Which brings me to the next point

August 17 [Thu], 2017, 11:52

Who looks at your under garments, seriously, why do people buy 100 pertest underwear or silk underwear, I do not know anything about womens lingerie but I know those items can get excessive too. What is the difference between buying a 100 pertest cotton shirt and polyester shirt. Yes it costs more not only because believe it or not millions scientists invest millions of dollars and years of research to design the right foam that feels good and lasts a long time

Which brings me to the next point Ms. She was doing a story on mattresses for consumers, specifically, how much you need to spend and the difference between high end and low end mattresses. The term comfort life.

So, I am going to do consumers a service by explaining the point you refused to inform the customers on. Consumers should buy the nicest mattress they can afford and not short change themselves because sleep is important as well as back support. I wonder if she drives an economy car or a luxury car. No its not cheap.

Sure, a dollar 2000 mattress and an dollar 800 mattress do the same thing. You might want to get quality foam.I would ask her what type of car she drives. Especially since you cant really see on the inside what youre buying. She probably has something nicer than an economy car because if you can afford luxury you should treat yourself to it.

Janice PPGI PPGL steel coil you are not doing consumers a service, you are doing a disservice by making an already difficult purchase more confusing.
I just read an article by consumer reports correspondent Janice Liberman.

Well I do not know anyone today who would buy a car without air conditioners and yeah it costs more and itll still get you from point A to point B but you will be more comfortable.Ok, yes mattress salesmen can be a bit boring when they go into foam specs Ill give you that its not the most exciting conversation. Liberman did not address

I am going steel coil to introduce such an important term to you that you should write it down and bring it into the mattress store with you. Here is one of the things she said:

The difference in an dollar 800 dollar mattress and a dollar 2,000 one may not be that great, but salespeople will inundate you with facts about foam, coil count, and the quality of the mattress ticking. Simple the polyester gets you HOT. Or a super 180s wool suit and a polyester suit.

Who looks at your ticking anyway. But when you stop and think about it aside from the ticking and the thin fiber underneath the ticking the foam is the most important part of the mattress the foam not only creates the fell, but it is the closest part of the mattress to your body for the next 10,15 years. Who looks at your ticking anyway. They are a place to lay your head at night