grafting was not accidental factors

July 05 [Tue], 2011, 11:33
As evergrande so far the largest complex project, volume evergrande century country tourism landscape is superior, because the cases of form a complete set once came from the consumers' common adored; And innovation of the mode and fast effective formats, then let it be many market participants recognized the hot topic of conversation.
Abundant strength evergrande definition threshold complexes
Tourism, hotels and property of grafting was not accidental factors, but conform to the result of the development of the market. Even so, as a complex comprehensive tourism development mode, and the making of the tourist complex but not easy, for the strength and operation requirements is extremely high. Evergrande in the act superior advantage resources integration, and the ability of evergrande century country tourism homeopathy is a great integration capability of constant gave a milestone works.
Evergrande begin from 2004 layout China three line since the city, at present has set up a file in DuoGe major cities have domestic 100 200 DuoGe large residential projects. Such a wide range of strategic layout and the whole nation to change operation experience for its advantages, in tourism on the complex operation provided enough space and capital. Market data showed that in 2011, 1-5 months, evergrande sales area of 4.86 million square meters, is the top one in China; Sales amount is 33.7 billion yuan, taking the second.

Further development of evergrande explore new growth point

July 05 [Tue], 2011, 11:29
Evergrande century country tourism in known as "pearl river delta garden", "China tourism" of expensive guangdong qingyuan grand opening. Deputy secretary of the guangdong provincial party committee and governor huang huahua provinces such as leadership, evergrande group chairman of the XuGuYin professor and vice chairman and chief executive dr XiaHaiJun and evergrande always help above all the top and the local company chairman attend the event. The more than 300 mainstream media both at home and abroad, and more than 600 journalists to be present.
Zhao4 ben3 shan, little shenyang, fan bingbing, XiongDaiLin, joey yung, Twins, and other entertainment star, famous international coach lang ping, Olympic tennis doubles champion momentum and LiTing, badminton world champion XieXingFang, table tennis doubles champion of the world LiuShiWen and GuoYue etc sports star, famous gourmet meters high, famous health experts HaoWanShan to witness the explorer's evergrande century country tourism shock to surface.
Guangdong qingyuan evergrande century country tourism is located in landscape resource is rich, the qingyuan city total construction area of 260000 square meters, is China the largest scale and highest level, full of functions of tourism, with seven complexes platinum standard hotel as the main body, equipped with sports centre, entertainment center, conference center, diet center, health center, business center and so on six big all the functions of the center "6 + 1" project. Among them, the platinum stars hotel of 52805 square meters, meeting center of 16652 square meters, 11800 square meters entertainment center, sports center amounts to 24660 square meters, diet center of 13227 square meters, 4257 square meters health center, business center amounts to 4653 square meters, football training base 135000 square meters.
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