Ryobi Power Tool Battery 12V Replacement

October 15 [Mon], 2012, 17:51
Review domestic ryobi 12V battery industry current situation, production DIY household ryobi cordless drills enterprises accounted for the vast majority, capable of forming ryobi drill series of professional products factory is extremely scarce, industry concentration is low, the lack of leading enterprises. From the point of development trend, domestic brands will experience the industry reshuffle, finally formed by the minority leader guide and normative orderly situation.

Domestic and foreign brands, the 12V ryobi battery also will redistribute the market share, domestic brands continue to replace foreign brands.Industry integration inside demand, bound by the industry leader to hold the engine.

Foreknow, as the only one of the main tools of the listing Corporation, replacement ryobi 12V battery has the opportunity to also have the ability to stand in the capital market arena, promote Chinese electric tool industry resources reorganization and structure reforming.

To consolidate the present has occupied the market, to further cultivate and develop new market, 12V ryobi replacement battery will focus on the following aspects: further improve product quality, accelerate the development of new products.

The focus on speeding up battery for ryobi power tools and electronic control electric tool development, and constantly improve the level and quality of products electric tools.

Dell Vostro V131 Replacement Battery

September 05 [Wed], 2012, 16:16
The dell vostro v131 battery mainly consists of lithium ion battery cells, you can find the mark on the battery surface, the same as li-polymer battery, this vostro v131 li-ion battery has no memory effect, you can use the battery outside, and charge the battery when the electronic power is not full. Battery cell power transmit to laptop working energy.

Output force of the dell notebook, the cylinder piston rod and drive parts deputy campaign, that's the power center: replacement/original battery, rechargeable dell vostro v131 battery with 65Wh, to exceed the original battery capability, the dell battery output multiplied by the moment arm, it can be recharged with the available standard power supply.

About the dell battery detail, in fact, it's designed the same voltage as the very first one. With 11.1V, provide absolutely safe lithium ion battery for Vostro V131, Vostro V131D, Vostro V131R notebooks. This high quality replacement battery is made with the highest quality and safety standards and comes with a full 1 year warranty.

Top Ten Using Skills for Smart Phone Cell Battery

January 10 [Tue], 2012, 12:56
2011, the rapid growth of market demand for smart phones, smart phones in a variety of uneven on the market, the whole atmosphere of the mobile phone market is facing fierce competition. But which give rise to a variety of problems, the most typical smart phone and mobile phone battery life safety problem. According to media reports, the smart phone has now become the hp pavilion dv9000 charger main objective of a hacker attack. Authority of the market research firm recently released data shows that most consumers do not have their phone to take protective measures, only less than 5% of mobile security software installed; and intelligence for the current field for the entire mobile.

And now on the market The vast majority of smart phones has a fatal flaw, life is not to force. Therefore we can say, now, cell phone safety and life of these two points are almost all intelligent machines are now facing the biggest challenge. It is understood that the international brand for many years cultivating the smart phone market, Samsung, HTC and other manufacturers have already sold tens of millions. The rapid development of the mobile phone industry, our phones have been more and more features, the phone is no longer just a simple communication tool. The cell phone battery, "not enough" issue has become a cell phone user's the most hp compaq 6710b adapter headaches.

First, dim the screen brightness. Although the automatic adjustment of screen brightness available to extend the use of mobile phones a lot, but this feature is also limited to high-end Nokia mobile phone in use, not yet widely available. Most of the mobile phone also need to manually adjust the backlight, the backlight is too bright not only to our eyes, will consume a large amount of power, it can be adjusted to fit.

Second, the game. On the phone to play games to pass the boring time, but this will take away a lot of power, although less so to play games, or playing a game, it is best to turn off the background music and vibration effects, which will save a lot of power .

Third, the key tone. Optional touch-tone for me. That depends on you for the actual needs.

Fourth, to cancel vibration. Everyone in the meeting, the phone seems to tune into the vibration is a good method, but also consumes the phone's vibration power, so shake off as much as possible.

Fifth, off WIFI. When the phone is open WIFi functions, the phone will not stop the search for wireless network equipment, spend a lot of power! In the case without WIFi, please turn off the device!

Sixth, adjust the backlight time is short ipad2 case keyboard. In addition to the brightness of the screen, the screen's backlight will consume a lot of power for too long, so it is best to adjust the backlight time is short. Battery life

Seventh, turn off the Bluetooth function. Bluetooth consumes a lot of power, when not immediately shut down.

Eighth, less GPS satellite positioning navigation and search functions. GPS satellite search process for a long time, requires a lot of power to maintain, especially in complex areas of residence and found the process more star power!

Nineth, do not use the program the best off (mostly smartphones). We often forget in the open after the closure of a program, and in fact these programs running in the background will consume a lot of power battery satellite pro 2100-203eb.

Tenth. phone closed when not. For example, in night time, when we can not use the time off, which of course is the most obvious power saving modes. But best not repeated switching, as this will only make good on battery power with no fast running out.

Many children's shoes may feel iphone4 battery without use, in fact, the battery capacity is 1420 mA iphone4, compared to other domestic intelligence machine, it's still in the middle and upper battery capacity, and the reason why we feel will not take long, maintenance of the battery may not in place. iphone4 battery maintenance is very simple, and then introduced in addition to saving notes, as long as you calibrate once a month, try to use the power connection (such as in the office), battery inspiron 1720 there is no other note of.

1, iphone4 battery is lithium polymer battery, there is no memory effect, so definitely do not need to completely charge and discharge time (that is, you always want to charge on the charge).

2, iphone4 each battery charge and discharge cycles, the battery will be reduced a little, about 400 charge-discharge cycles will be reduced to 80%. Called a charge and discharge cycle is completely full and shining, that is if you spent 20% of the electricity on the full, repeated five times to be considered a charge and discharge cycles.

3, because there are chips iphone4 battery power calculation, in order to calibrate a month should do a complete re-discharge (ie, use no electricity when fully charged).

4, just use apple's official power, will become the direct use of full power mode, there is no overcharge issue.

5, iphone4 the battery charging process is 80% before using fast charge 2 hours to complete, 20% after the use of trickle battery presario v6000 charge should be 2 hours. This is normal, do not do anything special.

Analyze Typical Fault of Family Laptop

December 28 [Wed], 2011, 17:50
Failure Case 1: COMPAQ 1800 boot no display, there are "beep" alarm sound. Open the memory slot, replace the memory, troubleshooting.

Failure Case 2: SONY GR250 a boot in DOS mode, the blue color of the horizontal and vertical cross-stripes. Into the Windows2000 system failure remains the same, the external CRT display and LCD display the same phenomenon. And often crash occurred. At this point turn on the machine battery grip for nikon d700, pull out the card and re-insert the board (this model graphics board and motherboard is separate from the slot through the cellular connection), forced the board pressed uniform, troubleshooting. This phenomenon is caused by poor contact card video, laptop computer for this phenomenon is usually necessary to make the display chip BGA soldering.

Failure Case 3: COMPAQ N800V switched on for some time, the system automatically re-starting again, touch the bottom of the machine particularly hot. Open the machine inside and check the power, CPU fan speed, but speed is slow, stand U touch the child entering the system flip increasing SLB-10A battery charger heat sink temperature, fan speed has not changed. Fan speed slow and can not put the heat emitted, causing the CPU temperature is too high and repeated reboot. Replace the CPU fan, troubleshooting.

Failure Case 4: SONY GRX700 press the power switch, nothing happens, insert the power adapter, battery charge indicator and no response. Disassemble the measuring DC-DC voltage divider are normal, check the boot 3V voltage-to-ground voltage of 0V. At this time symptoms can be judged as BIOS protection fault, need to unplug the BIOS backup battery, short the two pins 1 to 3 seconds. Then the BIOS backup battery installed, start testing, troubleshooting. SONY machine in such a failure is the most common, especially by the strong pulse voltage when outside ccd-trv101. For example, a sudden the battery and plug the power adapter, external short circuit caused by the internal circuit, etc.

Failure Case 5: SONY GR100 boot normally, the screen backlight after a period of time appear flashing. Doubt LCD backlight inverter board performance instability, replacing a backlight inverter board troubleshooting.

Failure Case 6: Lenovo E200C boot, the icon appears after the crash. Disassemble the BIOS chip replacement, or re-flash the BIOS chip, the new program. Such failures are mostly damaged the BIOS self-test can not be completed due to the host.

Failure Case 7: COMPAQ X1000 can not enter the system, re-formatted the hard disk after installation of the system, casio np-20 charger replacement or can not enter the system. With the FORMAT command to format the hard disk and found no bad sectors. Replacing a hard disk installation system troubleshooting. Later found with the test software just has bad sectors hard disk, thus resulting in a hard disk can not be used.

Failure Case 8: SONY 505LS boot and found half can be displayed on the LCD monitor, the next half are black. Like this is very clear, Replacement LCD Monitor troubleshooting. Such failure is quite difficult to repair LCD monitor, you need some professional equipment can.

Failure Case 9: IBM A21 can not charge the battery, plug the power adapter alone can not boot. Battery can boot normally. Disassemble the power adapter into the port detected sealing off, patching and troubleshooting.

Failure Case 10: IBM R32 LCD boot no display, but the power and hard drive lights work properly. External display properly. Suspect that LCD data lines are damaged, replace LCD data lines after the failure remains. Replacement LCD monitor, troubleshooting. Such failures are mostly LCD damage. If you are unsure, you can replace the LCD monitor to detect the liquid crystal display good or bad.

Failure Case 11: IBM R40 0175 boot error occurs, this failure is specific to IBM models. Commonly used to address this failure sony dsc-f505v battery in two ways: First, by using special software re-flash the FLASH; second is to replace FLASH chip (to find the same type of machine). FLASH write a lot of internal procedures, if only to replace a blank chip does not have any meaning.

Failure Case 12: IBM T30 66 to boot, the power LED, hard drive light flashing. No screen display, and an alarm sound. External display without any response, indicating that the computer itself can not boot. Disassemble check whether there are power CPU temperature. If so, that CPU is working. Next, check the plug is a good memory, the memory replacement from the original slot to another slot, installed after boot troubleshooting. Such failures are mostly damaged memory and memory slots.

Failure Case 13: IBM T30 81U boot normally, the icon shown IBM does not restart automatically after power failure, failure is still repeated. Teardown inspection, CPU temperature is normal.

Failure Case 14: COMPAQ N1000V boot normally, COMPAQ icon showing the machine off automatically, repeatedly boot time will become shorter. Loud CPU fan rotation, a particularly fast boot speed fan, then check the high temperature DC-DC devices. After removing its power to the fan (do not remove the heat sink) boot, then you can boot normally. CPU fan after this troubleshooting. Because the fan is too large and start-up current DC-DC resulted in protection caused by high load, resulting in no power.

Failure Case 15: SONY GRX700 boot normally into the system automatically re-starting, repeated failure remains. Teardown examination revealed normal CPU fan rotation, CPU replacement after troubleshooting.

Failure Case 16: SONY F430 boot, the battery grip for canon 400d screen white. External monitor can display properly, the player detects LCD data lines damaged, replacement troubleshooting.

Failure Case 17: IBM T23 boot or display properly in DOS, enter the system after the video. The operating system, delete and re-install the operating system and graphics drivers, troubleshooting.

How to Keep iPad Battery in a Long Using State

November 14 [Mon], 2011, 17:25
According to media reports, Apple's first generation iPod nanos appear because of an overheating problem to the battery recall. Directly with the Toyota recall, Apple will this move is called the Replacement Program. The recall only iPad Nano generation, in 2005 to 2006 sales of black and white two models, other models of Apple's statement is not such a problem. Apple said on its Web site, the problem stems from the manufacturer's manufacturing flaw that caused the accident is unlikely, but with the increased use of time, the likelihood of accidents is increasing. Apple marked on the site may be the serial number of the products in question, and provide replacement within 90 days of service.

"Battery" means iPad battery must be charged canon eos-50d battery before use in time. "Battery life" means the battery may need to be replaced in full before the use of time. "Battery life" is based on the battery to maintain more than 80% in the case of the initial capacity, with the charge / discharge cycles.

Just pay attention and follow some common-sense guidelines, you can extend your battery life and the iPad life. The most important thing is to avoid the iPad placed in the sun or heat the car (do not be in the summer locked in the trunk of temperature). Most likely to reduce the heat battery performance. Please feel free to enjoy the latest software to ensure the iPad. Apple engineers may have developed new ways to optimize battery performance. Use iTunes 9.1 or later, you can upgrade to the latest software the iPad. The iPad is connected to your computer, and then in the Source list, select the iPad. In the Summary panel, click "Check for updates" to see if there is available a new version of the iPad software.

To charge the fastest for the iPad, use the built-in 10W USB power adapter. If the iPad into the computer's high-power USB port (many recent new Mac computers are available), or use the iPhone power adapter for iPad charging, the charging can be carried out, but the speed will be much slower. If the iPad into the computer's standard USB port (most PC or older Mac computers are available), iPad only in sleep mode can be charged. When using the USB charging for the iPad, shall ensure to keep your computer turned on. If the iPad connected to is turned off, sleep or standby compaq presario a900 battery computer, iPad battery may drain.

To maximize battery life, Apple engineers developed for the Mac laptop lithium polymer battery technology for iPad. Thus, iPad available for you 10 hours of continuous use, while the Wi-Fi Internet, watching video or listening to music. Using 3G data networks (Wi-Fi + 3G models) online, you can enjoy up to 9 hours of battery life 2.

Properly maintained iPad battery, completing the 1000 charge and discharge cycles, is still able to retain 80% of original battery capacity. When the battery has not saved enough electricity to keep your operation needs, you need to replace the battery. If you have time to charge iPad does not remove the jacket, it will generate too much heat, thus affecting the battery capacity. If you find that the iPad charging temperature is too high, first remove its jacket.

There are many iPad setting options - including screen brightness, can be used to minimize power consumption and extend battery life. These tips can help you extend battery life.

Adjust the brightness:
Management is the screen brightness to extend battery iPad best way. By default, your iPad will "Auto Brightness" is turned on. "Auto Brightness" will be adjusted according to ambient lighting conditions iPad screen brightness; reduce the brightness in low light conditions to help extend battery life. You can also adjust the brightness of their own, go to "Settings"> "Brightness and wallpaper", nikon d5000 battery and then drag the slider to the left to lower the default screen brightness. Management of downloaded applications: Use for the screen from dimming or shutting off certain applications (eg games), or use location services applications will shorten battery life.

Turn off Wi-Fi:
If you know you will not use Wi-Fi, you can turn it off to save power. Go to "Settings"> Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi and then set to "off." Please note, if you have Wi-Fi + 3G version of iPad, and use it to browse the web, then compared with the mobile data network, using Wi-Fi networks can extend battery life.

Turn off 3G (Wi-Fi + 3G models):
Turn off 3G (Wi-Fi + 3G models): When you are not Wi-Fi network connection within the scope of, the use of 3G mobile phone network lets you keep in touch with the outside world, but it can also shorten the battery life, especially in the areas with limited 3G coverage. To turn off 3G, in the main screen, select the "Settings"> "Mobile Network", then "Mobile Network Data" is set to off. Please note: At this point, you will no longer be mobile data network can send and receive data. In poor signal or no signal coverage area using the flight mode (Wi-Fi + 3G models): the iPad will always try and Wi-Fi network or 3G data network (Wi-Fi + 3G models) to stay connected, so poor signal or no signal coverage area may consume more power. In this case, turn the flight mode to extend battery life. To turn on flight mode, go to "Settings" to "flight mode" can be opened. Reduce the use of location services: location services enabled applications (such as maps) will shorten battery life. To turn off location services, go to "Settings"> "General"> "Location Services" set, samsung bp70a battery or only when needed to use location services.

Turn off push notifications:
Some applications from the App Store using Apple push notification service to alert users to receive new data. A large number of applications that rely on push notifications (for example, instant messaging applications) may shorten battery life. To turn off push notifications, go to "Settings"> "notice", then "notice" to "off." Note that this does not prevent the application is open to receive new data. In addition, if you have not installed any applications that support push notifications, notification settings will not be displayed.

Reduce the frequency of new data acquisition:
Some applications (such as Mail) can be set at a specific time interval to wirelessly retrieve data. Retrieve e-mail or other data the higher the frequency, the faster the cost of electricity. To manually retrieve new data from the Home screen choose Settings> Mail / Contacts / Calendar> Fetch New Data and tap manually. To increase the fetch interval, go to Settings> E-mail / contacts / calendar> Fetch New Data and tap Hourly. Please note that this is a common setting for all services do not support toshiba pa3535u-1brs battery push applications.

Turn off push mail:
If you use Yahoo! or Microsoft Exchange push mail account such as, when not needed, turn off push mail. Go to Settings> E-mail / contacts / calendar> Fetch New Data, and then pushes off. Then, push e-mail sent to your account information will be retrieved based on your settings are set to receive the pass, and will not be received upon arrival. Reduced automatically checks e-mail accounts: to avoid receiving too many e-mail account can help you save electricity. By e-mail account can be disabled or removed to achieve this. To turn off an account, go to Settings> E-mail / contacts / calendar, choose an email account, and then turn it off. To delete an account, go to Settings> E-mail / contacts / calendar, choose an email account, then tap Delete Account.

Lock your iPad
It is obvious that you should not use the iPad, to be locked. To iPad locked, press the Sleep / Wake button. You can also set the automatic lock time intervals, so that your iPad unused after a period of time quickly closed. To set the automatic lock, go to Settings> General> Auto-lock, and then set a short time interval dell inspiron 1764 battery, such as one minute.

Regularly use the iPad
To maintain proper battery charge status, please ensure that at least a month to go through one charge cycle (the battery is fully charged before the battery completely run).

Keep Spiritual Aftercare in winter

November 04 [Fri], 2011, 17:41
Extensive health care content, all-inclusive, if only the simplistic view that health care is to increase physical activity and diet conditioning, too one-sided. In fact, nursed back to health is also part of the spirit. Winter is a good time nourishing the body, in diet and exercise while enhancing psychological adjustment, for the physical and mental health has a very great role!

"Yellow Emperor", said: "keep within the spirit, patient safety has never been; impatient while consumption of, possession of the static is God." Confucianism founder of Confucianism has long been proposed: "benevolent life, monks must their life." Modern medicine study also confirmed that in meditation, the life went back to the central activity of childhood brain wave state, which is one of the biochemical markers of aging has been reversed. Social Survey found that, where after a major mental setback, thinking blow, but did not get a good spirit to transfer photo, the incidence of many diseases has increased significantly. Social practice, confirmed, and keep quiet thinking, transfer divine health, and more practice qigong, can effectively enhance the resistance to disease, to reduce the incidence of the disease, good health.

"Yellow Emperor" that: "Wrath of the gas, the HI gas is slow, sad then the gas consumption, thought is angry, scared the gas chaos, fear of the gas." Here the gas on, gas, angry, gas relief, gas chaos, gas consumption, are air-body disorders, and abnormal air activities will result in damage to human life, if can reduce selfishness, desire, from the actual situation, control of desires and expect fame and fortune, then reduce the unnecessary burden of thinking, people have become carefully but then, ease of mind, so as to promote physical and mental health.

People living in the world, there will always be something goes wrong, make you unhappy things, even joys and sorrows, anger, elation. So, what should we do? This photo mood to learn to adjust, Rain or shine. Such as failing section anger, Rain or shine, control laws are taken in the week the use of emotions. It will also take catharsis law: that is, the accumulation of negative emotions in the hearts of depression, drumming up support through appropriate means, vent away, so as to restore the psychological balance.

Seasonal affective disorder, refers to some place in winter depression, lethargy drowsiness, drowsy and so on, year after year and the emergence of this more common in young people, especially women. So how to how to prevent it?

One of the measures: to extend the photoperiod. Winter time is short because the light is an important reason for depression. The study found that when night comes, the human brain, pineal melatonin secretion increased, it can affect people's mood, and light can inhibit the secretion of this hormone.

The two measures: increasing physical activity. Because physical exercise can be adjusted by the body's autonomic functions, so over-excited sympathetic to suppress, reduce autonomic dysfunction caused by the tension, anger, anxiety, depression and other states.

Measures of the three: Eat foods rich in vitamin C, fresh vegetables and fruits, and rich in vitamins B1, B2 of the beans, dairy, peanuts, animal organs, etc., because if vitamin C and B vitamins deficiency, can affect the brain function and mood.

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How to Break in new Car

August 26 [Fri], 2011, 18:29
Car use in the early stages to go through the run, so that the friction between the surface with the parts fit, so a smooth transition to normal state. Run-in period, note the following:

1: The manufacturer provides the run-in period of 1,000 km, by objective factors, the proposed run-in period was extended to 1500-2000 km.
2: The car's top 500 km except in emergencies, to avoid hard acceleration. Brakes.
3: The engine speed should not be too high, it is recommended below 3000 rpm, running speed of not more than 90KM/H.2000km less than about 80, 2000km away can run 100 to 5000km can run faster
4: Do not fuel a long time for a fixed speed, should be more varied pace, the speed of vehicles in each segment are fully running.
5: Do not loaded, run-in period, the maximum load is generally not more than 200 kg, to avoid towing other vehicles.
6: Do not use any additive run-in period, because the factory oil with added oil is not the same as for cars running.
7: After the run, you can go to pull the appropriate speed, which helps in the run-in period, the formation of carbon deposits in the engine exhaust, the engine to keep plenty of power. Pull the attention to do more varied pace high and sustained ten minutes to a maximum speed not exceeding the prescribed maximum speed of 80%.
8 Do not overload.

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In general, new car tires must be more than 200 km of road friction in order to achieve "best adhesion"; brake must travel through more than 400 kilometers, in order to achieve the "ideal of friction", the movement of various parts of the entire vehicle friction pieces need to run at 1000 km above, in order to establish good cooperation relationship. Especially the heart of the car engines, car parts surface roughness, bearing area, designed with the do not have the ideal relationship between the degree of the engine assembly machines, electricity, oil, water, air condition system is not the best overall balance . These are called transition period of the new car running.

Run-in period Note:
1, should be slow not fast. The beginning of a new car driving, speed should be controlled at 60-80 km / hour.
2, cold start to warm up car. Best cold start warm-up should be a pointer to the mark sheet intermediate, the water temperature reaches above 40 ℃, and then start slowly on the road.
3, to taboo full overload. Full load or overload damage to the car parts are large, heavy-duty vehicle provisions must be load shedding, load not to exceed 70% of appropriate provisions.

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4, the brakes will not work. Brakes are bad driving habits, especially for new car engine, brake system and chassis of impact damage great. Should be anticipated traffic conditions, slow downshifts; if indeed there is a sudden need for emergency braking situations, should also be the clutch pedal in order to reduce the impact of engine damage.
5, routine inspection to remember. New cars must adhere to a routine inspection, found in advance and eliminate the problem, to prevent future trouble, a check oil, water, gas (oil, brake fluid, battery water, cooling water, tire air), should be added if it is found missing, found run, run, drip, drain timely maintenance; two check car has all the parts of the normal sound, found that abnormal sound and timely maintenance; three examinations car dashboards, traffic lights or police found a computer prompt, timely maintenance.

Extend Battery Life for Electric Vehicle Secret

August 17 [Wed], 2011, 18:31
Electric vehicles have long become used to transport the residents, but the use of electric vehicles in a closed lead-acid batteries short-lived. Generally use about a year later, because charge is not into electricity, so electric cars on a single charge less and less able to open the distance, and finally had to scrap the replacement of the battery. This has become a troublesome issue for users, it not only increased the economic burden on users, waste batteries are likely to cause environmental pollution.

Lead to reduced battery life of electric vehicles because the principle is very simple: the battery lead and lead oxide electrodes in sulfuric acid electrolyte discharge nikon coolpix s6000 battery, battery for powershot s60, lead sulfate; charging, lead sulfate into lead again and lead oxide. But in the discharge process, the internal battery of the lead sulfate material in dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte will continue to spread to places far away from the electrode. With the most commonly used method of charging these away from the substances, is not all back to the electrodes.

So in dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte, increasing the concentration of lead sulfate, density increases, the spread of lead sulfate is getting worse, this situation is not conducive to the material away from the electrodes of lead sulfate in a short time back near the electrodes. So the process of charging, the electrode near the electrode can only lead sulfate back into lead and lead oxide, lead sulfate and not bring vostro 1500 charger more back into lead and lead oxide, so it is filled with power less and less.

The solution is not more of the charge into the battery, several intermittent charging. Since the charge, the parts of the electrolyte near the electrode, the lead sulphate content is relatively low, and away from the electrode parts of the lead sulfate content is still relatively high, the charge to stop after a certain time interval, away from the electrode parts of the lead sulfate will be used concentration differences, continue to transfer to the electrodes in the vicinity, so many intermittent charging, the battery will gradually change the composition of the material within the electrolyte to restore the battery's original performance. Specific approach is: use an electric car, whether to open a little distance, have the opportunity to recharge the batteries. Or charge a few days before or more times to once a day.

A new electric car when the battery charge can be opened more than 40 kilometers, while the use of more than a year after the charge can only open more than 10 km. Method was to use an electric coolpix s6000 charger after the vehicle, are charged once. After more than a week of operation, is now back to the charging time can be opened more than 30 km of. Now the battery has been used for nearly two years, the function is still very good.

Electric vehicle batteries currently on the market mainly in the lead-acid battery-based.

1, batteries of different brands in different formulations, the manufacturer of the chemical formula is proprietary, confidential between them, due to the different formulations and determine the capacity of the battery life is also different. Battery life is directly related with the formula.

2, brand-name batteries are used in high purity lead, but generally use more battery recycling old lead, low purity, resistance large, positive and negative plates impurities and more difficult to restore, there will be charging fever, dehydration to premature battery life shortened vgp-bps22, dell inspiron 1464 battery, so many electric vehicle batteries with less than six months driving distance decreased.

3, production technology and management, brand battery manufacturers are large-scale production, the main processes are automated, there is a strict manufacturing process management system, product quality and stability. Battery manufacturers generally small scale, is basically manual, can not guarantee product quality.

Different Types for Laptop Heat Dissipation

August 05 [Fri], 2011, 13:05
Notebook cooling first course, the main CPU of this heat comes from the large, but in the notebook, CPU heat is not the whole notebook full of heat. And the early heat of the CPU processor is not very big, just to have a simple passive cooling machines that meet the cooling needs, which is known to all the usual heat sink. But with the escalating CPU processor, the processor thermal requirements can be very urgent.

Secondly, the graphics card heat accounted for no small proportion of the early cards heat is not great, but now many high-end machines are often configured graphics cards, so the heat will also increase a lot. Then, heat is some other accessories, such as memory, hard drives, batteries, etc., but also a number of laptop heat source.

Introduction notebook cooling

1. Cooling fan. At present, many notebook cooling fan cooling by one of the ways. Axial fan and the fan into the fan of radiation type two. In general, axial fan, low cost, air volume can be adjusted according to, but occupied by relatively large size, can not be very thin notebook. Another type of radiation is thin fan blades, air flow direction of the well, no vortex, occupy smaller, but the cost is relatively high, but most commonly used in notebook, mainly on account of reducing the size of the notebook.

2. Heat pipe cooling. Heat pipe was originally introduced by IBM, the heat pipe volume of space more suitable for those small, short-term heat, heat the space around a smaller machine, heat pipe cooling technology in the notebook are increasingly being used.

3. Dual-fan cooling. Such cooling methods are often relatively strong performance on some machines, one for the CPU cooling fan is definitely the service, and the other is based on the situation of different machines to different parts of heat, and some machinery for the graphics card cooling, Some of the machines is still the CPU services. Dual fan design will be more power, because power must be used when a single fan, dual fan is not the case, so that you can reduce the noise. Using a dual CPU fan, fan only require low power and heat to run under, there will be less noise and longer life.

4. Heat through the machine itself. Some of the machines due to its ultra-thin size limitations, can not install the fan cooling, on the use of the machine to heat their parts, auxiliary heat through the keyboard to the machine and machine metal heat from its interior.

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Dell Business Desktops OptiPlex 990 Review

July 26 [Tue], 2011, 10:44
Intel's integrated technology has brought a lot of convenience to the public place. The most successful example is the integrated sound card, so far out of most computer users have to use separate sound card and integrated sound card, which for the sound quality is not high on the pursuit of the vast number of users, the computer can save a set of expenditures. In the integrated sound card, Intel is the world gave rise to the integrated graphics. Intel's integrated graphics is also successful in the graphics card market share as high as 50%. In the new structure in the sandy bridge, Intel integrated on the motherboard to the integrated graphics chipset in the CPU, so greatly reducing latency, improve the efficiency of integrated graphics [bn-v25u].

Enhance the integration process has brought a higher performance, integrated processing performance improvement brought about a huge business computer Corps. Different business applications and home, can be understood as general home computer to complete the performance-oriented entertainment, office, supplemented by performance, and business computer just the opposite toshiba tecra a2 battery. Pursuit of business computer business performance is stable, and the current Intel integrated technology is the perfect match for business applications.

Dell OptiPlex 990 is introduced for desktop business applications, OptiPlex 990 of matching is high, the situation of each company to follow its own matching chassis size, processor type and size of the display, etc., can be said degree of freedom is very high.

Dell classifies these kinds of desktops as “ultra-small form factor” units, and for good reason. The OptiPlex 990 is positively tiny, and in fact sits as small as some nettops with much weaker processors. It weighs just 7 pounds, despite a very solid metal construction on all six sides (the front does have plastic trim on top) and a chassis that is positively brimming with advanced technology.

Appearance, OptiPlex 990 business atmosphere is very thick, black compact chassis can be adapted to any business site furnishings, but also will not take up too much space. Chassis front panel mesh design adds a sense of fashion. The OptiPlex 990 business applications for not too much color or aspire 8730 series design stylish, but put more thought into the application. User-friendly handle on the chassis to carry and move, transportation is very convenient. 4 front USB and audio interface to the application will provide a lot of the convenience.

A silvery plastic trim covers most of the front with a design reminiscent of the pattern found on Western Digital’s line of external storage devices. Dell managed to pack in an optical drive, which remains an important consideration for many business users - but as with most small desktops like these, it sits in a vertical orientation. As the feet and the air path, you could even stack a few of these to little harm. Like with many of these business desktops, Dell managed to slot in a mono PC speaker capable of playing back system alarms and alerts, low-bitrate audio and video streams and sound effects.

There’s also an absurd port and connector used to hook Dell’s wireless networking antenna into the machine. The ones that Dell has started to include with their OptiPlex battery coolpix s630 lineup buck the trend in a huge way. Both peripherals feel very solid and should stand up to years of repeated abuse from constant work, an important consideration in a business setting.

In the box, you can see the internal design more compact, the only wire to block the duct was also a part of. Dell's internal components can be seen from the humane place, fast loading and unloading of the components that the operating diagram. Set aside within the board and two PCI-E power covered the bottom of the particularly striking. The power supply for the Dell custom Shukang manufacture, maximum power 240 watts. 240 watts of power output to meet this integrated configuration to use.

OptiPlex 990 with recent architecture (Sandy Bridge) of the Intel i5 2500 processor, 32-nanometer manufacturing process, thermal design power of 95 watts, frequency 3.3GHz Core frequency up to 3.7GHZ, have 6MB of L3 cache. Meanwhile i5 2500 integrates the default frequency 850MHz, the maximum frequency of 1.1GHz dynamic graphics, Sandy Bridge integrated graphics performance than previous generations by 10% -30% of the performance. In addition, OptiPlex 990 is also equipped with two Samsung 2GB DDR3 [nikon en-el3e] 1333 memory (optional up to 16GB of memory), 500GB 7200 Seagate hard drive (optional up to 2TB hard drive). From the overall configuration of view, this configuration in addition to some small hard drive capacity, the remaining part of the fully meet the daily office needs. And while more compact chassis, but the heat generated by the hardware power is not high, so we totally unnecessary to worry about the internal heat.

* Processor: Intel Core i7-2600S @ 2.80GHz
* Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32-bit Edition
* Memory: 4GB DDR3 SDRAM dsc-w50 battery
* Storage: 500GB HDD @ 7200RPM
* Graphics: Intel integrated HD graphics 2000
* Optical storage: 8x slimline DVD /-RW
* Networking: Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000)
* Wireless networking: 802.11b/g/n
* Dimensions: 9.3 x 2.6 x 9.4 inches (HxWxD)
* Power supply: 200W PSU 90% efficient (internal)
* Weight: 7.2 pounds