intent and matrix in friendly force

January 24 [Thu], 2013, 18:28
When the army assault the drums sounded, had the upper hand Cassano elite army offensive become more sharp, in the magic and the arrows of the support, the army general like wedge abruptly in Sennett main array out of a gap, and keep the gap.Sennett it in central tight, but their right-wing square but Cassano coalition mercenary troops played in and started to suffer a big, toward the battlefield central outflanking her, intent and matrix in friendly force attack the enemy.In the Cassano coalition right-wing, from look on the army more or less also trained regular troops, although the number than opponents, but rely on a tight defense, between 1:00 also and Sennett army left each sticks to his own stand.This campaign at the beginning soon have to decide the outcome of the time, if Adela can command the rout of Cernat Cassano's in front, then the final victory will belong to the Cassano coalition, but let Cernat put Cassano's main army surrounded by both sides, the battle will struggle, which for the the number was at a disadvantage, Cassano allied and friendly without the tacit understanding, will be a very unfavorable situation.This little Lane certainly see, he slightly shook his neck, ready to hand victory locked Women's Air Max 2010, but at this time, from the depths of Sennett army rear mountain forest, suddenly burst into a daunting force fluctuation, followed by a roar, large trees were thrown to the sky, a large group of shadows on the sky from the forest below jump, appeared in Ryan's view in public.Ryan eyebrows a jump, there is a very bad feeling heart, he reminded Adela to be careful, then give their blessings of a fly, fly directly to the sunny sky.When he can look down from a height of around, immediately clear that the mass of shadows have been slowly began to change, the formation of a fat man.The shadow of the head of humanoid can clearly see the facial features, the upper part of the body it is naked, with strong muscles, and the huge abdominal bulging, the entire group of humanoid shadow body with a long black fog, the black fog like connected to anything, from floating in the air "the shadow of the body has been extended to the ground deep in the mountains.When Ryan appeared in the form of shadow perspective, this large group of humanoid shadows move up, it was a slender body black fog towards the direction of Ryan flying over, looks rather like a particularly large kite."The genius?"Ryan thought of a book he had seen, the pure magical creatures are very powerful, even they have strong resistance to many magic, but this guy's head was too high, Ryan what are the estimated more than 30 meters, so the great emptiness genius, but has been called the "King"."Roar!"The giant's head appeared a very delicate features, it grew to mouth spray a black fog, but also to the surroundings powerful coercion, in which the body under the trees had to bear such a powerful force, be swept up, be falling out, and be the first to bear the brunt of the lane is feel great pressure, this feeling before Ryan only when in the face of strong there have been only legend."It's a giant monarch!"Ryan automatic speaking said, but he spoke at the same time, the action on the hand has not been affected, and soon a flame is suspended in the palm of his hand."Let me have a look a legendary strength how powerful magical creatures!"Said Ryan, readily handle heart suspension flame thrown out, the flame speed is very fast, almost in the blink of an eye to the Djinn monarch's side, and then one of them hit." Women's Canada Goose Solaris Parka;Rumble!"Ryan out of the flame in a violent explosion in body surface Djinn monarch, strong impact force directly to the Djinn monarch body produce strange twist, however, surprisingly, this giant sovereign body did not appear any injury, after the body it is completely released in the power of the flame and slowly restored, and the only change the Djinn monarch is face appeared very anthropomorphic expression of pain."Still has the independent consciousness?" Womens Polo Jackets Outlet;
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