18 skool dayz left 

November 22 [Wed], 2006, 23:57
i handed in my SS paper today, n my teacher checked it. he said im glad u changed ur thesis statement n claims. i wouldn imagine how happy i am! well im glad u r happy n sorry i havn made any changes to my paper last 2 drafts lol luv ya MR SWEENEY!! u r too way kind to US

BUT im sick of fuckin Jap senior guyz. plz dun talk 2 me, plz shut ur fuckin annoyin mouth!!! n dun open em 4eva!!!! lol u guyz r da worst guyz i ever seen b4! anywayz only 18 skool dayz left, n im leavin thailand n hope id see u guyz neva again rest of my life! even in heaven... may b hell lol plz leave me alone. i just wanna finish my high skool year as soon as possible. k??

i hav a mand presentation tomorrow. i hate my mand teacher. shez such a BIATCH!! dun pick on me! im not talkin to anybody these dayz!

hehe :P 

November 16 [Thu], 2006, 18:07
i had turtor yesterday, n i hav him today n tmr as well. cuz my paper suc. he needs to change almost whole parts.

today, my lunch wuz fuckin borin. my only frend(lol) had a meetin n didn com 2 cafe, so i stayd wiz my seniorz. but i dun kno wuta fuck they r talkin about n wuts fun about their conversation! n fuckin disgusstin ppl were playin 'iron fist'. who wants 2 c u ppl r competin ur power? howeva u got power or somethin ur facez r suc n it makes everthin suc. it's not cool @ all. u kno dat? u cant dat free if u r in japp. plz understand dat. bcuz my frend wuz not in cafe, i was stayin lab whole lunch period. n my eng class wuz just a mess. im sick of theze ppl who sit on my sides.

wuteva i might be able to take off my breathe 2day. which is good


November 14 [Tue], 2006, 18:12
i had SS today. n i got my reseach paper back. then i realized, i mean my teacher warned me, dat i reali have to work hard on my paper. my thesis does not connect 2 my body. and my claims r just makin a mess. he said if i were you, i would rewrite da paper, but i wont make you do dat.......?????wut? u mean my paper sux rite? wuteva. who gonna rewrite 900 words document.

water stops @ my home. my mom couldn cook my dinner so we went to eat. i ate creamy harbed chicken spaghetti, n my mom ate ceaser salad. spaghetti is usually ok but i feel sick rite now. i dun kno why

im @ home rite now, but i cant wash my make-up off n it would stuck my holes. n make black spots all over my face... ugh. shit. plz fix da pipe ASAP!!!!!GUyz! work hard!!!!

my mandarine teacher 

November 13 [Mon], 2006, 23:38
im takin mandarin I dis sem. but my teacher iz such a BIATCH!!! well, today, my younger frend n i were readin magazin( we r sitting separated seats),

she said "Today, we r changin our seats, M and me have to come here"
i were well we were freazed. n she forced us to move in front of the teacher seat which is da worst place to take seat. we were so pissed n started picked her up a lot in jap. we were talkin in jap, n other students were also talkin, but again she picked only us. n said "if you two stop talkin ill send u guyz 2 Mr H (my skool DOS). dat wuz sux. n her face iz like fuckin old turtole!!!!! who carez wut she sayz!? so we kept talkin about her til end of class.

diz happened in de end of day. n i wuz soooooooooo pissed!! moreover, im playin a vignette in eng class tmr, n my group n i had to practice a play 4 tmr. we WERE meetin in front of library @ 3 o'clock. we were... but a guy who set da time didn come, n our practice wuz just sux. i reali worry about play tmr we neva get through all of it yet. wuts gonna happening~ wuteva disz kinda my bad day.

im getting my SS research paper tmr. i hope its gonna b ok*


November 12 [Sun], 2006, 19:56
shit. its skool day tmr. tmr iz ok but i gotta stay afterskool to practice play 4 eng class. n i hav 2 make props. so lazy.

about 1 month to go. ill try to push myself really hard!

my new home 

November 12 [Sun], 2006, 15:23
my stomach hurts from last nite cuz...
my dad send me, i mean us, pics of our new house last nite.

n ive heard dat da house iz sooooo big in Ogikubo, but i wasn mentioned about how old da house iz. n its thirty years!!! danm!! who could live in such fuckin old house!

well, @ least i cant. i wuz lookin forward to back to jap. but not anymore. n my momz mad @ me cuz im so selfish and always rely on her. i kno shez tired of being coutned on her kids, but her huzband is sux. hez always cuz of my family trouble. hez bastard!!! oh, shit i hav to think of something to solve dis huge problem b4 i go back to jap...shit. dun spoil my fun. anyone cant do dat to me
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