Chocolate is the natural enemy or secret recipe of losing weight?

August 31 [Wed], 2011, 14:55

You love chocolate but you try to persuade yourself that it can make you gain fat, so do you really know about the relationship between chocolate and lose weight? Different people have different opinions about the influence of chocolate; here meiztang will help you have a correct cognition of it.

No.1 chocolate and calories

Point one: chocolate contains more than 70% of cocoa is low in calories.

This point is wrong. All kinds of chocolate contain the same amount of heat no matter is black chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate even though milk chocolate does not contain less cocoa, and white chocolate does not contain cocoa. But no matter how many the content of cocoa, per 100 g of chocolate contains almost 500 to 550 calories. Here, meizitang reminds you that generally the higher content of cocoa, the less sugar, but the higher fat.  For example, a piece of chocolate which contains 74% of cocoa, it contains a teaspoon of oil is two times of the chocolate which contains 40% of cocoa.

Point two: chocolate with the mark of “without sugar” or “lose weight chocolate” contains low calories

In fact, it is totally wrong. The sugar of chocolate without sugar mostly is replaced by sweetener and fiber, and other part of it is replaced by polyol which contains calories. So even though the content of sugar is reduced, the amount of fat is also the same or even contains more fat. 10 g of chocolate without sugar only contains 5 to 10 calories less than normal chocolate. So in the view of meizitang botanical slimming soft gel, do not eat too much of chocolate only because it is marked with no sugar.

No.two:Chocolate and the increase of weight

Point: chocolate can make people gain fat

It is real. Just as like other foods, chocolate contains calories, even we can say it contains high calories. But also the same as others, chocolate can be viewed as a kind of food which will not do harm to the health. The key point of avoiding worrying about gain fat with chocolate is to control the amount when eating. You shall control the times of eating chocolate in a wise way.

No.3 chocolate and its components

Point one: chocolate almost does not contain sugar

 This point is obvious wrong. Having chocolate also can bring sugar to the body, so in order to take in less sugar; you need to consume the calories. For example: a woman with moderate intensity activity consumes about 2000 calories everyday, so everyday has 40 g chocolate which contains about 200 calories is in the ten percentage of the whole day calories. Obviously, under this circumstance, she has already taken all sugar of the whole day. Everyday, the intake of sugar shall not exceed 10% of the whole day calories. Therefore, this woman must give up eating any other sweet food such as jam, honey and other candy and beverage which contains sugar.

Point two: chocolate does not contain fat

This also wrong, and when you eat chocolate you shall avoid eating other food which contains fat. Such as: cheese, fat meat and so on, to achieve the goal of reducing take in excessive fat. Or you can limit the usage of fatty seasoning such as: oil, butter, fresh cream. For example: 40 g chocolate at least contains 10g fat, which equals teaspoon oil. In other words, it equals intake of oil for the whole.

No.4 having chocolate during on diet

Point: when on diet, it can not eat chocolate

From the point of meizitang botanical slimming soft gel it is wrong. In order to be healthy, and make lose weight can last for a long time; first it is necessary to make sure the daily dietary contains balanced nutrients. When you have sweet foods, you only need to follow below three principles:

Sweet food, includes chocolate, the intake calories of the whole day should not exceeds 10 % of total calories.
a single carbohydrates, includes the sugar of chocolate, the intake of it should not exceeds one-third of the whole day. In fact, the complex carbohydrates (such as: bread, grain and potato) shall be the first choice, in addition, lactose (such as: milk, and diary products) and fructose (fruits and vegetables) are also good choices.
Fat. Food contains fat should not take more than 35% of total calories.
No.5 chocolate and minerals

Point: chocolate contains rich kinds of minerals and vitamins.

It is true, chocolate contains rich magnesium. Magnesium plays an important role in the system of nerves. A part of people can add magnesium through eating chocolate, especially, for those people who insist on no fat diet. Chocolate also contains phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, vitamin D. so eat chocolate in a correct way can benefit us a lot.

Sincerely hope above information can help you have a new cognition of chocolate.