as the leader of a gang of dock

June 17 [Mon], 2013, 16:29
Liu Pan came back soon, as the leader of a gang of dock workers, he in the other twenty-two person's heart is very authoritative. That is to meet the right people, Guangxi son hold up a good deal, twenty-two people to give up the rest, including before should earn money, together with him. Everyone was wearing a linen clothes, two shoulder position with a large patch, with cotton cloth sewn on, to see the meaning is not worn out after the meeting before, but with a piece of cloth. This dress, is the first manifestation of Datang people a better life, all with bare arms, carrying something pad sacks, sacks of debris falling down, is the sweat on the body stick,Oakley Sunglasses Online, and itch and easy to allergies. The son of jelly is no longer sold out, and a little others handle eating bowl, bring people back home. Have a group of old men in her car, natural need not push yourself. The people from the pier to leave, go out two minutes away from the main street, and entered a long house area, the residential area is a courtyard, regardless of size, will surround area with a fence, in which point usually eat food, almost every set aside a place picked onions, like this there is no need to buy. Guangxi son home courtyard also raises four chickens, a male three female, wings have been cut, lest they flew around the edge of the dwarf the fence into the vegetable to eat leaves. Two rooms, and a warehouse next to the window side, gold paper, the house by the mud with grass with a trowel to build, with the wall to wipe very flat, is the pressure of light, frame herringbone, having them appear, above is black tile. From the point of view, this year is just across the tile, the chimney was a 'cap'. Then have a look around the yard, also good. Zhang Xiaobao and Wang Juan very gratified, Yizhou city this place belongs to the slums, to catch up with them over many good people, shows that people on the whole in improving the quality of life. For a long time have never heard of people starved to death, unless he stay at home do not go out, hungry do not know to someone else to stuttering,Oakley Juliet Online, or find the local authorities. Otherwise,Oakley Sunglasses M FRAME Cheap, will eat meal. A department has not established separately in people relief, directly under the yamen, problems directly to the yamen, avoid outside the legislative department too much back and forth. The son of a woman with two children live, tile impossible by her to flee, the two house of tile, her a woman, at least need to dry for five days, if your feet slip. Fall down and the increase of medical expenses to the court, even if the medical service is free of charge. You can't make me hard. "The little brother, come to rest." The son of twenty-three dock workers ignore regardless of, but Zhang Xiaobao is very enthusiastic, the enthusiasm with the sense of distance. Zhang Xiaobao and Wang Juan went in to tea, cinnamon, others devoted to this area of the wells at the dock carrying water, dust, they want a body, cool cool good waiting to continue to work. Zhang Xiaobao looked out to others is black tea. They worry, think and understand, the local tea is fermented, how many years has been so, otherwise the Pu 'er tea tea is not so famous. Buy grassland area of people living, people more like fermented tea, green tea. Yes.
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