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November 30 [Sat], 2013, 10:08
After the game, Wenger praised Giroux played very well. Indeed, his performance this season matured a lot. This is because he gradually adapted to the pace of the Premiership and confrontation, able to exploit the advantages of their bodies out. On the other hand, he and his teammates with more understanding, both new balance mens uk for his teammates sent assists (team up to 4 times), but also to participate in the team as a whole gorgeous short pass them, Wilshere played against Norwich into the team scoring, assists the French people. The game, he also had a very wonderful Ozil sent heel pad pass. Such a center, Arsenal and Wenger is most needed. Both offensive and defensive, stable performance in Chelsea Ramirez, Barcelona Real Madrid now has become the object of poaching. Mourinho stated that he is the love which will never go, "He is priceless. Ramirez in the transfer market without a price. Other teams interested in him that does not make me angry I can say on behalf of Chelsea, the club who wanted to buy Ramirez, Ramirez is priceless. As this is not really important, anyway, Ramirez is priceless. "Mike Mussina position, seems to confirm the "Marca" argument: even let Courtois rot in the stands, not to sell him to Barcelona.

Ashley - Cole recently missed the first few new balance womens uk games in a row, he would not let Mike Mussina clarify Cole starting the latter is not because of poor state, "He is not the kind you need to let him off the bench also sent a message to him, let him know they must come up with a better performance of people and I do not have to do that, I am not a dilemma, I let tower first, because at the moment he was better in some cases, his physical condition is very good, he is very strong physically . "

"Ashley Cole was not injured, he just feels sore, not broken his ribs, he can play and he feels a little pain, which limited his play, he can be 100% sprint it? Maybe not. Zhengding he can be 100% ? it probably does not work, but he did not hurt a few weeks ago I talked to a top tennis player had to communicate, and he told me to play a game a little pain in the body are not nearly impossible, he has always been like this: Today Finger pain, back pain tomorrow, the day after ankle pain, he never feels very comfortable when the players as well. moment Cole feeling physical pain, he can play, but play will be limited. "
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