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Chenguan Yun came to Dan Church, did not think Zhang Shuyun is still absent, saying that although already exit, but it is alchemy go, short time can not be disturbed. Chenguan Yun to Mo Yun Zi, Chen Yi, Ferris scattered people there are the same, retreat, you can not disturb. Well, only Chenguan Yun most leisure. Chenguan Yun Wang Lin greeted to go and deal with men reporting a bit up the little things and continue to go back and retreat. With this body jīng Gorefiend blood coagulate into Xuezhu enough gilded his practice Pangu decided it. Pangu gilded never even had to blood filling, which is Chenguan Yun unexpected, surprising has been unable to break through, it was his lack of blood, malnutrition will Xuezhu the soul of breath a little bit removed, transformed into a Pure jīng blood crystals. Belly swallowed directly, on the body of refining, so absorbed than the fire Yuan Ying is much easier. After swallowing Xuezhu, abdominal burning up like a mass of fire, Chenguan Yun feeling seems to come from the inside outward stabbed him in the stomach. This feeling symptoms of pain yù students. But only adhere to teeth, once you drop, then no longer possible to find such a pure blood jīng, do not really go hunting evil demon domain? Chenguan Yun hand in their own body continuous hits, each next is a point, continuous click one hundred and eight, to stimulate acupuncture points in the hidden power of the blood. Let his blood to refining alien blood, supplement itself. With Xuezhu refining, Chenguan Yun's pain is gradually reduced. I do not know how long, Chenguan Yun feel all the blood has been refining jīng absorption, covered with blood filling, reached a critical point of the cut. Pangu gilded never really washed off as Chenguan Yun expected, directly onto the ninth level, and has not stopped, has been in progress, until the seventh peak. This is how it is, Pangu gilded decide how to direct Kokonoe pinnacle, that operation does not break the body to try, and she can progress, the body does not break as Pangu gilded decisions in general, also reached the seventh peak. Now Chenguan Yun never felt so powerful over his body, and if now come to face war days ancestors, should have the confidence to fight. It is unfortunate that the lower bound has no nine robberies master, disguised himself as a lower bound of the first person. Refining the body alone is not enough to power law, must make his own excel a gasification three clear, so as to make their progress to the pubic region. Again on the pubic region of the godhead in vitro extract, condensed into two spiritual body, but no body. Chenguan Yun from two drops of blood out of his hands, wrapped in two spirits, the moment the blood began to squirm and grow into two new flesh. Although the two have poor fragile flesh, but the flesh is indeed complete bones doubt. Finally succeeded, and quickly experience. Chenguan Yun Although long will the soul-thirds, but has been sharing a body, which is the first time the body is divided into three, inevitably some strange. Three body has its own consciousness, instinctively want into one. Chenguan Yun control this impulse must be three separate in order to separate practice. Three bodies have raised his right hand, squat, stand, walk, sit down. No problem, are normal. This is half the success. Now is the addition of two body polish and body, like this, so even excel at eighty percent. Until his pubic region and in the pubic region on the repair balance you be completely excel at a first re-gasification three clear. Waited at the door of the disciples Chenguan Yun somewhat boring, long time without a break, the last resting a decade ago or twenty years ago? Can not remember. Just then, the door opened Chenguan Yun, Chen Guanyun out, looked at him blankly. "Chen chief, you exit, and wishes you a great progress in cultivation." Chenguan Yun nodded and walked into the next room, which is also a quiet room, with no others. The gatekeepers disciples have some doubts about doing good for the room ah, that this room Why is it about doors, accounting for two rooms? Not so boring someone. As he thought, the door has opened. "Chen chief, you are not satisfied with this, in an exchange?" Chenguan Yun nodded, then went into the next room, and UGG Coquette Cheap told him that he can go to rest, until the exit time, looking for him to do small things. The disciples suddenly happy, deputy chief asked me to work, which is to be appreciated by me, ah, after a meteoric rise up. Quickly agreed. Chenguan Yun looked into this quiet room, but that room also has just closed. Excited disciples did Guannameduo deputy chief of the things that he understands how to think otherwise, they are not the deputy chief. Tube he accounted few rooms, anyway everyone says, this ancient immortals originally Chen chief, and he is willing to fully account for no one would dare oppose it. Chenguan Yun using this method, three places at once in three quiet room, no longer attracted to each other, you can be assured of practicing. To worry about these three different places at once, there are other, three cloned simultaneously summon his pet space, everyone around have emerged a Chris avatar. "Congratulations boss ah, excel at a gasification three clear of." Three Chris while bowing, but congratulations three Chenguan Yun. "Ha ha ha, still early, but were nearly the estimated balance for at least a century flesh job, do not know how long spiritual equilibrium, you get busy now." Chenguan Yun closed the pet space, storage space and has its own pet space already connected, and now all three places at once to open space, it is not wrong to continue practicing. On the pubic region and in the pubic region are descendents of the first swallow immortality, supplement qi and blood, concise body strength. He has mastered the seventh of King Kong is not bad Pangu gilded body and the decision, as long as the recovery, we can achieve the strength of the body generally does not require re-refining what day material treasure. The pubic region do not practice the flesh, to practice Yuan Ying, Yuan Ying pubic fight for their own kind of magic this variation, reaching the height of ancient fairy soaring, that time is equivalent to nine robbery casual magic, and also balance, you can always change a person into three, three become one, do not always be so troublesome. The main trouble is that the pubic region of ancient fairy power law are not familiar with, although reference to the ancient repair coalition exercises, but also made reference to the demon clan demon repair the power law, but always he is an Immortal Infant. Yuan Ying pubic region has a magic kind, although let him excel grotesque, but clunky, hope it will not go wrong. rì complex one rì, year after year, Chen Guanyun the power law changed and changed, finally, take the first step, beginning from refining jīng are xìng ancient repair exercises. Then of gas, qi, of God, a step by step to the current refining realm of God. The flesh on the pubic region are also recovered completely, and became indestructible. The jīng God controls on the pubic region has not reached the upper god late, or you can let the last day to follow the evolution of the swallow, the son of Cthulhu just good space control for jīng God not as Chenguan Yun yet. Bigeneric xìng is this bad, must reach the same height, in order to qualify. His pubic region on the upper god godhead already have the power of the late, Chenguan Yun also experimented with, but ultimately not successful, but also to intensify cultivation. The godhead in the pubic region is poor, even mid-upper gods are reached, you need to absorb a daily Thunder mind power. This is also lying to the hands from Cthulhu is said to be a level reached Lord God North Face Denali of Thunder department of Warcraft magic nucleus, Chenguan Yun absorb so long, only to absorb a little, mainly inside the soul of breath not contaminated, but fortunately, there Raytheon Guns can devour the soul fragments, help yourself to weed out all the. Unconsciously Chenguan Yun has a thousand retreat, a time in ancient immortals under acceleration, that is one hundred thousand years. Hundred thousand years, enough to cultivate a genius from mortal to immortal Emperor, and Chenguan Yun did not exit. Godhead on the pubic region has long been finished practice, to the pinnacle of the upper god, every day is to help deduce the pubic region Gong practitioners. Touches the pubic region but also to the pinnacle of the upper gods, but in helping to enhance the strength of Roy, Roy this is not yet fully recovered spirit, can not play the full force of the gun Raytheon. The pubic region has come to break the path of the ancient cents peak, but it is get out of the final step, drew tragedy, let yourself reach soaring period. Chenguan Yun general feeling seems to be what they are causal fetters to live, but he seems to promise things are done, ah, is it the Wu family was hurt? Fortunately, although three spare no balance, but has been able to perfectly control his forces, and three spare regrouped to become one. Chenguan Yun feel if we saw the tiger winged days, you should be able to fight it. Even more than their body can not animal, but still higher than normal fairy beast much stronger now. Chenguan Yun concept of God swept away and found the original in his own quiet room stationed outside that little guy is now a three robbery casual magic. Acoustic to him, let him come see himself. Is giving men outside the lecture hall of the new third-deacon Zhou, originally was about to give them to the hall outside the Code Article 302, the sudden sound transmission received Chenguan Yun immediately disbanded, their waiting around Baba went Chenguan Yun forward. "Chen chief, you shut out, this can not retreat in a long time, and everyone is looking for you to find crazy you do not let us in embarrassed okay?" Zhou asked piteously. "Difficult? I retreat how long? Du who find me?" "You retreat of a thousand in 2003, and all these years we have witnessed many scattered repair League event, everyone thinks you are fallen, or directly soaring Only your family know that you are still, every hundred years have come to inquire about your message. This is not two years ago, Zhang chief also come of it, Mo chief came, did not see you. "" Zhang chief, MO chief? "Chenguan Yun some doubts, this is Who, Wang Lin yet. "You see me, patronize nonsense, forgot to say that most of the focus. Three hundred years ago, Wang Lin, former chief crossing the robbery failed, so casual magic when successor elected chief, was supposed to be UGG Boots Sale to you, but you are not, so they elected a Master Mo Yun Zi your predecessors as deputy chief. hundred years ago, your wife served as senior deputy chief Zhang Shuyun, chief of the place has been left vacant, waiting for you to take over it. "
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