Under international slipping the provision

October 18 [Fri], 2013, 16:08
According to the international slide rules, this season, junior in the seven races score was awarded the top eight players qualified for finals, Russia combinations in the exclusive eight seat six and swept through the top three, the remaining two portfolios respectively from the United States and Ukraine. Chinese athletes on the project without access to participate in the finals of qualifying, but the combination of pairs figure skating in the rain/Kim Yang, men's singles player yanhan and women's singles young Li Zijun will debut at the youth group in subsequent games. At that time, as the Han Cong has been showing some talent in training, and has made some achievements in the competition and, therefore, on the new partner in the elections, he has absolute control. "Like the popular matchmaking programs. cheap nike air max 2013 "Han Cong told reporters with a smile," coach more girls are good at that time to get on the ice, arranged in a row, and going out to meet with me, and eventually settled on suiwenjing. "Now, Han Cong and suiwenjing has been a partner for three years. Han Cong from 55 years old boy had grown to 18 year old lad, neither the technology nor the character matures and suiwenjing is still a schoolgirl-like, simply shy personality, complementation of a personality also helps them find the intimacy. "When I Skate just to play, chosen and partner Han Cong, and quite unexpected. "Suiwenjing said," initially didn't expect to become a pairs figure skating athlete, and later I never thought I'd get good grades. ”

Suiwenjing/Han Cong beginning adult group in China debut in international competitions, it made a dier、yige third in succession, such good results that year's Shen Xue/Zhao Hongbo, Pang Qing/Tong Jian and Zhang Dan/Zhang Hao ratio up, does not fall under. Shen and Zhao at the top they had plenty of strength left vacant after retirement. In fact, "Development Commissioner" for many pairs figure skating contestant, is a smooth pull. Shen Xue, Pang Qing have all there on this issue were plagued by too much, after that hurdle, they and their partner to reach a career high point. nike air max 95 sale Under international slipping the provision, as the bundled performance, youth group competition final will be organized. There are China, Canada, and Japan, and Russia and the Ukraine and the United States of 6 players entered the final round of the national youth competition. Chinese men's singles player yanhan, women's singles player Li Zijun, pairs figure skating athlete Yu Xiaoyu/Kim Yang, they're the future of figure skating in China. Why transform track and Tong Jian said: "in fact, to pick up the Pearl divers of Hobson. We are creating a new short program of the season, we really like this routine. But then found that there are some problems and looking for original choreography abroad carried out modifications, but the others due to family reasons, no time for us. If they rearrange, and time is too late. After conferring with coaches, the Pearl divers of all agreed again to enable. Is this program they have never been in front of the Chinese interpretation, then this program are more familiar with, and is relatively easy to changes through practical training, we also had the desired effect on the connection. ”
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