Yang Lin a hand on the sword

July 06 [Sat], 2013, 16:14
Six hundred and seventieth chapters seek a new mandate [Subscribe] (one more to today, calling subscribers with lovely vote in, I need them) happy time is always short, nor with Liu Yang Lin in Las Vegas Wander a few days later had boarded the plane home, say goodbye to this beautiful journey. .. Las Vegas tourists and did not ÑîÁØ two people recognize them, although they are very romantic, but it is just a force in a marriage engagement spray only. Yang Lin is not a one hot head, but after careful consideration, after all, he told Liu nor two persons emotional stability,Coach Shouder Bags Factory, and can be considered both parents agreed, to a birthright nothing wrong with it? No choice because of the exposure ÑîÁØ not want to become entertainment Newspaper objects to earn attention, do not want myself to become the object of criticism nor Lau, her friends know on the line, after all, can not conceal this kind of thing for too long. Sitting in the plane above, nor with Liu Yang Lin has donned goggles, previously played too crazy, and now need a little break above the plane. Unconsciously turning his fingers above the ring, Yang Lin develop into a star system inside. He has been a long time did not go over, in addition to a few days ago in the Oscar stage used above a "soothing" skills, he these days do not know what happened, and now only have time to check it. Entered into the system, Yang Lin was piled a mountain tips scared to live. A series of "Ding Dingding" Let him by surprise, how did not think there will be so scary scenes. "Congratulations to obtain first Oscar host, bonus points three thousand. Still hope redouble their efforts!" "Congratulations host global number of fans broke 30 million, five thousand reward points, rewards dubbing opportunity once!" "Congratulations host global media attention reach 1000. well received 89% of the number, use the opportunity to reward any skill twice! "" Congratulations host to obtain the title of King of Asia, honor system upgrade. .. "" Congratulations host open task 'Ming-yao Hollywood' completion conditions: starring movie breaking the one billion box office to get the Hollywood media recognition task reward early release: 3D filming techniques just one hundred thousand points to redeem!. " . . . . . A series of tips to get ÑîÁØ ecstatic, especially the last one task, Ming-yao Hollywood, that it seems difficult, because last year he starred in "Transformers" global box office to break the one billion U.S. dollars. This year, the only possible broken left with billions movie "Indiana Jones 4." This is his only lifeline, but the film's box office and evaluated with him almost no relationship. Also completed the filming. Post-production is none of his business, and in addition to publicity, he could not find a place that can help,oakley sunglasses cheap, it seems that he should fate. Fortunately, the system is not so ruthless, to advance directly to the awards made, the equivalent of sleight of hand tricks, almost equal to the free gift. After all, it did not say the task is not completed what things will happen. Yang Lin has been envious technology sector for a long time. Recovered memories of him will know the future trend will be 3D movie in power, a bad film, just shot a 3D slogan, basically there is a guarantee box office. That portion in the world to uncover the $ 2.6 billion box office, "Avatar" so that everyone real insight into the 3D charm. Just prior to the above in the technical sector, 3D technology redeemed points up to 500,000. Yang Lin has scrimped and saved just before savings over forty thousand points. Now add the rest of the reward, but also just fifty thousand head from five hundred thousand there is far, far away. And that, since the "Ming-yao Hollywood," The emergence of this task, Yang Lin saw the light, it seems that short of fifty thousand points will be able to successfully bring this technology to exchange out. He might be able to catch up in 2009, "Avatar" swept the world before the first 3D movie comes out. / / .. / / But the reality is very cruel, Yang Lin accumulated for so long has only fifty thousand points, in order to come up with fifty thousand in a short time and then integrating, this difficulty is not generally large. Rely on the accumulation of fans is a steady thing, and now ÑîÁØ order to increase fans, you have to take some quick way. The film is a good way, but effective too slow cycle is too long, and now a movie, until released when lily is cold. The English album is an excellent way, Yang Lin's popularity in the country is close to saturation, growth is very slow, and so many foreign countries are English-speaking, good English songs plus the hype, not necessarily quick to realize this dream. Carrying a wholehearted confidence ÑîÁØ ready to spend these points, converted into a high-quality English songs, and then look for opportunities to release. But now is not the time, he will have to shoot "Painted Skin." Plane arrived in Shanghai directly, nor with Liu Yang Lin did not disclose the whereabouts of two people, the airport is only Zhang Qian and Liu days driving a car to pick them both. Compared to the rest of the star Qianhuhouyong, have the attitude of non-RV, Yang Lin really is a good man. Etc. Yang Lin came to Hengdian film base when darkness enveloped the place is. February Zhejiang is still chūn cold steep ÑîÁØ wearing woolen coat do not think anything. "Painted Skin" crew stationed in Hengdian shooting area within the Han Street, and there is the earlier movie "The Promise" ride scene where emphasis has now been divided into "no zone" for tourists to visit. Yang Lin into the "no zone", the first thing that catches the eye is a row of blooming peach tree drops yù, peach trees planted roots buried in the soil in the new, roots Office also deliberately scattered a lot of peach petals, very is good looking, the original "The Promise" castle, now seems to have become a "Peach Blossom Island." The peach tree is the whole "Painted Skin" cast the most expensive home landscape. "Painted Skin" are basically shooting indoors, so rain and snow again and again to the crew did not cause much trouble. Walking the streets in Seoul, Yang Lin pushed one close to the "movie" Painted Skin "system landscape scene, non-Do not enter, inviting bear" notices of wooden doors, a courtyard of ancient sè ancient incense show in front of reporters, the yard respectively the West wing, south wing, as well as garden. The most impressive is the hospital's ubiquitous white sè "snow" piled beside the huge snow-making machine, here is the film's main place, but also played by Wang Lin Yang, ZHAO Wei played with Chen and Trader's ghost, played by the struggle of life place. Yang Lingang just a step into the crew, he was greeted by Sun Li shocked. Since her first costumes is somewhat "wacky": an Air Force cap fur hat resembles, very bohemian clothes to mix and match, his face was impeccably dark. She is in the film fell monsters who have been out Exorcist ancestors, have a length to find the fox's tail, and she played with Donnie Yen, who has a lot of scenes. After seeing Yang Lin, Sun Li gouring jīng strange smile twice, said: "The director just still say that our hero is not already being a vampire kiss, and out are so many days, did not know back . "Gordon Chan Sun Li heard the words before, could not resist a straight face and said:" Go makeup, wait a minute and your scenes too! "Sun Li could not help carrying his tongue spit, and then ran helplessly dressing up. "Now we are waiting for you, you take a break for a night, tomorrow we start shooting your scenes. Now you do not afford to stand aside, to makeup, how to look at the general shape in the end." Gordon Chan methodical commanding officer crew, he went back to the heater Chazhuo Yao next. Yang Lin shrugged his shoulders, although he largely surface modification of the "Painted Skin" script, but the frail scholar Pu book which is now being turned into a great general Nengwennengwu. Man can rule belongs, Wu can Ampang, on Maji shè, dismount farming Almighty Wizards. Only in this way the protagonist was worthy of his position as well as two beautiful like a submissive frail scholar Millennium fox what can be favored? Helmet around, have a beam, the amount before the middle highlight a cover brow, on which there is dancing engine and cover the bowl, the bowl has the shape of cups helmet plate,Christian Louboutin Wedges Cheap, helmet plate intermediate shaft has a plug Ying gun, eagle feathers or otter tail used iron or copper. After hanging silk azurite and other sè retaining collar, neck protection and ear protection, embroidered patterns, and decorated with copper or iron bubble nails. Yang Lin in the division with the help of props was put on this armor, that was nearly twenty kilograms of weight pressure on the body, if the physical weak point of the star simply do not hold up, not to mention the wear jogging filming. Very satisfied with their shape, Yang Lin is not no acted costume dramas, but this is an extraordinary valiant generals styling looks, looks between own a despot. Buddha by Gold, clothes make the man, Yang Lin a hand on the sword at his waist, his eyes flat as the front of the mirror, narcissism great. It took half an hour to make up, the skin of the Yang Lin was dark, his face there is a circle beard, Humu opened, and anger from the prestige. Gordon Chan looked around him, praise, said: "Not bad, very valiant, full of machismo, that after the film aired, surely you will a lot more female fans!" Side wearing a white coat sè Zhao Wei, disk the round ancient hairstyle, style is very ancient lady demeanor, and "Red Cliff" in the Shangxiang different. In the movie she is dignified atmosphere inside Grand Noble woman, not a general move naturally. Wang Qianmian she slowly moving forward, looked up and down a bit Yang Lin, said: "Make-up technology is good, nǎi oil niche suddenly becomes overbearing general, you should be NORTH PEAK fishes, should learn about that kind of feeling. imposing on the battlefield, in the usual jade stones. "Dan Yan Chai with Sun Li wore a similar Beggar over, his hair disheveled, look no heroes of the spirit, but feeling very wretched . (To be continued ... If you like this work.)
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