March 30 [Fri], 2012, 0:56
I had been away from this blog for ages... This is a surprise...

Well, my summer has in Australia has ended. It was very weird summer, full of rains, full of tears... sigh

Actually there were too many memorable things i wanted to remember for my entire life but somehow i didnt leave any records here. Occasionally I wrote diaries on my note. Sometimes, hand writing is much better and much expressive than the digital means.

And sometimes it is better if you have some records of your awesome days only in your brain... what an excuse...

Ok, so here i am.

I am arguing w my mum for few weeks!!!! ...LOL

about my future.

Seriously, you gotta kidding me what's happening to me right now.

Well, i'm at the point where I can see my finish of my study here which I though never going to end lol, which means that i have to start a countdown for my life in Australia.


I m just loving life here, since this place has changed my sense of value, brought me alot of opportunities to meet awesome and crazy ppl, given me some ideas of what the life really should be.

Simply, I want to stay more..... :(

I think i want to grow more. Or I dont know, there is something that makes me feel i have to stay. Maybe if i go back I stop growing.

What I have realised is that, how the life is beautiful (it's weird that I say that word, cos i m the one who is always stressed out and burst into cry)

To be honest, i don't know if it is good choice in the long-term which is my mum's point also.

But if you really want to stay RIGHT NOW, why not? At least can't you give me a chance to try hard at this moment? How come you always want me to stay on your track....
Your opposition really discourages my momentum...

I had a very good conversation w my sis tonight, my little sis.
We were discussing about family, how tight our family bond is and how it is suffocating sometimes. On the skype, i didnt see her face at all, but somehow i felt that she's now grown up. She said there was something you dont want to compromise at all, but sometimes, you need to sacrifice it for where you were born regardless of your intentions.

Well,,, yea true I know it... :(

I love my family, my precious mum and little sis. But i dont think it should be the obstable for what you want to do , what you want to achieve.

Being relied on by somebody can make my life difficult. Now i am realising how important i am in this family for my mum and sis. They just really miss me. I miss you guys also but...

Probably I just have to be patient at the moment. Rushing into it doesnt solve anything. Yes true, it doesnt do anything good....

Nahhh sigh :(

My life seems to be always complicated, full of choices, confusing, tears tears tears...

Can't be clear-headed at all... Tonight i might experience insomnia again : (

WHat a cluttered diary today, doesn't make sense at all !!

Doesn't matter, no body really sees it any more LOL

good night world x
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