Update : D

September 03 [Thu], 2009, 5:15
school was pretty boring...as always.
I'm getting alittle sick of the mundainness...if that's even spelled right.
I doubt it. o_o anyways....things have been okay.

Started a new school year at pine forest high...made a few new friends and so on.
and hmm..not much else to say besides that : O updates later

New intrests : )

August 14 [Fri], 2009, 5:53
Okay so i'm back o___o
which is weird because there are usually atleast a month between my posts >D cuz i'm G like that -clears throat-
ANYWHO! i'm here to inform you of my new intrest D< it's better then my last ones o_o because i really wish i was a vampire now.
i've just recently picked up an intrest in anne rice and her books D< I've also formally decided, along with my best friend asshole, that 1994 era tom cruise and brad pitt from interview with a vampire are my new love intrests .__.
XD Anne rice's books are so amazing....they're like 5 million times better then "twilight" .__. and for some reason i much prefer old age vampire novels too the weird ones that take place in modern day with weird love affairs in washington XD
hmm...anyways...i think i'm done ranting .__.

Nothing better to do

July 22 [Wed], 2009, 2:01

WOO...okay so i'm updating again after not having done so in a while XD
it's just recently peaked my attention that my friends make their posts in japanese, But considering the fact that i don't know japanese i wont o_o so yeah
That has nothing to do with what i'm posting today ;3 But i found it really funny...especially sense the french guy is totally digging it and obama is like "dayuuum" XD grahaha..i'm so easily amused.
But yeah, i just got back from my short "vacation" with my friend mimi X>3 it was pretty epic~ We didn't go very many places but it was still somehow really amusing o_o XDDD just for shits i'm gunna post the rest of this in japanese. : D hurrrah for sucky translators!

But yeah....i think i'm pretty much done for now >D
senseless ramble over

o_O maybe i should update more often XD'

May 27 [Wed], 2009, 20:29
It's been a while sense i said anything here XDD...and to be honest the only reason i decided to update is because a friend of mine reminded me about it...but yeah....My birthday party was the shit >+> it really was. it was cool to finally get all my friends together is one place >_< well almost all my friends! fmnwjefe nashlee couldnt come ;___; cyan either...It kind of sucks...cyan might be moving. I sort of wish that all the cool people wouldnt move. i mean this town is already unappealing enough with the people i love to make it better...but without them it's kinda..o___o blann....i dont know. ANyways~ mm...i love it when i make typos. i like the picture above o_o; even though i ubstructed it with my finger. FUCK...i should end this...i'll post again tonight. >_< -need to catch the bus-


) : uhhghgghghgh

March 18 [Wed], 2009, 9:50

reason for the picture is because it was my birthday on monday~
fun fun
fuck my life DX
my mood is totally shot right now..i want to strangle somebody...
I wish shit would change...and fast.
i dont want to deal with springbreak...or having to tell my fuckng dad that he wasted his money...

and i dont like the fact that i feel like killing a shitload of people right now...bleh..i don't want to hear fucking blabber..about how i cant do this and that and shouldn do this and that...fuck.
I honestly dont even want to bother anymore.

end. fuck this
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