2008年04月29日(火) 17時45分
I was at my friend Miki's house the last two weeks. We spend much much time with talking to each other. She has been in Japan for more than one year like me some time ago.
Now she has got a new hair-style and... I like it a lot. She told me about her time wonderful time there but she also said she's happy to be in Germany again.
She bought some nice nice things for me.
I will upload photos of it the next days.

Nice to have you here again! Now we can talk about those ugly people personal, not only by phoneing.


2008年04月01日(火) 15時13分
I reset my Yaplog because of troubles I have with some stupid, ugly people. I do not know how I can delete some "friends" here... you have to live with that.

But now, some nice news.
Yesterday I get a package from Japan with things I have ordered some weeks ago. Much CDs of シリアル⇔NUMBER.
I absolutely hope, the DVDs will also come soon.

Okay... that was enough from me for now.
I have to go to school X___X
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