Our wedding journal blog

August 21 [Sun], 2011, 23:30
Grand opening of our blog! All are welcome!


Sweet Engagement, on 1 July 2011

July 10 [Sun], 2011, 21:43
It is my dream to marry someone I love and live happily ever after. Yes, I know the later part is not always true but least the first part of my dream is going to come true. I am very very happy and touched. I love my dear and I will treasure my engagement ring. (dear's 血汗$)

A planned surprise proposal in Movenpick Hotel room, a "I Love You" ballon, a bouquet of red roses and a diamond ring! Though I sort of suspected it when dear asked me to take leave on the 1st (even reminded me 5 days ago!), it still came out abit surprise cos he made me believe that my suspection was wrong. He made me think that it was just a normal date and I was thinking too much. And he made me think that his client was waiting for him at Movenpick Hotel to collect doc! (I was so silly to believe. 太巧了吧?)

A normal date?!

A pleasant surprise

2.5years together, from "u & me" to "us". An exciting journey waiting for us to explore. Sounds scary yet I am so looking forward to it!

Oh btw I will make sure the last part of my dream comes true too :)

chicky day

April 08 [Fri], 2011, 15:30
ate almost half a chicken!!! my lunch~

Boring Sat

April 02 [Sat], 2011, 22:05
Dear went M'sia with his colleagues to play go cart and I was left alone on a Saturday... how I wish I could go with him. Go cart sounds so fun :(

Browsed through the HDB and Adora Green websites again and again. The agents called me twice today to persuade me to take Adora Green. They said my queue no. 612 is very good no. and I should just go for it. I think the flat is ok but I feel it is still too ex for Yishun. If I need to pay 400K+ for a 4 room flat, i expect it to be almost perfect. However, the master bedroom design and the super big balcony aren't attractive enough for us. The only gd thing is that we can save cash on renovation and can move in in 2 yrs time. On the other hand, Compassvale Ancilla seems to be a better choice in terms of location, design and price. But might not ballot successfully and will only be completed in 2014. We sent e-application for Compassvale Ancilla. I really hope we can get it so that I don't have to trouble about flat anymore. Please let us get a gd number!!!

I feel like eating seafood after readinf dear's sms. Asked around but everyone seems to have appt already. In the end, my dad and I went to a coffee shop and had black pepper crab. Not fantastic but still better than nothing.

I hope this yr will be a good yr with all my wishes granted :)

My 28th Birthday

March 19 [Sat], 2011, 23:10
Time to celebrate our birthdays!!

Morning: a plate of simple bee hoon to start a great day

Afternoon: dim sum lunch at Bao Jin Tian Somerset (craving for dim sum)

Night: long awaited Lion King Musical at Marina Bay Sands. It was awesome!

1 yr older but 1 yr wiser. I wonder wat is waiting for me this coming yr

Birthday gift 2011

March 16 [Wed], 2011, 22:55
Saw this mini bento origami in Kinokuniya. It's really cute! Spent a few days folding all these just for my dear.

Birthday bento box :) Actually bought 2 ties for him thru Gmarket but it was not delivered. Online shopping is really not very reliable.

The present was collected by dear himself cos I was sick for the whole week. In the end he has to drive me to a 24 hr clinic to see doc. Luckily I am on course for the next 2 days...

V day Yakiniku dinner

February 12 [Sat], 2011, 23:38
Yeah! My fav yakiniku! This time we tried Gyu kaku UE square.

This is my love-- beef tongue!

Super satisfied. We will be back!

Yakiniku dinner

June 26 [Sat], 2010, 10:57
The last time I had Yakiniku with colleagues was yrs ago. Last yr with Ay chan and YM chan and the yr before with Flr and Ven. My team seems to have the highest turn over rate. Every yr I am working with dif ppl with dif characters. It's really a challenge to deal with all kinds of ppl. This is I am particularly stressed out. There were times I wanted to give up but somehow I passed thru the difficult period.

So today's dinner was one of those "风雨过后的彩虹" kind of gathering. (at least to me) Though only the 3 of us attended in the end, it was a satisfying and happy dinner. It might be the last time I have yakiniku with the 2 of them,. who knows?

Aburiya is really cheap and good.. We only ordered meat and only a plate of cabbage to eat with the meat. (all of us are carnivore)

Happy gals

round 1, fight!

jyo karubi

wagyu!!! really v dif

frying our foie gras....

veg and kimchi (the Korean style)

I love gyu tan (cow tougue)!!! they are the best!!!

full concentration

can't rmbr the name. Only know K loves raw beef.


Enjoying her wagyu...

crazy women

negi harami


Will be back!!

Super western lunch

March 03 [Wed], 2010, 23:05
Long time never filled my stomach to such fullness!

Mixed grill--- lamb chop, chicken chop, sausage, egg, mashed potato, halved corn and salad.

and then....

Dear's new toy

March 01 [Mon], 2010, 23:53
After months of consideration (and my nagging at the price), dear finally bought a foldable bike at $1800+. Much less than his initial plan. I rode it around my condo and Bishan Park (I rode, he walked). Quite fun. I want to buy a cheap cheap 1 too so that we can cycle at ECP once a week! Aya and KS also have 1 each. Look forward to the day we all cycle tgt!

Dear's bike: (I borrowed :p )

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