was worried that nobody accompanies

May 28 [Tue], 2013, 17:02
"Lin non, so Qiao, how could it be you?"!" Familiar with the smell of perfume, a familiar voice, the woman was none other than Lin Fei has often been deliberately tease Ding lu. "Ding Lu, what is that to you? The wolf chasing you?" Lin Fei to back a step, said with a smile. "Hate, wolf was chasing you!" Ding Lu blinked his eyes get angry. "Lulu, so big,Nike Air Jordan 10 Sale, all crazy, when you really do not know what it was like a girl!" Behind the old man scolded. Ding Lu did not hear the same as, Lin Fei blinking eyes said: "are you sick?" Didn't wait Lin Fei to talk, old man said coldly: "Lulu, so you do not understand the rules, tell you how many times, can not ask this sentence." Ding Lu to no spit my tongue, smiled and ran to the old man's side, shook the old arms coquetry and said: "Daddy, what do you say to me, and when my colleagues face, let me on the spot!" The old man serious face feel helpless smile: "you this boy, no way to really get you, sir, are your colleagues?" Ding Lu smiled and said: "Sir, don't call him." Facing the forest not shouted: "Lin non, I'll introduce you." Lin Fei looked at the clown, Ding Lu pointed to the old man said: "this is the city of little famous Chinese old Mr. Ding Chongru, of course, is my dad, hey hey......" Then Ding Lu and pointing at the forest than the old man said: "he is my colleague, Lin non, forest, forest plantation, non, non - ask for trouble, ha ha ha......" "Lulu, you this boy a little politeness are not." Ding Chongru was scolded. "Dad, okay, we are very familiar with, and he is in the company always tease me." Ding Lu pouted lips looked at Lin not flower. "Ding uncle, dad." Lin Fei ignored Ding Lu greetings to Ding Chongru bow. "Hello, little girl in the company didn't give you trouble, this child is naughty." Ding Chongru said with a smile. "No no." Forest not repeatedly motioning with his hand. Ding Lu went to the forest not before akimbo said: "you haven't answered my question? Is it right? Disease?" "No, I worked for someone else to fill a prescription." Forest not know the demon J ī ng. "Oh, I say, you are as strong as a bull to be ill?" Ding Lu hey hey a smile. "Lulu!" Ding Chongru raised his voice shouted. Ding Luyao shook his head and said to Lin Fei: "don't listen to my dad, he was no one when I can be gentle." Then turn around and watching the smiling face of helpless Ding Chongru said: "is it right? Dad?" Ding Chongru bowed his head is not in her. "Well,Air Jordan Son Of Mars UK, since you have no disease, will you." Ding Lu bad smiled and said. What's the matter. Lin Fei asked. "Don't ask, I was worried that nobody accompanies me to go, we go." Ding Lu took Lin Fei as outside walk. Lin Fei had to go along with her: "Ding uncle goodbye!" Ding Lu smiled and said: "hurry up, and I do not say goodbye to dad." Pull the forest is not out of the door, cocked his head to see one eye Ding Chongru shouted: "Dad, soup for you on the outside, quick drink hot ah!" Chinese herbal medicine counter, two people go to the drugstore, Ding Lu took Lin non prescription went in,Oakley Scalpel Cheap, skillfully opened a >
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