the second is the case is also not really thoroughly investigated.

June 24 [Mon], 2013, 12:46
Mao Xiaoping only raised two lovers

Party Secretary of Wuxi Mao Xiaoping thing has been a lot of rumors. In the BRM Watches evening of December 22 last year, Xinhua Jiangsu Channel suddenly hang out news that the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee decided to dismiss the Comrade Mao Xiaoping Wuxi Municipal Committee, Standing Committee member, and another appointment. Vice Governor Huang Li's new Wuxi Municipal Committee, Standing Committee, secretary. The news came out there was speculation, Mao Xiaoping may be an accident.

Recently, Mao Xiaoping was sudden removal issue finally has the latest developments. Some media reported that Mao Xiaoping did in the December 22, 2011 by the Commission for Discipline Inspection detained and interrogated. The investigation, Mao Xiaoping alleged serious violation, has received a variety of bribes amounting to 577,000. Meanwhile, Mao Xiaoping serious moral hazard, adultery with the two women. Directly induce Mao Xiaoping sacked reason is that the real name to report to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Mao Xiaoping, who is a prefecture-level city party secretary of the so dull corruption achievements, I am afraid that many people stunned. Replica Richard Mille Watches The same Party Secretary Luo Yin country, only the seizure of 10 million yuan in cash in the office and at home, the number of Valentine's nearly 100 valuable paintings and more than 10 pieces Rolex watches, instead of with the rape of more than 100 people. Had soldiers can not believe, in the the corrupt bribe, growing, more and more mistresses background, Mao Xiaoping bribery less than 60 million, and nurturing lover, the record really greedy profession into disrepute ah.

Mao Xiaoping to work in September 1976, February 1997 to February 2001, has served as vice mayor of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province Light Industry Department deputy director, chairman of Jiangsu Light Industry Asset Management Corporation. In 2001, Mao Xiaoping parachuted into Wuxi, served as deputy mayor, deputy secretary, mayor and party secretary. 2011 double Mao Franck Muller Watches Xiaoping operating in Wuxi, a full 10 years. He worked in Wuxi, the average annual bribes of less than 60,000 yuan, lower than his salary. In the past 10 years, what happened, I am afraid the outsider it difficult Informed.

Wuxi known as Little Shanghai, is not only a long history of thousands of years, the beautiful scenery and beautiful, but also one of the birthplaces of China's national industry, is one of the country's 15 economic center. 2011, Wuxi City, the per capita GDP of $ 17,000, equivalent to about 40 in the world in 2010, with the level of Saudi. Officials, those in power if you move the little finger of corruption, I am afraid will be rich flow of oil at such a rapid economic development in the region, let alone in charge of the reins of the Municipal Party Committee Secretary.

In addition, nurturing lover is to spend money. Not to mention the home room large expense to buy a car, or at least ensure that the day-to-day high consumption, otherwise, people looking for 50-year-old old man Mao Xiaoping doing. Poor Mao Xiaoping bribery only a mere 577,000, give the lover buy several LV bag, eat a few meals with mistress, how can adultery woman toss? Had soldiers suspect that perhaps there are two possibilities, Mao Xiaoping lover is 100% good wife, the second is the case is also not really thoroughly investigated.

Power is equivalent aphrodisiac. Mao Xiaoping in the end how many lovers, People have been speculating. As a grass-roots had soldiers, the nurturing lover is like a fish tank can not be one, and becomes a hobby, it may be more to raise more. As a man had soldiers that, nurturing lover is not just a money thing, or the chronological manual labor. Dry looked thin Mao Xiaoping, perhaps obvious physical enough, so he and nurturing two Valentine's perhaps true.

577,000, Lover, in accordance with the exposure of corruption cases, Mao Xiaoping can be regarded as the corrupt clean model, how much credibility can be clean? This is a problem, afraid afraid some people do not see this as a problem.
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