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Chapter 576 Korean Fan Bet the distance, a sports car speeding from. Www, QunabEN com to captain the side of Confucianism, Ladies and gentlemen, we support live it. "Jie Juan mind calls sounded party Confucianism sound, square Confucianism and Korean Fan, Moss was driving the sports car flew to. Although they know to come back to no avail, but they have to do our best, even if it is afraid to die Confucianism, had to bite the bullet, against holding a speed shè machine gun. "Whoosh" destroy evil gun blasted again, just condensed chéng humanoid t-1000 H-burst again. Tang Bi heart unlock the potential lock, a short period of time can throw two Baneslayer gun, but her injuries are not all the more, this time limit has been reached, the vote shè destroy evil gun, she sitting on the ground, panting gas, waiting for fate to come. The magic shield tightly to protect the overturned bus, still sitting on the bus, Jie Juan, Li Wei and John and Sarah. t-1000 to unite chéng humanoid again, and this time, Zoro bombers fly, Jie Juan serious injuries, running out of Tangbi heart force, only to fight Li Wei, Li Wei just limited power, now only trying to expand magic shield to protect the halo mi John and Sarah. By distance, Meng Xiang some time to come back, now no one can save the reincarnation. In addition to self-help, no other way. They can not rely on a lifetime Meng Xiang, the unnamed team all the players are deeply understand this. However, when the face of unbeatable strength, the heart of all look forward to Meng Xiang, looking forward to Meng Xiang As in the past, such as Avatar, save the common people. All, was only thinking about Meng Xiang. Sports car, stay away watching this scene side Confucianism and Korea where Moss, huddle in the back seat of a sports car, afraid to face the distant battle. t-1000 was horrible, even if it was shot to pieces, can be quickly regenerated, Moss often think that in the near future, so powerful and terrible humanoid machine is actually he indirectly made out of, he wanted to vomit. "Brother Fang, etc. I stuck t-1000, you try to save the companion sports car." Book of Enoch domain name - well-known "This Ferraris sports car over 300 km per hour may not catch up with the t-1000 . Korea where eyes shining with a firm gaze, there is not the slightest impurity, his heart will not be shaken by anything. Parties Confucianism sighed, and said; "So, captain, take good care of you. "He also did not see Korea who intend to die trapped t-1000?" H "t-1000 strain from the magic shield sword knife cut crack, the Li Wei screams, vomited blood, no longer able to protect the companions t-1000 strode to the side of the car, the finger becomes the formation of a spike, aligned with the head of John the cycle of despair finger t-1000 as long as poked unnamed team will be the Lord God denied. " call ...... "projected Angel Ji Han Where direct coming together even his hands, covered with skin in the blink of an eye becomes dry and smooth, comparable to the sun a shining light of the pagoda has appeared out of nowhere in mid-air. linglongta TV Tower has a vast no-chou force, s-level comprehension magic, even if owned by non-comprehension its powerful enough to kill the depth to detail the strong order as strong as the god squad captain Qin Hao, almost drowning in linglongta revealed if it is the full version of linglongta can be any substance refining as nothing, t-1000 even can be split into atoms, could not escape death. course, Korea where the projected linglongta, can not be converted from the Lord God s level of comprehension compared to the instruments used, but this time he has gone to great lengths, even at the expense of life, strong will, and for a long time from practice, so that he projected linglongta half of the original power of glittering, t- 1000 with light fusion, turned into a silvery white inhaled linglongta linglongta, are bound comprehension instruments used within the universe, even with t-1000 physical attack, even if its power is a million times stronger, can not be H broken linglongta t-1000 the power of the foot has been Zoro bombers fly, or even not to launch Ling Ju Meng Xiang match, but for this within the power of the shackles of the universe, it can not break free. Han who think through this why they risked his life to projected linglongta Korean who is not going alone the linglongta projecting it will be able to get rid of t-1000, his purpose, from beginning to end delay time and he knew he was doing, whether it can No trapped t-1000, his future, only death, but he does not feel sad, but a little joy, because he finally do the captain's responsibility to protect companions regardless of the strength in terms of potential in terms of South Korea, where know that they are not eligible to become the reincarnation team captain, however, chosen to captain the bit upon him, after so many horror films, he began to feel it takes its name, but insignificant role on the team, so in order to protect companions, in order to make up for their defaulting, he decided to sacrifice their lives. team, died companion is very noble? Han who does not think so, because before him, Mu FIR doing the side. Jie Juan and distant Zoro Confucianism driving a sports car hurtling Juansu to are still bottom of the vehicle waving a lot of noises: "Everyone faster car, Do not làng the fee the painstaking efforts of the captain. "Everyone struggled to squeeze onto the sports car, Li Wei said with a crying:" Where, where, come back, we have to withdraw. Korea who is in full swing to conjure maintain linglongta, the shackles of the force, the face of Li Wei's a crying voice, his withered face had to laugh lu a hint of astringent. Zoro came to the side of the car, not the car, but re-chou the soul knife cut, fell into a deep, said: "You quickly leave, I guard the captain, at least ... at least I am with him in their lives the way for company. He abandoned companions along been unable to make self-esteem he was determined, even death, but also Korea who fought side by side. "You ... you can not die fast,Nike Jordan Flight 9 Shoes, we walk together. "Li Wei can not cry sound At that moment, linglongta central gradually split," Dangdang "crash came from the inside, like the bell of death, reincarnation gradually bi to Korea where at this time The potential lock level and strength, is still less than lasting projection linglongta you Fear, or too late. Korea where the exhaust Sri Lanka at the end of a lot of noises, but his voice had feebly, every microsecond, his burning vitality to maintain appeared to be split linglongta square Confucianism sighed, looking Sidongfeidong Korea where Zoro one, then grabbed the driver's seat, said: "You also go on fun with them the Tangbi heart. "Tangbi heart to take the hint, Li Wei Gu Pan-pan face puzzled look, she jumped the car, but in this case, exquisite tower" popping "sound, a tower wall Decrepitation in t-1000 blade thorn out of the tower t-1000 break out of linglongta, or Korea who can not continue to projection, the unnamed team you have to destroy mission. strong as Zoro, can only stand and looking at the sky linglongta, ready to accept t -1000 trial time like pause Korea who can not be reconciled, even if it is unable to support, he had to fight on, the nameless team's survival lies in the hands of his people, he is the only to be able to save companions. "snip" Han Where the mind blockade potential big lock finally opened, his muscle rou expansion, strength, magic skyrocketing, originally collapse almost dry face, immediately becomes red. Han who finally solved the potential to lock two experienced life and death reincarnation unlock the potential to lock the keys, however, the opportunity to unlock different. Han who unlock the potential lock power, is to protect the determination of the companion. endless supply of magic to emerge at any time necessary to collapse linglongta , once again gather together, Korea where again burning life,Totes Coach Online, exquisite tower of power gradually to the original bi nearly ...... side Confucianism step on oil mén, sports car speeding away. Wei crying out loud, sudden mouth spray, a blood poured out , halo the past the Han who do not remember exactly how long support, anyway the linglongta broken, it was empty, t-1000 refining have not the slightest left. "Zhuo Big Brother, captain how about? "Tangbi heart trot came, Zoro Fu Xiashen sub check Korean Fan injury." The burning vitality to the end, fortunately he was able to solve two potential lock xing life is finally saved. Zoro pulled out from the space bag rations pills and nutrition "liquid", a grunt poured into the mouth of the Han Fan Han who have the verge of death, to keep open the lock only potential last breath, get yào material assistance, finally catch her breath, Mimi gooey sleeping in the past,Classic Coach Sale, but his magic with the body forces are exhausted, the next couple of days, I am afraid that is difficult to regain your strength in other words, the next plot, Korean Fan regarded as waste the t-1000 would not be so easily they died, as soon as possible side Confucianism and Meng Xiang confluence. Zoro picked up the Korean Fan, Tangbi heart mention they take off mid-air, chasing sports car away. <
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