New Technology Ushers in Development Chance for LED Lighting

November 13 [Tue], 2012, 12:10

The team from Fudan University, Division of Components Science professor developed a brand new material light diffusion coatings, unveiled in the Expo. The material can effectively resolve the glare on the led lamp supply and a difficulty of low light effectiveness.

LED is a strategy to convert electrical power into light power of the semiconductor, it changed the principle from the three-color dye incandescent tungsten light with energy-saving lamps light, although the use of the EL. Very obvious characteristics of LED, extended life, high luminous effectiveness, low radiation and low power consumption. White LED spectrum virtually all concentrated in the visible light spectrum, the luminous effectiveness can exceed 150 lm / W. The optimum LED life within the future will likely be infinite. Together with the recent LED cooling engineering improvements. The power LED street lamp for outdoor lighting, LED underground lamp and LED underwater light have attained industrial production and began to be a large quantity of applications. Stage lights, studio lights, interior lighting with high color temperature and color rendering needs also have mass production and put into application. Scope dosage most significant common lighting T8, T5, T4, lamps and screw ball as opposed to incandescent and energy-saving lamps Bulb formed series, service life up to 50,000 hours. LED lighting has entered a period of rapid development.

LED can be a single fixed wavelength light source, doesn’t contain infrared ultraviolet, no flicker, color, soft and lifelike. LCD display, nonetheless, rely on quite a few diverse light-emitting modules to make different present excitation color, contains a wide selection of frequencies and red UV, some radiation harm for the human body., LED there are many imperfections, the most deadly a single drawback is the point supply characteristics. LED will produce glare point, you can not look straight together with your eyes, been living around the higher brightness LED source, LED source glare points will instantaneously impact the visual judgment. Will make eye discomfort and fatigue inside the short-term and long-term use will produce permanent damage.

To be able to avoid the LED creates pollution hazards, Professor research and development from the diffusing film uniformly converted into a surface source, thereby make the light to type a diffuse reflection, and as a result obtain uniform light in the effect, so that the overall light supply much more uniform, soft and total. Reporter learned that, not just can increase the utilization in the led lighting manufacturer to increase the brightness of the LED lamp usage reduces light diffusion film. When the number of reduced tube energy consumption and heat production of the LCD screen will substantially decrease green help. LED light diffusion coatings, diffusion membrane option for the currently used for eliminating the issue of glare and point light supply LED devices might be utilised for outdoor street lights and targeted traffic led supplier lighting, large-size LCD panel laptop backlight, architectural decorative lighting, automotive lighting and property lighting.

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