when the Yiduo void stardom old devil

December 15 [Sat], 2012, 13:00

See Reaching for the Stars the old devil nod, that album Cold smile Huang Xuan face even more slowly looked up Jimmy Choo Starlit Boots, looked at the sky on a pedestrian Xiao Yan, faint said: At this moment, Xiao Yan Huang Xuan heart has a great deal of self-confidence, the stardom Laogui genuine five star statue strength than he is stronger on the front line, and now, combining the strengths UGG Jimmy Choo Mandah, the lineup has been far more than et al. glanced at the face ridicule of color stardom old devil 'Xiao Yan could not help but sneer, said: time, I will put all of your hands and feet chopped down to 'lift arm, on stardom Laogui face is could not help but emerge hideous color, and gloomy. Huang Xuan cold smile, palms waved their days behind demon the Phoenix family many strong strong and Fenglei Court are slowly out, the vast vindictive suddenly filled out, has made it into the atmosphere of this piece Square quickly become tense up. Xiao Yan deadpanned, waving large sleeves the eleven puppet is flashed out of existence of these puppet Although there is no breath, but each filled with a dangerous taste, who would not easily be underestimated. old man that led the two black body spread open to the atmosphere, and also caused a lot of surprised eyes, who can be seen, the two men, but also genuine bucket were strong. the snake teeth Volcanoth? Jiu Ming boa family How can this kid mixed up? a ...... , Huang Xuan Yi Zheng, immediately seems to think of what The miss you! ', For Harengula this default, Huang Xuan is laugh, said. For Huang Xuan remark Ming-boa family, although powerful, but Xiao Yan did not compare the important of Harengula, he likes to help pro does not help management, real critical moment, the rationale for not going to help him, but his companions and relatives is Competing for his life. to me to deal with the rest of my side there will be a strong blocking, that Xiao Yan on to you, and how? Heard this, hop stardom old devil his eyes, this group of people, although Xiao Yan just respect the strength of a star, but he is the most understand that this kid is in fact the most intractable, that horrible fire lotus attack , even now, is to get his heart kept secret Juyi. Although heart hesitated, but now the situation does not allow him too much refused the fire lotus indeed terrorist, but the need for their time, as long as he can entangled Xiao Yan, the latter is absolutely no cast time, and Xiao Yan is not the kind of fire lotus in Notting Laogui eyes, not worth mentioning, the moment briefly pondered who shot himself on bamboo Xiao Yan, so he kind of pressure a feeling you are not his opponent. Stardom old devil glanced at the white-haired man one, shook his head, faint, although he would be happy to let others take over, but the white-haired man, but does not yet have such qualifications. Heard this, white-haired man looking suddenly for a change, but can only be forced to swallow the hearts displeased because of the strength of stardom old devil, also want to speak, but see Huang Xuan waved the moment can only bite withdrew determined opponent, Phoenix Xuan turned to Xiao go far, in the eyes of the passing touch Senleng color, as early as in the left of the ancient forests' he has made a message Hui believe tempting fruit fountain of Dragon Phoenix, enough to have family sent not little helping hand when the time reinforcements arrived, Xiao go far, must be impassable, when the Yiduo void stardom old devil, do it! on. Xiao Yan looking cold things, how requirements are useless, why we must fight each other? . , See Tang shock move, Huang Xuan and stardom the old devil complexion simply shot the lights Shen, cold shouted. yet still benign relationship completely gone. Tang Zhen, you have to mostly Valley Think Fenyan! For the Tang Zhen strength, he clearer However, even if he did not grasp to be able to overcome the he intervene, the situation reversed immediately have to. looking statement, Notting old devil and Huang Xuan et al are changed, they'd unanticipated, of Tang Zhen and Xiao Yan will reach the point where the relationship was not but blending, and more errors glacial valley with Fenyan Valley for generations opposition today will allow the deity to try, just how strong you Fenyan Valley Kowloon Lei Gang tip? , Hearts dark anger in of stardom Laogui Huang Xuan et al, that have been watching the play glaciers Venerable 'was a faint smile, he and Xiao Yan, also has a grudge between the original Glacier Valley, many elders are dead the hands of the latter, and even later even he personally confused, because the ancient tribe suddenly go into action 'own disgraced glaciers, you also want to intervene? , The Tang Zhen the complexion micro Shen said slowly. Venerable Ice smiled, his strength is really weak Tang Zhen front line, but you want the delay to live, it is not impossible to time stardom old devil the Xiao Yan pack, presumably This Tang Zhen dingy leaving only and Xiao Yan died, and that he is also capable of solving. Foul smells. What is the relationship between Xiao Yan ancient tribe, glacier Venerable do not want the hands to be beheaded, lest attracted some unnecessary trouble, but the soul temple days demon Phoenix family are Zhongzhou famous it is not clear forces, their own heritage is quite strong, ancient tribe, although powerful, but can not get them fear. Square at the moment The two are not fuel-efficient lights' if this fight, that would be really quite exciting and lively ...... Sudden helping hand, is also stardom old devil with Huang Xuan overjoyed facing glaciers Venerable Baoquan, attention is again turned to Xiao go far people wave palm, Li He said: 'Voice of Li He UGG Classic Cardy, a fall that stardom old devil Huang Xuan stature first exhibition action as prey of Giant Eagle, lightning against Xiao go far the Stormreaver away, the vast vindictive, space shook the soso shivering. TV drama Rulangsihu storms Bay from a group of people, Xiao Yan is take a deep breath, the eyes Weibi, fingerprints and fast-moving, purple-brown flame in the whole body as fire dragon generally swept to the 'twinkling of an eye, eyes suddenly opened his dark Mouzhong flame storm Chung. ', Hear the Word Senran Lenghe vindictive instant eruption of small medical cents human body, mighty power and influence of the vindictive, heaven and earth filled! True brutality of war, finally erupted suddenly at the moment! [Www.bxwxbook.com]