolution
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